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I’m full. But there is some food left. I disagree wasting food.

Ummm. How should I do?


Cooked Hiziki Sea weed

Soak Hiziki-sea weed for 30 min. Scoop and drain it.

Cut carrot and Abura-age into tin slice.

Heat a pan over medium frame. Add sesame oil, carrot, seaweed, Abura-age. Stair well.

When oil covers the ingredients, pour some soup, soy sauce and Mirin-sweet sake.

Stir until boiling down. Serve in a bowl. Enjoy.


I finish a meal. Then it’s transferred into snack.

(It’s not only cooked seaweed. Various left over can be transferred.)


Buckwheat pizza

Slice onion.

In a small bowl place 50g buckwheat and a pinch of salt.

Pour 150cc water a bit by bit. Mix completely.

Heat a pan over medium flame. Add some sesame oil. Pour 75% of the mixture.

Place onion, cooked seaweed, a slice of cheese. Pour the rest of mixture.

When bottom side is cooked, turn over. repeat. Serve on a plate.

Mix sesame paste and Pon-zu vinegar.Pour over pizza.


Give a new life in pleasant way. Don’t waste other’s lives!


‘Is this yoga mat?’ ‘Yes. I’ll do workshop tomorrow nearby.’

That was first conversation with her.


After having a look the workshop studio, I sat in a nice veggie-restaurant. A young girl worked there.

I didn’t expect she actually came to workshop, but she was.

From then we became good friends, even our age are very different.

Occasionally I go that restaurant for nice veggie and her healthy smile.

Got an inspiration.


Black bean pasta

Cook black bean.

Crush bean by food processor. Slice garlic, onion.

Place non-stick pan over medium flame. Add garlic onion and olive oil. Stair until good smell.

Add bean and dried chili. Stair well.

When ingredients are cooked, add balsamic vinegar.

Add Italian tomato, salt and pepper. Mix well. Boil down until become sauce.

Boil pasta. Serve on a plate. Pour bean sauce and olive oil. Place fried cotton bean-card or Paneer.


Have healthy taste, healthy smile.


Even though I like white one now, first time I ate dragon fruits, I was desappointed. It looked very hot outside but too curt inside, that I didn’t expect.

Red dragon fruits is another matter. Inside has strong impression as same as outside. Taste is creamy. I love it.

The red color is phytochemical, contains anthocyanins.

I like make red dragon fruits yogurt ice-cream. Cute pink color with dots.


Soaking the skin or pulp changes liquid into red. Natural color.

By the liquid I make jelly-like sweets in pink for celebration. In Japan red and white is auspicious color.

Lucky gift from nature to you!

Tuesday 14th 11:00am -noon Restorative class in Ariyasom Villa is postponed only one day. Wednesday 15th 6:30pm – 7:30pm is as usual.


Tuesday 14th I am one of the teachers who teach work shop in Dhyana yoga studio.

‘Workshop about Yoga and Veges.’

It is about Ayurveda, adjusted into Thailand. We introduce some Thai vegetables too.

Are there anyone interested in? If so, please reserve your seat till Saturday 11th. We are busy for preparing the tasting!

There is other type of jelly-like sweet. From Agar. It is made from sea weed, has no-calorie. 5g Agar per 250-350cc liquid makes a bit solid, per350-400cc makes between solid and liquid.

Crystal balls

Ingredientsfor 10 pieces;  fruits (Mango, Grape, Litchi, Berries, Pears etc), A(Cooked red bean, barley, water chestnuts, sold in local jelly shop), agar 4g, sugar 80g, water 200cc

Cut fruits into small balls.

Put Agar and sugar in a small pan. Add cold water little by little. Stir well.

Place the pan 3 over medium heat. Stir gently.

When the agar and sugar is melt and boiled up, remove from heat.

Put the jelly in 10 small bowls. Half amount first. Add fruits and A. Then put the rest of jelly.

After cool down, keep in fridge.


Agar makes shape in in room temperature and doesn’t melt.

So I make present occasionally.

2 fish with eggs (ball-like cut mangos) for ‘Just married couple’.

Wish they are side by side all the way.

As living in tropical country for long time, I love jelly-like-sweet more.

When I lived in Japan, I often ate the jelly-like-sweets in Summer.  Those come from not gelatin, from seaweed or roots powder, contain lot of water, make body cool down, bring relief with sweetness.

I find difficulty to get the same ingredient here. So I started experiments, found some way.


Tapioca pudding

Ingredients for 2 cups; Liquid 200cc, tapioca powder 10g, sweetness about 60g, additional

For example : Milk + maple syrup or honey / Soy milk + sugar + matcha(green tea powder) / Coconuts milk + palm sugar


Put all of the ingredients in a pot. Mix well.

Taste a bit. It must be a bit too sweet. Because when it cool down, we feel less sweetness.

Heat over middle heat. Keep stiring from the bottom. Don’t stop. It will not take long time.

When it starts become gravy, remove from heat. Keep stiring until it becomes smooth and thick like potage soup. No need to become solid.

Pour into cup. Wrap it and keep in fridge.


When it cool down, it is not solid, not liquid. Something in between.


In the photo, these are soy milk+green tea and milk + ginger honey, which my friend taught me. It is mixture with honey and sliced ginger, which can be made into good drink with lime squeeze and hot water.

One day I got home-made very orangy soup. I was suprised it was so sweet but not pumpkin. I learned it was made from butternuts.

One day I fond it in a organic veges shop and was hooked!

Butternuts is like pumkin, a kind of winter squash. It is excellent in Beta-carotain, anti-oxidant.

Skin is thin. Fresh orange pulp is not so hard, Sooooo sweet and smooth.



I love butternuts soup, enjoy its natural taste in very simlple way. I cook in same way with ‘Water-salt-roots’.

Over the soup I sprinkle ‘Seeds topping’, which my sister taught me.

Seeds topping

Place non-stick pan over low flame. 

Add a bit of sesame oil, a pack of pumpkin seeds, sun-flower seeds and sesame seeds.

Roast for a while. Add a bit of soy sauce.

Wait till cool down. Keep in glass jar.

Very good over salad too.


From a butternuts, half of cream goes to soup. Other half goes to sweets!  

Butternuts whole wheat muffin

Ingredients for 8; Egg 2, unsalted butter 60g, white sugar 60g, butternuts cream, honey A(whole wheat flour 90g, cake flour 80g, baking powder 1.2tsp)

  1. Keep eggs in room temperature at least 1 hour.
  2. Pre-heat oven 180 degrees.
  3. Add cold butter in food processer. Grind until smooth.
  4. Add sugar. Grind until mixed well.
  5. Add 1/3 of egg. Grind until mixed well. Add 1/3 and grind. Add rest of them and mixed well.
  6. Add butternuts paste and honey.
  7. Add A. Mix well. Taste a bit. Add honey, if its not sweet enough.
  8. Divide the mixture in 8 cups. Bake them about 15 min.

In sunny morning I prepare teaching yoga, checking today’s sequence, having Banana bread. 

Banana is excellent energy source, bring energy immediatly also last long, has vitamin B1, B2, niacin, potassium, magnesium, dietary fiber and low calorie.

When I was small girl, Mum said I could eat once a piece. One day Mum went shopping, I sneaked into kitchen and ate whole bunch…and  got stomackache.


I still love banana, buy a bunch often. When the sweetest time comes, I bake Banana bread.

Whole wheat banana bread

Ingredients; egg 1, pecan nuts, unsalted butter 80g, brown sugar 80g, banana 300g, honey 1Tbs.  A(whole wheat flour for cake 80g, tapioca flower 40g, baking powder 10g)

  1. Keep egg in room temperature for 1 hour.
  2. Over the mould by wax paper. Pre heat the oven 180 degree.
  3. Put pecan nut in food processer. Grind and take it out.
  4. Put cold butter in the food processer. Grind until smooth.
  5. Add sugar. Grind until smooth.
  6. Add Egg. Grind until smooth.
  7. Add banana and honey. Grind until smooth.
  8. Pour mixture in a bowl. Add A on it. Mix gentry from the bottom.
  9. Pour in the mould. Level the surface. Sprinkle pecan nut. Push into the surface.
  10. Bake in the oven. When the surface is done, turn to 160 degree. Bake about 30 min until inside is baked.

 Or I freeze banana. Peel the skin, squeeze lime on, wrap, flatten and freeze. I ate it without defrost like ice-cream, add in yogurt, can be ingredient of  smoozie or other day’s banana bread.


Eat up. Go out with full of enegy. Jolly day is waiting!

My frined took me to Indian restaurant and orderd ‘Bhindi-curry’.  Immediatly I fell in love with it, Lady’s finger curry.

Lady’s finger has lots of dietary fiber, Vitamin C, mineral and beta carotene, which stimulate immune system. It helps the body cool down and digesting protain.


Vege with Lady’s finger and Tororo-Konbu

Boil water with salt. Blanch vege (like asparagus, broccoli) and lady’s finger. Or for eggplant, peel the skin and put it in glass container with sake and sesame oil. Microwave it.

Cut the vegetable into one bite size. Chop the lady’s finger into thin slice.

Place the vege in a bowl. Add lady’s finger. Pour the Pon-zu. Place Tororo-konbu on top.


Enjoy twinkle tiny stars dancing in your mouth!



Tororo-konbu is shaved Konbu-kelp, like cotton candy. (in right photo bottom package)

Pon-zu or Aji-pon is vinegar, which you can get at supermarket in Bangkok. Or you might make by yourself.


Put Konbu-kelp 3cm long (in saucer) and cold water 300cc in small pan. When it boil up, take kelp out. See protein issue 3

Add  rice vineger 50cc (left), soy sauce 50cc (middle left),Mirin 25cc (middle right), Sake 25cc (right). When it boils again, Take 5 breath. Pour into glass jar. Wait untill cool down. Keep in fridge.

In Haruki Murakami’s novel, a boy wrapped a fresh cucumber by seaweed and snaped it. That sound and fresh smell made his Dad in his hospital bed woke up nicely.

Cucumber is one of my fridge regulars.  It has vitamin A, B , mineral such as potassium, dietary fiber and phytochemical, contains lot of water, makes body cool down. Summer vege.

Cucumber is also my regulars in salad, cool noodles, stir-fries, eaten in various way. I eat half of  piece and by the other half  make light pickles for breakfast.


Light pickles

Cut a cucumber into one bite size. Sprinkle a tsp salt . Wait about one hour in room temprature.

Put half tsp Kelp tea (right side) into glass container. Add boiled water 30cc . Add vegetable and dried chili. if the water doesn’t cover the vege, add more water.

Afterl cool down, keep in fridge for several hours or over night. When the cucumber gets salty and soft, squeeze it and place on a tiny plate.

Other veges, like radish, white radish, carrot, Chinese cabbage are lovely too.

Simple and fresh pickles. Sound strange?


Kelp tea – Kobu cha

It is made from the same kelp for making clear soup, contaning salt, sugar, kelp powder and amino acid. It is drunk for health in Japan, also used in cooking like powder soup stock.

It is sold at Paragon and Fuji-super market at Sukhumvit soi 33/1.

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