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After the morning class I need to put fuel in me.

Love to have lunch in local food court with students.       Chat chat chat.

Come back to studio. I need to refresh my body, mind,,,   and my breath.

fennel seeds

Have a tea spoon of non-oil-stirfried Fennel seed.     Crunch crunch crunch.

Lay down for a while with sweet cool breathing.

Ready for afternoon class.

Hello girls!

Every morning I pick up a small bottle.

Shake it. Baked salt, nuts and  seeds jump onto the breakfast.

On brown rice, porridge, sandwiches or salads.

Every bites has small surprise with various flavor, has good protein and nutritions.

Start a healthy day with their tiny cheering.

Avocado sandwich

Salty sprinkles

Place salt, sesame, nuts and seeds in non-stick pan. Cover with strainer. Heat over small flame.

When cracking sound starts, shake it. Add a bit soy sauce. Shake. Pour into small bottle.

salty sprinkles

In photo

pine nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds

in seed-baking pan.

‘This tea might help you. These came from Korea.’

My Korean friend gave me some packages. It was Ginseng roots tea.



When I finished chemotherapy, my Chinese doctor gave me Chinese medicine containing ginseng.

Ginseng brings energy to body, stimulate liver function, has anti-cancer effect.

I needed energy for recovery.



Be mindful of own nature.

After drinking tea, if get hyper-active, it’s not for you.

Lucky you. You have enough energy, no need more.


Be kind to own nature.

Don’t drink after Sunset. It brings sleeplessness.

Body need rest in night. Don’t let mind force body.


When I need energy, I sip hot tea slowly.

Enjoy waiting body charged.

Feel light in body and mind, stand up and go!


There is other type of jelly-like sweet. From Agar. It is made from sea weed, has no-calorie. 5g Agar per 250-350cc liquid makes a bit solid, per350-400cc makes between solid and liquid.

Crystal balls

Ingredientsfor 10 pieces;  fruits (Mango, Grape, Litchi, Berries, Pears etc), A(Cooked red bean, barley, water chestnuts, sold in local jelly shop), agar 4g, sugar 80g, water 200cc

Cut fruits into small balls.

Put Agar and sugar in a small pan. Add cold water little by little. Stir well.

Place the pan 3 over medium heat. Stir gently.

When the agar and sugar is melt and boiled up, remove from heat.

Put the jelly in 10 small bowls. Half amount first. Add fruits and A. Then put the rest of jelly.

After cool down, keep in fridge.


Agar makes shape in in room temperature and doesn’t melt.

So I make present occasionally.

2 fish with eggs (ball-like cut mangos) for ‘Just married couple’.

Wish they are side by side all the way.

After chemotherapy, my re-born hair is softer than original. But large part lost color.

For avoiding chemical on my new hair, I go natural herb ‘Henna’ for dyeing into shiny orange.


‘Hanna’ is natural herb, only orange color, no black.

It changes the white hair into light orange in one time. By several time hair turn to bright- brown. So one line of my hair is gradation from orange to brown. I dye every 2-4 weeks. Hair condition is very good.

Lovely bright color on my new life!


Make thick black tea. Pour the henna powder in a bowl. Add lime juice, tea and a bit of coconuts oil. Mix well. Leave the mud over night.

Wash the hair without conditioner. Dry up. Wear urtra thin latex gloves. Grab the mud. Smear mud cover all over the hair from the scalp. Wrap the head. wait 2 hours.

Mud makes the skin orange too. But the skin color is vanished the next day. Don’t worry.

Wash the hair. I like to put coconuts oil on. Shiny hair I get.



I buy from ‘golden place’ super market. From BTS Saladaeng, walk on Silom road towards Chong nonsi. Leftside there is CP Tower.  Basement floor. 1 pack about 200 bahts. 1 pack contains 100g. For my short hair 75g is enough for one time.

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