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Pot boiled over. Run for stopping it. In a spilt second, I slipped and hit the temple at the counter.

Fortunately it’s not my temple but my specs’ temple.

My specs was broken.

broken specs

I bought this thick-temple spec before having chemotherapy

for hiding eyebrows and eyelashes which might be lost in treatment.

Even I didn’t loose them, it protected my feeling during I was weak.


Over 8 years passed. I’m no longer weak.

Now it’s broken, finish its role.

I no need your protect. Thank you so much.















Every Friday I take Anjani Shah’s Iyengar yoga class.


I respect her positive personality,

kind attitude and accurate teaching


the understanding our difficulties.

She solves some of my problems.

Tomorrow she starts

8 time series for senior beginners

at Cocoon studio.

I’m sure it works. Please come

or drag someone who need it.

I’ll be there as a helper. Wink, wink!


毎週金曜日、アンジャニ シャー先生のクラスを受けています。











‘I feel pins and needles. It’s age. Can’t avoid.’

She said.

Maybe yes. Maybe no. Before definite, I need to study.


Study pain

where it happens, what movement brings, what is its shape, what is the reason.

Sometimes I can find the answer, work on it.


Sometimes not



Stop analyzing. Stop struggling. Stop keep adjusting. Just breath.

Aware the breathing. Breath explores deeper and deeper into body. Be there.



body makes slight movement.

A pin slip out, A needle melt away, which was not recognized, is recognized.


Peaceful silence.


IMG_5768‘That one looks not attractive, but is sweet.’

She points a black thing on a market shelf.



It looks black, but is a purple carrot.

Peel the skin. Purple inside appears.

Purple color comes from Anthocyanin,

which is antioxidant.

Just slice and add in salad.

Crunchy sweetness entertains cheerfully.

Cook into cream or soup.

Smooth sweetness comforts gently.


Be young in body. Be calm in mind.

IMG_5747Why not?

*Why not?

‘Congratulation. Result is excellent. You do well.’

By doctor’s words, my tension was gone immediately.

It was 5th year check after breast cancer treatment, meaning official recovery.

twin leaves

The years after the diagnosis is tough experience.

Still I recognize it is a very challenging practice, which sincere effort is needed,

which changed me from a flexible girl to a strong individual.

I’m proud of myself who went though with smiling and calmness, mostly.

Gratitude to my friends, teachers and my surroundings.


It’s a mile stone.

May each of us, our each day, each moment has life blissfully.


Once has accident or operation, body awareness tends to be lost at that part of body. For me it’s left side. Left side is just quiet.

Right side is chatty and strong, works hard, compensates for left side.

Body is twisted. Center is lost.


Like a couple

Strong person wants go quickly, efficiently, more than weak person’s ability.

Strong person frustrates and pull. The more being pulled, the less weak person goes.

Couple can spilt, but the body not.


Strong side need to be gentle, wait and response to behalf.


Lotus devided


Ba aware the left side

Find the strength.

Start moving from there.


Breath in. Watch.

Breath out. Go a bit further.


Gently move right side

as a response  to left side.



Breath into both side

Feel the whole body.

Body show the space to go further.


Be as a whole.


Practice yoga with feeling touches at one place, spread to the end of body.

The body adjusts itself. Suddenly I realize it is right. But what is this? ‘I’ didn’t do it.


A Rolfer taught me what the body does.

Body has intelligence. Not mind. Body can even release the pain autonomously.

‘Not focus on the pain, but aware ‘the comfort’ has potential to adjust and release’.



1. In quiet comfortable place, lay down or sit in relaxing posture with feet on floor, feeling being supported.

Breath deeply. Look around the surroundings, room interior, decorations and outside view with gentle eye movements.

Be aware the space where we are.


2. Having been settled, leave the pain as a second step, but turn the mind inwards-inside of body. Search ‘the comfort’ such as ‘the most relaxing feeling’ or ‘the energetic feeling place’.

For example it might be the release at the back being enveloped by cushions, the warmth at the thigh and palms or the supported feeling by the seat at buttocks.


3. Aware, taste these existing ‘comfort’ and observe the transition in inner body.

Transition might happen at the place rerates to the pain place, or not relates.

Or nothing happens, which is also all right. Feel ‘nothing happens’.

Through awareness in inner body if autonomous adjustment happens, just observe as it is. It might be,,,

-breath goes deeply

-warmth or relaxed feeling is extending

-tightness in somewhere is released

-find tension in somewhere

-spine extends,,,,etc


4. Imagine the line surrounds the pain place.


5. Aware there is no pain at the outside of the line. Feel ‘the no-painness’  with ‘the comfort’ together. Together is the most important  point.


6. If there is any transition at quality of pain, shape or place, repeat 2-5.

If the pain increases, stop immediately and turn the mind outwards. Look surroundings, outside view as a reset the mind. Breath deeply.


7. Until here if any shake or involuntary movement, warmth, breathing change happens, it is releasing from chronic tension. Just observe as it is.

Don’t ‘help’ the autonomous transition for promote more than natural body reply. If the movement doesn’t stop, it means we ‘help’, chase and interfere the transition. Be aware our hastiness. Let it go.


8. If the transition happens and the new ‘comfort’ appears, observe it. Next transition might happens.

However don’t try to reduce all the pain in one time. That idea creates unnecessary tension.


9.When we finish, turn the mind outwards, look outside space, surroundings and people with feeling ‘comfort’ and ‘no-painness’ together.



As beginning try in the duration about 15-30 min, not more than 45 min. Try again after rest for a while.

Better to do with eye opened for keeping the connection with outside world.

If the pain increases, stop immediately. Turn the mind outwards. Look outside. Walk. Breath slowly and deeply.


Will you give a chance to your body?

Namaste Mr. Kotaro Ogiya

Yesterday I got an Avis and a Ylang Ylang.

I love to change spacing in my balcony. Moved the pots. Watched from room. Changed order and watched again. It always takes time to settle down.

‘Perfect!’ I said before Sunset, with smiling.


Plants are alive, growing up. Flowering plants keep changing. Sun light direction is moving.

Yesterday’s perfection is not today’s. There is no ultimate Perfection.

Everyday finds a brand new beauty, today’s perfection, a moment of eternal.


We are alive. Find a today’s beauty, a perfection with smiling.


She did the role of Mum very well. But her life is waiting and waiting.

Waiting love ones. Waiting something happens. Waiting time passing.

‘What could I do? I was raised in this manner as a good girl.’ she replied.

Mum in Baddhakonasana

‘Mum. Please turn off the TV. You need to practice quietly.’

It must be hard for her to see her inside, see her fear, hatred anger and pride.

Still I kept telling her. Otherwise she would not step forward.


I walk into quiet room. She already sits in in Buddhakonasana – Butterfly pose,

and said ‘This year I will do something new.’

Great. Mum. I’m happy to hear your wish.


Friend’s name comes up at the corner of Facebook, saying birthday today.

I write message ‘Happy Birthday!’

as I think Birthday is the day to be celebrated.


After childhood was over, I thought it is too girly to ask to be celebrated, though.

Sushi-cake for birthday

In the morning of first birthday which I  had completed breast cancer treatment,

I got a lots of messages from my friends. Long long thread.

I realized I was and should celebrate my survival.


Yes. I’m still alive. I’m smiling and tearing. I’m happy from bottom of my heart.


Celebrate our life, our one-year effort in this difficult world. For each one of us.

Happy Birthday!


Sushi cake

Make Sushi rice. Place hot rice in a wet mold neatly. Let it cool down. Turn and place on a plate.

Place sliced cucumber,  Sahimi (raw fish), scrambled egg (cool downed) and herbs. Whatever you like.

Serve with Sushi-nori (seaweed for Sushi). Sing birthday song!

Place what you want on seaweed. Add the mixture of Soy sauce and Wasabi (ground Japanese Radish).

Roll, hold and bite it!

Cocoon Studio

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am to 1130am and 3pm to 430pm. 4 classes a week.

Thursday 19th July class am class is off, pm class is on.

Challenge class in August is Thursday 16th.





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