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Even though I like white one now, first time I ate dragon fruits, I was desappointed. It looked very hot outside but too curt inside, that I didn’t expect.

Red dragon fruits is another matter. Inside has strong impression as same as outside. Taste is creamy. I love it.

The red color is phytochemical, contains anthocyanins.

I like make red dragon fruits yogurt ice-cream. Cute pink color with dots.


Soaking the skin or pulp changes liquid into red. Natural color.

By the liquid I make jelly-like sweets in pink for celebration. In Japan red and white is auspicious color.

Lucky gift from nature to you!

In tropical weather the thing I really need everyday is….Ice-cream! I used to buy Haagen-dazs but is too expensive, then switched to home-made. 

After dozens of experiments, the recipe was settled. It is simple.


Ingredients : Fresh fruits about 250g, Home made yogurt 100cc,  Whipping cream 80cc, Honey or maple sytup or palm sugar as optional sweetness.

Peel and cut the fruits into small piece and freeze.

  1. Put the frozen fruits, yogurt, sweetness  into food processer. Mash well until smooth.

Whip the cream until making form in the mixing bowl. Add mashed fruits and mix gently.

Put the mixture in small cups. Wrap and keep in the fridge.


I love yogurt ice-cream with Banana, Papaya, Mango, Blueberry(frozen), Red dragon fruits and Pumpkin(cooked and frozened). All of them have Phytochemical, working as Antioxidants and  for Young Beautiful skin!!!

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