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I am with my friend in a dried food wholesale shop, asking lots of questions.

Pick up a pack from a soup ingredients shelf and ask again. ‘How do you think?’

‘Yes. It’s good idea, because you teach yoga, speak a lot!’


The pack contains dried fruits and nuts,


‘Moisten lungs tea with Heaven flower’s fruits’.

Wow! That attract me,

me a Chinese Traditional Medicine beginner.

Having cooked according her instruction,

I got Amrita – nectar from heaven.

Rinse white nuts – Sweet almonds in hot water. Rinse other ingredients – Snow pears, Tangerines, Honey dates, Figs in water. Cut figs into half.

Heat 1 liter water in a pot. I use thermal cooker. When water is warmed, add all the ingredients. Boil it in high fire then lower heat to simmer for another 45 mins.

Pour over strainer. Separate liquid and others. Keep fig and dates.


Drink with hot water, or soda and ice cubes.

Or mix with Agar. Make jelly with figs and dates.

Sweetness from heaven soak our throat, lungs and our words.





袋にはドライフルーツとナッツ。ラベルには「天花果 潤肺茶」









It’s getting hotter in Japan, coming the season for cooling sweets.

Here Singapore got yellow dragon fruits, taste really really sweet like Japanese sweets.


Is this really fruits???

yellow dragon fruits


In my tropical home – Bangkok, I got a lots of dried fruits.

Many kinds of them are available in Royal project shops, Lemon farm.

Bake bars from fruits paradise. Get Sunny vibe for today.


Tropical bar

8cm x 4cm 9 pieces or 18cm square

Put following in a big bowl.

150g dried fruits (Mango, Cherry tomato and raisin etc. cut into small size, if it needs), 80g mixed nuts (Macadamia and Cashew nuts etc. ground), 50g rolled grains, 50g whole wheat flower, 1.5tsp baking powder, 50g desiccated coconuts, 30g pumpkin seeds, 1 piece of banana(fresh, ground until puree) and 1 pack of coconuts cream (200ml).

Mix from the bottom until nearly mixed. Don’t knead.

Place into the mold. Flatten the surface by finger tips gentry. Don’t push.

Bake it in 180 degree 25min.

If it’s in square mold, make cuts into bar shape. Sprinkle ground sea salt a bit.

Let it cool down. Take out from the mold. Keep in fridge.

Busy busy busy in the morning. Not enough time.

Still sit down, have breakfast, breath morning air. Space for smile.

For earning relax time, I bake fruits bars in one of the afternoons.





Fruits bar

8cm x 4cm 9 pieces or 18cm square

  1. Peel and cut 3 apples into thin slice. Place in a pot with 50cc apple juice. Cover the lid.
  2. Heat over medium low flame. Cook 10 min without open lid. Stair occasionally.
  3. By stick blender grind into puree. If the puree doesn’t enough to 300cc, add some apple juice and mix well.
  4. Pour the puree into a big bowl.
  5. Add 150g dried fruits (cut into small size, if it needs), 80g mixed nuts (ground), 50g rolled grains, 50g50g whole wheat flour, 1.5tsp baking powder, 20g desiccated coconuts, 30g pumpkin seeds, 1.5Tsp coconuts oil.
  6. Mix from the bottom until nearly mixed. Don’t knead.
  7. Place into the mold. Flatten the surface by finger tips gentry. Sprinkle salt.
  8. Bake it in 180 degree 25min.
  9. Let it cool down. Take out from the mold. Keep in fridge.

Before eat, better to keep in room temperature for getting back softness. Or crush bar, mix with yogurt. Eat as granola as well.

Have healthy energy. Good start of the day. Cheers!



8cm x 4cm を9 pieces 又は 18cm 角

  1. りんご3つの皮を剥き、小さく切る。鍋に50ccのりんごジュースと一緒に入れる。
  2. 鍋を中火にかけ、蓋なしで10分煮る。時々混ぜる。
  3. ブレンダーのスティックで潰してピュレにする。300ccに足りない場合は、リンゴジュースを足す。
  4. 大きなボールに移す。
  5. 小さく切ったドライフルーツ150g、小さく潰したミックスナッツ80g、ロールグレイン50g、全粒粉50g、ベーキングパウダー小さじ1.5、ココナッツフレーク20g、南瓜の種30g、ココナッツオイル大さじ1.5を加える
  6. 底から大きく切り混ぜる。
  7. 型に入れて、優しく表面を平す。塩を振りかける。
  8. オーブンで180度で25分焼く。
  9. 冷めたら、型から外し、冷蔵庫で保存する。




‘It’s too sweet. They might add syrup.’ I complained.

‘So you might squeeze by yourself.’ My friend suggested adding

‘That is not lot of work.’ Really?


Cut watermelon into triangle with skin kept on.

Place colander on a bowl. Hold the skin, scrape watermelon flesh over the colander.

Seeds are left. Pour red water into a glass. Might add a little bit salt.


It has gentle sweetness. Sweeter than flesh.

My doubt was melted down.

Magical fresh red water run though throat. Refresh hot day.


There is other type of jelly-like sweet. From Agar. It is made from sea weed, has no-calorie. 5g Agar per 250-350cc liquid makes a bit solid, per350-400cc makes between solid and liquid.

Crystal balls

Ingredientsfor 10 pieces;  fruits (Mango, Grape, Litchi, Berries, Pears etc), A(Cooked red bean, barley, water chestnuts, sold in local jelly shop), agar 4g, sugar 80g, water 200cc

Cut fruits into small balls.

Put Agar and sugar in a small pan. Add cold water little by little. Stir well.

Place the pan 3 over medium heat. Stir gently.

When the agar and sugar is melt and boiled up, remove from heat.

Put the jelly in 10 small bowls. Half amount first. Add fruits and A. Then put the rest of jelly.

After cool down, keep in fridge.


Agar makes shape in in room temperature and doesn’t melt.

So I make present occasionally.

2 fish with eggs (ball-like cut mangos) for ‘Just married couple’.

Wish they are side by side all the way.

In tropical weather the thing I really need everyday is….Ice-cream! I used to buy Haagen-dazs but is too expensive, then switched to home-made. 

After dozens of experiments, the recipe was settled. It is simple.


Ingredients : Fresh fruits about 250g, Home made yogurt 100cc,  Whipping cream 80cc, Honey or maple sytup or palm sugar as optional sweetness.

Peel and cut the fruits into small piece and freeze.

  1. Put the frozen fruits, yogurt, sweetness  into food processer. Mash well until smooth.

Whip the cream until making form in the mixing bowl. Add mashed fruits and mix gently.

Put the mixture in small cups. Wrap and keep in the fridge.


I love yogurt ice-cream with Banana, Papaya, Mango, Blueberry(frozen), Red dragon fruits and Pumpkin(cooked and frozened). All of them have Phytochemical, working as Antioxidants and  for Young Beautiful skin!!!

In Thailand most fruits are in the shop all the year. But not this one, Plum mango.

It called ‘Ma young chit’. One month only around Feburary. It is similar with ‘Ma prang’ but much bigger, nearly egg size. It’s taste is sweet and sour.

When Season is started, I can’t stop buying this until the end of season I can’t find it anymore, eventhough it is expensive. I keep peeling the skin and pick from the big seed. Forget the manner. Around seed is best place.

I enjoy the season, thank for being able to have again. Friends laugh my craziness. But being straightforward to myself is most important. Never mind.

Plum mangos and eggs

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