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Well,,, I wanna have a pancake with crispy, fluffy, nutty, healthy  and easy to cook all together.

That sounds avaricious. Umm. Think about it.

I murmured myself.


Thickly Nutty Wholewheat pancake

Put 12g butter in small cup. Soak the butter in hot water. Let butter melt.

In a cup place 1 Tbs yogurt, 1 Tbs peanut butter. Mix them well. Add cream (or milk) till total 100cc. Add 1 egg york, 1 pinch salt and 1 Tbs honey. Mix well.

Whisk 1 egg white till solid.

In a bowl place place 40g wholewheat powder and 1/4 tsp baking powder. Draw circle 10 times with whisk. Add mixture, egg white and butter. Mix gently from the bottom with spatura. Stop mixing when you still see small egg-white chunk.

Heat non-stick flying pan (egg pan diameter 12cm, deeper profile) over midum-low heat. Fill tap-water in a bowl or sink. When the pans get hot, sink the bottom of the pans a moment for making even temperature. Pour the mixture in the small pan.

Turn the heat into low. Place the small pan on it. Start heating another bigger pan. When bottom is cooked, turn onto bigger pan. Keep small pan on it. Cook over low heat. Wait patiently.

Serve on a plate with sweet-sour fresh fruits. Sprinkle powder sugar on top.













In my tropical home – Bangkok, I got a lots of dried fruits.

Many kinds of them are available in Royal project shops, Lemon farm.

Bake bars from fruits paradise. Get Sunny vibe for today.


Tropical bar

8cm x 4cm 9 pieces or 18cm square

Put following in a big bowl.

150g dried fruits (Mango, Cherry tomato and raisin etc. cut into small size, if it needs), 80g mixed nuts (Macadamia and Cashew nuts etc. ground), 50g rolled grains, 50g whole wheat flower, 1.5tsp baking powder, 50g desiccated coconuts, 30g pumpkin seeds, 1 piece of banana(fresh, ground until puree) and 1 pack of coconuts cream (200ml).

Mix from the bottom until nearly mixed. Don’t knead.

Place into the mold. Flatten the surface by finger tips gentry. Don’t push.

Bake it in 180 degree 25min.

If it’s in square mold, make cuts into bar shape. Sprinkle ground sea salt a bit.

Let it cool down. Take out from the mold. Keep in fridge.

Busy busy busy in the morning. Not enough time.

Still sit down, have breakfast, breath morning air. Space for smile.

For earning relax time, I bake fruits bars in one of the afternoons.





Fruits bar

8cm x 4cm 9 pieces or 18cm square

  1. Peel and cut 3 apples into thin slice. Place in a pot with 50cc apple juice. Cover the lid.
  2. Heat over medium low flame. Cook 10 min without open lid. Stair occasionally.
  3. By stick blender grind into puree. If the puree doesn’t enough to 300cc, add some apple juice and mix well.
  4. Pour the puree into a big bowl.
  5. Add 150g dried fruits (cut into small size, if it needs), 80g mixed nuts (ground), 50g rolled grains, 50g50g whole wheat flour, 1.5tsp baking powder, 20g desiccated coconuts, 30g pumpkin seeds, 1.5Tsp coconuts oil.
  6. Mix from the bottom until nearly mixed. Don’t knead.
  7. Place into the mold. Flatten the surface by finger tips gentry. Sprinkle salt.
  8. Bake it in 180 degree 25min.
  9. Let it cool down. Take out from the mold. Keep in fridge.

Before eat, better to keep in room temperature for getting back softness. Or crush bar, mix with yogurt. Eat as granola as well.

Have healthy energy. Good start of the day. Cheers!



8cm x 4cm を9 pieces 又は 18cm 角

  1. りんご3つの皮を剥き、小さく切る。鍋に50ccのりんごジュースと一緒に入れる。
  2. 鍋を中火にかけ、蓋なしで10分煮る。時々混ぜる。
  3. ブレンダーのスティックで潰してピュレにする。300ccに足りない場合は、リンゴジュースを足す。
  4. 大きなボールに移す。
  5. 小さく切ったドライフルーツ150g、小さく潰したミックスナッツ80g、ロールグレイン50g、全粒粉50g、ベーキングパウダー小さじ1.5、ココナッツフレーク20g、南瓜の種30g、ココナッツオイル大さじ1.5を加える
  6. 底から大きく切り混ぜる。
  7. 型に入れて、優しく表面を平す。塩を振りかける。
  8. オーブンで180度で25分焼く。
  9. 冷めたら、型から外し、冷蔵庫で保存する。




In sunny morning I prepare teaching yoga, checking today’s sequence, having Banana bread. 

Banana is excellent energy source, bring energy immediatly also last long, has vitamin B1, B2, niacin, potassium, magnesium, dietary fiber and low calorie.

When I was small girl, Mum said I could eat once a piece. One day Mum went shopping, I sneaked into kitchen and ate whole bunch…and  got stomackache.


I still love banana, buy a bunch often. When the sweetest time comes, I bake Banana bread.

Whole wheat banana bread

Ingredients; egg 1, pecan nuts, unsalted butter 80g, brown sugar 80g, banana 300g, honey 1Tbs.  A(whole wheat flour for cake 80g, tapioca flower 40g, baking powder 10g)

  1. Keep egg in room temperature for 1 hour.
  2. Over the mould by wax paper. Pre heat the oven 180 degree.
  3. Put pecan nut in food processer. Grind and take it out.
  4. Put cold butter in the food processer. Grind until smooth.
  5. Add sugar. Grind until smooth.
  6. Add Egg. Grind until smooth.
  7. Add banana and honey. Grind until smooth.
  8. Pour mixture in a bowl. Add A on it. Mix gentry from the bottom.
  9. Pour in the mould. Level the surface. Sprinkle pecan nut. Push into the surface.
  10. Bake in the oven. When the surface is done, turn to 160 degree. Bake about 30 min until inside is baked.

 Or I freeze banana. Peel the skin, squeeze lime on, wrap, flatten and freeze. I ate it without defrost like ice-cream, add in yogurt, can be ingredient of  smoozie or other day’s banana bread.


Eat up. Go out with full of enegy. Jolly day is waiting!

My favorite breakfast is this. Coffee, home-made yogurt with fruits and toast with jam and butter. Easy menu for busy morning.

Toast is whole wheat bread. Jam is home-made. It might sounds strange. But my friend said ‘It tastes fresh!’

Because fresh berries are so expensive here, I buy frozen berries, produced in Thailand. They are nice.

Put the frozen berries, sugar, flavor in the stainless pot. Let berries melt down in the room temperature for more than one hour.

Sterilize glass jar and cover in boiled water. Let them dry up.

Heat the pot over medium heat. Keep stirring gently. Take the form out. Cook until form coming out very few, about 15 – 20min.

Pour the jam in the jar.

Toast a slice of bread, place butter and jam. Simple and gorgeous. Enjoy every single steps of the life.


Frozen strawberry 500g, sugar 180g, lime 1Tps,     or

Frozen raspberry 500g, sugar 200g, lime 1Tps,       or

Frozen blueberry 500g, sugar 230g, rum 1Tps

I buy frozen berries at Central Chitlom. Some times they have, some times not.

About Whole wheat bread, I buy from J.W. Mariot at Shukumvit soi 2, after 6pm. It time for half price. You might see me waiting 6pm in front of the hotel some times!

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