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Japanese way of diet says ‘Eat 30 kinds of food eveyday’. Count grain, veges, fishes, everything, including seasonings.


That is the reason Japanese dishes have a lots of small side dishes. Many kinds of food with many colors,  in various way of cooking is not for only taste and beauty, but also for nutrition balance.

Even they say it is good for us, if eat only a kind of food a lot, lead into imbalance. Eating various food brings better balance and lower risk. Explore greetings from the Season and the Earth.

Give a daily pleasure to our body and soul. Eat up!

I will do charity restorative yoga class for Japan.

Saturday 26th March 1:00pm-2:00pm, Friday 8th April 2:30pm-3:30pm at Dhyana yoga studio, Emporium tower 8f. Other yoga teachers will do charity class on Friday 1st, 22nd, 29th April 2:30pm-3:30pm. I’ll be there.

Tuesday 22nd and 29th March 11:00am-noon and Wednesday 23rd and 30th March 6:30pm-7:30pm at Ariyasom Villa, Sukhumvit soi 1.

I ask you donation for helping people in Japan. How much ever.

The donation will go to Japan Red Cross though T-J charity campaign, where I join.

Do our best.

Report  on 1st April

I passed the donations in this red box to T-J charity. It was 7901.75 bahts.







3rd May 2011 report

The T-J charity group could rase donation and send total 378,465.70bahts.

Thank you for your help.Wish this can help someone.


I can’t stop watching news, now. It is destiny of Japan, volcano islands. However it is too tragic.

I recall the last time, Hanshin earthquake. At that time I lived in Tokyo, far from there. One month later I talked with my friend, who were in there.

He said

His room was broken, things were gone. But luckily he and his family were fine. After that he stopped collecting things. He owns things he need at that time.

His story has strongly influence on me. Even my life can be lost after 1 second from now.

Wish every single person can be mindful and have loving kindness in this moment.


There is Obaku-san Manpuku-ji, meaning ten thhousand happiness temple near my Mum’s house.

I called the temple and visited there. A young monk leaded me to the meditation hall and gave instructions.


Stand with back facing the seat. Palms stacking on the chest.

Fold upper cusion once. Take off the shoes, place togather neatly.

Sit on folded cusion in Lotus or Half lotus position. Knees on the lower cusion.

Right hand on the heels. Left hand on it. Palms face up. Rise Thumbs up, touching tip to tip. Fingers make a circle.

Find balance. Straighten torso. Relax shoulders. Face forward. Tuck chin slightly. Look down the floor. Relax eyelids. Eyes ajar.

Breathe though the nose. With exhale, feel the place slightly lower than navel, Dan Tien. With inhale, release there. Breathe naturally. Be aware Dan Tien.

Count up the number of breath until 10. Then re-start from 1. Count the breath with observing  flow of breath.


Kept watching at a coner of  glay ceramic floor. Breath slowed down and became shallow. Watched inwards. Mind still.


Obakusan Manpuku-ji, Uji, Kyoto Japan  81-774-32-3900

My Mum is living alone in her house. Her brothers and sisters is visiting her for offering help constantly.

Mum said she was sorry for let her brothers and sisters be worry for her and be busy for helping her.

I said

Mum. Not like that. You are giving oppotunities them to help you, oppotunities for doing good things from their heart. This makes them be happy and good. Recieve their help with gratitude. Be happy and give them back your smile and happiness.

We smiled each other.


Photo:One of  the oldest cafe in Japan.

Every morning I get out from bed, do a little breathing practice and make a cup of green tea. I offer the first flash to Saraswati and Ganesha. Then I drink the rest of tea.


My morning tea is Japanese green tea, brought from Japan. This is my favorate shop. The shop is in old traditional town house in Kyoto.

In quiet kitchen I  make boiling water and prepare tea leaf in the pot. Pour hot water into the cups for making cups hot. Then remove the hot water from the cups to the pot. One breath, pour the tea into the cups till last drop. Slightly open the pot cover. So I can make tea 3 times.

Having tea in calm mind, I check today’s plan and write yesterday’s activity in my note. Then I get start today’s life.

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