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‘Wow! Such a cute plant. The round leaves look don’t have weight.’

I bring back the tropical-bonsai pot.

Holding in my palms, I found out the pot was quite heavy.




Leaves are smiling,

round and flat, floating in the air.

Thin stem comes out

from a big chunk of root.




Heavy roots grasp earth. Leaves float.

Lower body grounds. Upper body becomes light.

Emotion is sterilizes. Psyche is clear.






Do you think the wall is white?

Yes. The wall is painted with white color. But if you draw picture all the wall has different varieties of white – gray. Even a surface has gradations.

Eyes catch the light. We see the color,texture, area and space

Aware the inside of room





We can’t see inside of our living body with own eyes,

but with nerves, feel the vibration of breathing.



Prana – life force goes with breathing.

Let breath touch all over within.

See the alignment of the bones, stretch or loose skin, lift or sinking organs




Flow of Prana

Aware within us



Roast sesame seeds in small pan. Keep shaking.

When it starts popping and smells good, pour into grind bowl.

With wooden stick, draw circles along the bottom edge slowly.


If I rush, grind quickly, seeds jump up, get away.


Focus on the movement of stick.

Grind slowly, smoothly, firmly.

Focus on the sound, color, fragrance with joy.



Add cooked veggies. Mix up with Dashi and Soy-sauce.

Serve as a dish for body and mind.















Relax morning in a early-opened bakery waiting Anjani’s class starts.



In front of bakery there is a busy bus stop.

People come and go,

take a look fresh baked bread.

Asians, Westerners, Muslims, Indian,,,

Shop staff smiles brightly to each of them.

‘Good morning’


They say Freedom is limited in Singapore.

But here I can go where I wanna go

even in the night.

People take same bus, walk side by side

without wary eyes.


Not every country is like here.


Every place different kinds of freedom. Outer freedom is always in frame.

Sit quietly. See within. Peace, integration, freedom without frame is within.


















‘I’m always on your side.’ My friend said with smiling.

Sounds sweetest.

But is it possible?


Everyone has different body, different stand point, different view.

Never be the same.


If you have always same as mine, does it mean you don’t have yours?


If I must have always same as yours, does it mean I shouldn’t have mine?

That’s scary ideas.



I might not always on my side, my view, my convenience, my desire.

The more I attach them, the more I suffer.


Even body changes everyday.

Accept the difference between ex-me and me-now, me and you.

Follow the flow of life as it is.


Am I on your side? Maybe yes. Maybe not. So I smile always.


Every time I visit Mum, I find Japan keeps changing.

Even classic interior train has display as information board.


Japanese love ‘Kaizen’- ‘continually improve all functions in daily manners’.

Japanese are proud of this word, which spread out from their small islands.

Japanese are proud of their improvement, which they can see and show in charts.


i don’t oppose. It’s good. But how about our inside?


train door

Do we forget Zen tradition?

Do we forget happiness?

Do we forget ourselves?


Can I stand still for a while?



There is a small space.

a garden


I play there as playground.

Run. Jump. Turn around.


I take care there.

Clean. Cultivate. Watering.


I broke high wall.

Plant hedge.

Keep there healthy inside, outside.

Invite my friends sometimes.

Sit alone calmly most of the time.


Even hedge enclose the space,

land and sky are part of the Earth.

Wind pass though. Birds fly though.


No need to waste time to built anything concrete.

Once I go, the hedge will be vanished, the space will back to anonymous part of the Earth.

No worry. Be peaceful. Gratitude to be a garden right now.

Once has accident or operation, body awareness tends to be lost at that part of body. For me it’s left side. Left side is just quiet.

Right side is chatty and strong, works hard, compensates for left side.

Body is twisted. Center is lost.


Like a couple

Strong person wants go quickly, efficiently, more than weak person’s ability.

Strong person frustrates and pull. The more being pulled, the less weak person goes.

Couple can spilt, but the body not.


Strong side need to be gentle, wait and response to behalf.


Lotus devided


Ba aware the left side

Find the strength.

Start moving from there.


Breath in. Watch.

Breath out. Go a bit further.


Gently move right side

as a response  to left side.



Breath into both side

Feel the whole body.

Body show the space to go further.


Be as a whole.


Sit in my balcony. Take off the glasses. Look the Sunset.


I’m shortsighted, don’t see detail. But who see the detail of sky completely?

Everyone’s sight is limited.

Leave the glasses. Then my sight has no frame, no limitation.


Feel the sky as it is. No word is needed.

Feel the vibration with eyes, ears skin, with inner body.

Feel the vast space, above, front, side, behind, bellow and the tiny space I occupy.


All existence is vibration.

Sun set vibration penetrate though this pace in this moment.

Space is one. Existence is eternal.

I have many brothers and sisters in Bangkok.

por yoga info


One of my sis, Por

started teaching yoga

at the same place I used to teach.

Beautiful meditation room 

in Ariyasom Villa.


I was happy to see her happy face

saying had good time with students.

We practiced together long time.

I know her sincereness,

how happy her students are.



Thursdays prepare body and mind in Por’s restorative class

Little Bangkok Sangha‘s weekly meditation follows there.

Sit silently and blissfully. One mindful night in a week.


How about starting something new? From this week maybe?


Cocoon Studio

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30am to noon and 3pm to 4:30pm. 4 classes a week.

Chapter of life is re-newing. Nat’s class in Cocoon studio will ends on Thursday 27th March 2020. Thank you for your support for 5 years and 11 months.




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