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I am with my friend in a dried food wholesale shop, asking lots of questions.

Pick up a pack from a soup ingredients shelf and ask again. ‘How do you think?’

‘Yes. It’s good idea, because you teach yoga, speak a lot!’



The pack contains dried fruits and nuts,


‘Moisten lungs tea with Heaven flower’s fruits’.


Wow! That attract me,

me a Chinese Traditional Medicine beginner.


Having cooked according her instruction,

I got Amrita – nectar from heaven.



Rinse white nuts – Sweet almonds in hot water. Rinse other ingredients – Snow pears, Tangerines, Honey dates, Figs in water. Cut figs into half.

Heat 1 liter water in a pot. I use thermal cooker. When water is warmed, add all the ingredients. Boil it in high fire then lower heat to simmer for another 45 mins.

Pour over strainer. Separate liquid and others. Keep fig and dates.


Drink with hot water, or soda and ice cubes.

Or mix with Agar. Make jelly with figs and dates.


Sweetness from heaven soak our throat, lungs and our words.








袋にはドライフルーツとナッツ。ラベルには「天花果 潤肺茶」














End of year I used to go grandma’s house to make Mochi for New Year.

Aunties, uncles, nieces and nephews together steamed rice. Pounded, balled it up.

Grandma gave us fresh mochi-ball with red bean paste. It was soft and sweet.


Can I make that with my favorite bean curd?


Bean curd mochi

Place 150g bean curd, 3 Tbs Tapioca flour and some sweet such as sugar, maple syrup in small pan. Mix completely like smooth paste with hand blender.

Heat tha pan over medium flame. Keep stirring by spatula until it become sticky.

Off the flame. Keep stirring for a while. Pour into glass cups. Leave them till cool down. Keep in fridge.

Serve with some sweetness such as red bean paste, soya bean powder with sugar or ice cream.

Enjoy healthy sweetness!















‘No need to compare with others. See your own.’ I shouted.

‘I just wanted to see others to know whether I did same.’ She murmured.

‘We no need to be same. Do our best.’


Wow! Colorful carrots! Red, Orange, Yellow and Purple.

I saw in the market, couldn’t resist to buy all colors.

Let’s cook in same way. See the difference.


I cooked them into glace carrot, soup, salad, pickles. Together and individual.

Red is softer, good in thick size. Orange is stronger carrot taste.

Yellow is lighter and obedience. Purple is harder but sweeter in thin slice.

They are similar but different. Not good or bad. Just different.

They all are lovely sweet.


We all are colorful, aren’t we?


Purple is better to be cooked individually, otherwise all becomes in purple.


Life is experiment. Try and see what’s happening.

Try again and see again. Analyze the result. Change the method. Try again.

Keep going on.


I read an article ‘Baked yogurt’. Sounds interesting.

After experiments, it turned out solid curd, taste like low fat cheese.

Sometimes a bit soft, sometimes solid.

Sometimes a bit sour, sometimes not at all.

Keep going on! Enjoy the process.


Baked Yogurt

Set coffee filter on its strainer. Pour yogurt into it. Keep it in fridge over night.


Yogurt gets thicker. The liquid comes out.

The liquid is whey protein, which has highly nutrition.

Drink it. Fresh taste. Or use as face lotion.

Squeeze the filter. Pour thick yogurt into shallow tray.

Heat oven 170 celsius. Bake 30 min.

Don’t shake, otherwise it will not become solid.

Remove from oven. Leave it until cool down. it becomes solid.


IMG_6675Eat fresh like cheese

or fry like Panir.

Not satisfied? Then try again.


Special thanks to Ms. Conamonn.

Busy morning, I prepare lunch box.

How to fill this space? I need one more ingredients. Poke my head into the fridge.

Oh! Nearly every time.

chick pea

Love beans. But my digestion system doesn’t allow to have a lot.

Love fresh food. Wanna cook beans in small amount.

Food jar jumps into my view. Ok. I find a way.


Soak beans over night.

Pour boiling water in a food jar. Tight the lid. Warm up the jar.

Put beans, salt and water in a small pot.

Let it boil up. Add spice, herbs if you like.

Drain the jar. Pour the ingredients. Tight the lid again and wait.


Fresh cooked beans are awaiting as a small treats. Relax. Have coffee?


Snap snap snap

Break off cauliflower into small clusters.

Just washed. No cooked. But mixed with seasonings.


Crunch crunch crunch.

No worry about calories. Be good as its Vitamin C and immune strength.

Easy peasy. Freshy healthy. Enjoy!


In photo white and romanesco cauliflower with sesame powder and sauce (bottom)


IMG_5768‘That one looks not attractive, but is sweet.’

She points a black thing on a market shelf.



It looks black, but is a purple carrot.

Peel the skin. Purple inside appears.

Purple color comes from Anthocyanin,

which is antioxidant.

Just slice and add in salad.

Crunchy sweetness entertains cheerfully.

Cook into cream or soup.

Smooth sweetness comforts gently.


Be young in body. Be calm in mind.

IMG_5747Why not?

*Why not?

‘It’s yours!’ my friend gave me with big smile.

Thank you. This is the Vietnamese kitchen tool I’ve been looking for.

That is for tearing Water Morning Glory stem into tin lines.

greenish peperoncino

Greenish green Peperoncino

Wash Walter morning glory. Take off leaves with stem and top.

Insert the needle into the bottom of stem. Carefully pull the stem.

Make a lots of thin green lines.

Blanch the lines for a while. Drain and leave for cooling down.

Slice garlic. Cut dried tomato. Tear Eringi-mushrooms. Cut paprika into tin pieces.

Place olive oil and garlic in non-stick pan. Place over medium flame.

Stair till getting good small.

Add other ingredients salt, pepper and sliced chili. Add more oil.

When everything is cooked, serve on a plate.

vietnamease kitchen tool

Sprinkle Parmigiano cheese as you like.

Oh! It’s all right. The calories are very low!

Special thanks to Aosawa-san. The recipe is based on her book.

I like chips.

But I regretted every time after finish them because of stomachache.

Now no regret but full enjoyment. Crunch crunch crunch until finish,,,  already?!




Non-fried veggie crisp

AirfryerPotato and lotus root

Cut into thin slice. Soak in water more than 10 min. Drain and dry them. Spray olive oil. Sprinkle sea salt.

Heat Airfryer 170 degree. Place veggie in its basket. Fry until crispy about 10 min.


Eringi, Asparagus, lady’s finger, carrot and etc.

Tear or cut, if it is needed. Spray olive oil. Sprinkle sea salt.

Heat Airfryer 180 degree. Place veggie in its basket. Fry until crispy about 10 min.


Sprinkle herbs, spice, seaweed as you like. Enjoy!


Then I thought ‘Why I need to cook soup separately, even we drink boiling-noodle-water in restaurant?’

In Japanese Soba- buckwheat noodle restaurant after finish noodle plate, we drink the water as tradition. It is tasty. Good nutrition from Soba is mainly there, not in noodle.

Go lazy and healthy! Why not?

lazy buckwheat noodle

Lazy Buckwheat noodle

In a pot place 5cm square Konbu-dried kelp and 250cc water. Leave 20 min.

Take out extended kelp. Cut into thin lines. Back into the pot.

Heat the pot over medium flame.  After boiling up, add Sake 1Tbs, Mirin-sweet sake 1Tbs, soy sauce 2Tbs, salt 1 pinch. Wait until boiling up.

Add dried Soba noodle. Stair lightly for not sticking each other. Boil according to the package instruction.

Add veggies or whatever you like. In the photo I added Bean-card and sweet peas.

Taste the soup. If it’s too light taste, add tick sweet sauce.

Serve in a bowl. I placed Tororo Konbu-shaved kelp on top. Sprinkle Shichimi-Japanese seasoned chili.



In Soba restaurant fresh Soba noodle is made from mostly buckwheat. The dried Soba in the supermarket has more range.

For drinking soup I need to choose 80-100% buckwheat. Others have wheat more than buckwheat and the soup is very salty. 80% Soba is called Hachi-wari Soba ‘八割蕎麦’. 100% Soba is called Jyu-wari Soba ‘十割蕎麦’. Or check the ingredients. Buckwheat must be the first one. If wheat comes first, it means wheat is more than buckwheat.

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