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’Oh! I don’t, but thanks’

friend offers candies. But I don’t take too sugary sweets.


’This one is nice.’ she pointed out in a fruits store.

Is this grapes? Or gummy candies grown in orchard?

Yummy! May I have one more?












Roast sesame seeds in small pan. Keep shaking.

When it starts popping and smells good, pour into grind bowl.

With wooden stick, draw circles along the bottom edge slowly.


If I rush, grind quickly, seeds jump up, get away.


Focus on the movement of stick.

Grind slowly, smoothly, firmly.

Focus on the sound, color, fragrance with joy.



Add cooked veggies. Mix up with Dashi and Soy-sauce.

Serve as a dish for body and mind.















End of year I used to go grandma’s house to make Mochi for New Year.

Aunties, uncles, nieces and nephews together steamed rice. Pounded, balled it up.

Grandma gave us fresh mochi-ball with red bean paste. It was soft and sweet.


Can I make that with my favorite bean curd?


Bean curd mochi

Place 150g bean curd, 3 Tbs Tapioca flour and some sweet such as sugar, maple syrup in small pan. Mix completely like smooth paste with hand blender.

Heat tha pan over medium flame. Keep stirring by spatula until it become sticky.

Off the flame. Keep stirring for a while. Pour into glass cups. Leave them till cool down. Keep in fridge.

Serve with some sweetness such as red bean paste, soya bean powder with sugar or ice cream.

Enjoy healthy sweetness!















Busy morning, I prepare lunch box.

How to fill this space? I need one more ingredients. Poke my head into the fridge.

Oh! Nearly every time.

chick pea

Love beans. But my digestion system doesn’t allow to have a lot.

Love fresh food. Wanna cook beans in small amount.

Food jar jumps into my view. Ok. I find a way.


Soak beans over night.

Pour boiling water in a food jar. Tight the lid. Warm up the jar.

Put beans, salt and water in a small pot.

Let it boil up. Add spice, herbs if you like.

Drain the jar. Pour the ingredients. Tight the lid again and wait.


Fresh cooked beans are awaiting as a small treats. Relax. Have coffee?


Snap snap snap

Break off cauliflower into small clusters.

Just washed. No cooked. But mixed with seasonings.


Crunch crunch crunch.

No worry about calories. Be good as its Vitamin C and immune strength.

Easy peasy. Freshy healthy. Enjoy!


In photo white and romanesco cauliflower with sesame powder and sauce (bottom)


IMG_5768‘That one looks not attractive, but is sweet.’

She points a black thing on a market shelf.



It looks black, but is a purple carrot.

Peel the skin. Purple inside appears.

Purple color comes from Anthocyanin,

which is antioxidant.

Just slice and add in salad.

Crunchy sweetness entertains cheerfully.

Cook into cream or soup.

Smooth sweetness comforts gently.


Be young in body. Be calm in mind.

IMG_5747Why not?

*Why not?

‘It’s yours!’ my friend gave me with big smile.

Thank you. This is the Vietnamese kitchen tool I’ve been looking for.

That is for tearing Water Morning Glory stem into tin lines.

greenish peperoncino

Greenish green Peperoncino

Wash Walter morning glory. Take off leaves with stem and top.

Insert the needle into the bottom of stem. Carefully pull the stem.

Make a lots of thin green lines.

Blanch the lines for a while. Drain and leave for cooling down.

Slice garlic. Cut dried tomato. Tear Eringi-mushrooms. Cut paprika into tin pieces.

Place olive oil and garlic in non-stick pan. Place over medium flame.

Stair till getting good small.

Add other ingredients salt, pepper and sliced chili. Add more oil.

When everything is cooked, serve on a plate.

vietnamease kitchen tool

Sprinkle Parmigiano cheese as you like.

Oh! It’s all right. The calories are very low!

Special thanks to Aosawa-san. The recipe is based on her book.

After the morning class I need to put fuel in me.

Love to have lunch in local food court with students.       Chat chat chat.

Come back to studio. I need to refresh my body, mind,,,   and my breath.

fennel seeds

Have a tea spoon of non-oil-stirfried Fennel seed.     Crunch crunch crunch.

Lay down for a while with sweet cool breathing.

Ready for afternoon class.

Hello girls!

It’s good for you. My sis said.

Years later I founds this pricy New Zealand honey at Mustafa Centre.

Now it is one of my regular ingredients for breakfast and tea.

manuka honey

The bigger it’s certified number is, the more expensive it is, even the taste is not much difference.

The number is supposed to indicate the anti-bacterial properties which treat eye ear sinus infection, inflammation, high cholesterol, might be prevent cancer.

It works both in hot and cool. I love to have with yogurt or in mint tea.

Yumm… Golden sweetie. Oh! It’ all right. It is medicine, isn’t it?

‘You should try them. Different aren’t they?’

As I asked the question ‘how can I know the good Goji-berry?’, my Singaporean friend brought me a dried food whole seller.

We stood in front of 3 prices of Goji-berries.

Yes. I agree. The pricy ‘King Goji-berry is sweet and best, no bitter taste followed like cheaper ones.

In the morning, I often cook rice-porridge, adding Goji-berry for slight sweetness and good energy.

Preserved food keeps it’s natural goodness in more condensed way, sometimes more than it’s fresh time.

Not only food, but also people, aren’t we?






Teck Sang

Teck Sang Pte Ltd

on HongKong street (North side). Singapore

Dried fruits, nuts, beans, grains and Chinese dried foods.



Cocoon Studio

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30am to noon and 3pm to 4:30pm. 4 classes a week.

No am & pm class on Thursday 19 September.




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