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I have a mint pot. She grows very quick.

I ask her ‘may I have some?’ She smiles always.

Cut about 5cm above the soil. Receive two twigs with gratitude.


Drain twigs in clear water.

Place some rock sugar or honey into a small pot. Coil the twigs and stuff in.

Pour boiling water. Close the cover immediately.


Pour light green liquid into a cup.

Smily Freshy Greeny.

Happy day restarted. Thanks!


‘I like your toiletries.’ My big sister said, when she stayed my place.

I might had too much chemical in chemotherapy. After that I got chemical allergy. So I go natural products…in resonable price.

A Thai brand ‘Khaokho Talaypu’.

It comes from North Thailand Pechabun prefecture. Their natural farm has 320,000 square meter in the high mountains. The products are veges, foods and toiletries, based on Thai herbs.


I often buy from their shop, which is behind veges in Paragon super market.

I enjoy asking which herb is good for my condition.

Aloe vera for moiture, turmeric for white skin, butterfly pea for black hair, kaffir lime for healthy hair.

Coconut oil for whole body. Sweet sweet fregrance.

Am I sweet girl?

Finish shopping in hot weekend market, I like to have coconuts ice-cream at the corner of gate. There is one more favorate dessert, called ‘Chao Kuai’.


‘Chao Kuai’ is ebony herb-jelly, made from herb ‘Chinese mesona’, which makes body cool down from inside.

When the greenish herb is squeezed, sticky paste comes out from it.  Being mixed into water and  a little starch, it makes shape. Very simple vege sweets.


There are 2 kind, hard one and soft one. Hard one has various shapes, is sold with syrup and crushed ice.

I like soft one, being sold in bottle, with some cream, brown sugar and fruits.


Cool ebony sweetness flows though the throat!


See the herb in

Ayurveda says we are what we ate.

If I take caffeine after sun set, I can’t sleep. I don’t drink alcohol, but flower teas for good sleep.

Chinese rose tea

In a small pot, add some rose and a bit of rock sugar. Pour boiling water. You can make several flushs.

Sweet and sour.

Contain Vitamin C. Tone liver and spleen. Good for blood circulation, for wemen, people have high blood pressure.

I saw at Paragon ground floor in the supermarket behind veges.


Camomile tea

In a pot, add camomile flower and some honey. Pour boiling water.

Release the nerve. Has phytochemical.

I buy from King project or Golden place( See ‘Bye-bye Wig. Hello again comb!’). 1 package contains 5og, 60bahts. Very nice and fresh.

Drink flowers before bed. Sweet dreams are flowering.

After chemotherapy, my re-born hair is softer than original. But large part lost color.

For avoiding chemical on my new hair, I go natural herb ‘Henna’ for dyeing into shiny orange.


‘Hanna’ is natural herb, only orange color, no black.

It changes the white hair into light orange in one time. By several time hair turn to bright- brown. So one line of my hair is gradation from orange to brown. I dye every 2-4 weeks. Hair condition is very good.

Lovely bright color on my new life!


Make thick black tea. Pour the henna powder in a bowl. Add lime juice, tea and a bit of coconuts oil. Mix well. Leave the mud over night.

Wash the hair without conditioner. Dry up. Wear urtra thin latex gloves. Grab the mud. Smear mud cover all over the hair from the scalp. Wrap the head. wait 2 hours.

Mud makes the skin orange too. But the skin color is vanished the next day. Don’t worry.

Wash the hair. I like to put coconuts oil on. Shiny hair I get.



I buy from ‘golden place’ super market. From BTS Saladaeng, walk on Silom road towards Chong nonsi. Leftside there is CP Tower.  Basement floor. 1 pack about 200 bahts. 1 pack contains 100g. For my short hair 75g is enough for one time.

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