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Wow! I made it!


I tried this pose and tried and tried, couldn’t make it.

Foot kept sliding down. Asked my friend where are the points to work.

Felt muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. Where was the tightness?


Hited the right place. It opened. Foot stayed behind.

eka pada sirasana edit


I’m happy not because I got new pose to perform

but because I made one more step for understanding.


Difficult pose without pain requires

more alignment, flexibility strength and stability.

It takes time. On the way to make it, feel and learn.

The described knowledge becomes understanding.

That is light. Light towards freedom.


Today one more small light.

Tomorrow another.

Half of life tide comes in. Another half tide goes away.


I’m on the shore, walking forward step by step.

Tide touches my feet, is going away slowly.

Tide takes my energy away gradually.



make effort, reenergize myself, keep walking forward.

More effort is required than before, which is natural.

Sometimes just standing same place requires effort. I praise myself.

One step forward. So happy.


Walk step by step. I see wider sky, smaller things on the shore, deeper my inside.


Walk until tide brings me away, the time for release gracefully.


There is a small space.

a garden


I play there as playground.

Run. Jump. Turn around.


I take care there.

Clean. Cultivate. Watering.


I broke high wall.

Plant hedge.

Keep there healthy inside, outside.

Invite my friends sometimes.

Sit alone calmly most of the time.


Even hedge enclose the space,

land and sky are part of the Earth.

Wind pass though. Birds fly though.


No need to waste time to built anything concrete.

Once I go, the hedge will be vanished, the space will back to anonymous part of the Earth.

No worry. Be peaceful. Gratitude to be a garden right now.

‘Oh! tired! I want more flexibility not muscles.’ a girl complained.

‘Developed muscles bring strength both in body and mind.

You will be strong. Then no one can bother you.’ I replied.


No one can change other person. Change comes of own accord.

Prasarita Paddotanasana


Weaker person is dragged by stronger person’s will, twisted and bent.

For being together force to be flexible.

Are you happy?

Ask not to drag, be gentle, please.

Does it work?


Change own being.

Develop muscles and flexibility in balance.

Be strong

with knowing how weaker person feel.

Be gentle to others.


Are you happy?

Yes. I am.


Once has accident or operation, body awareness tends to be lost at that part of body. For me it’s left side. Left side is just quiet.

Right side is chatty and strong, works hard, compensates for left side.

Body is twisted. Center is lost.


Like a couple

Strong person wants go quickly, efficiently, more than weak person’s ability.

Strong person frustrates and pull. The more being pulled, the less weak person goes.

Couple can spilt, but the body not.


Strong side need to be gentle, wait and response to behalf.


Lotus devided


Ba aware the left side

Find the strength.

Start moving from there.


Breath in. Watch.

Breath out. Go a bit further.


Gently move right side

as a response  to left side.



Breath into both side

Feel the whole body.

Body show the space to go further.


Be as a whole.


Practice yoga with feeling touches at one place, spread to the end of body.

The body adjusts itself. Suddenly I realize it is right. But what is this? ‘I’ didn’t do it.


A Rolfer taught me what the body does.

Body has intelligence. Not mind. Body can even release the pain autonomously.

‘Not focus on the pain, but aware ‘the comfort’ has potential to adjust and release’.



1. In quiet comfortable place, lay down or sit in relaxing posture with feet on floor, feeling being supported.

Breath deeply. Look around the surroundings, room interior, decorations and outside view with gentle eye movements.

Be aware the space where we are.


2. Having been settled, leave the pain as a second step, but turn the mind inwards-inside of body. Search ‘the comfort’ such as ‘the most relaxing feeling’ or ‘the energetic feeling place’.

For example it might be the release at the back being enveloped by cushions, the warmth at the thigh and palms or the supported feeling by the seat at buttocks.


3. Aware, taste these existing ‘comfort’ and observe the transition in inner body.

Transition might happen at the place rerates to the pain place, or not relates.

Or nothing happens, which is also all right. Feel ‘nothing happens’.

Through awareness in inner body if autonomous adjustment happens, just observe as it is. It might be,,,

-breath goes deeply

-warmth or relaxed feeling is extending

-tightness in somewhere is released

-find tension in somewhere

-spine extends,,,,etc


4. Imagine the line surrounds the pain place.


5. Aware there is no pain at the outside of the line. Feel ‘the no-painness’  with ‘the comfort’ together. Together is the most important  point.


6. If there is any transition at quality of pain, shape or place, repeat 2-5.

If the pain increases, stop immediately and turn the mind outwards. Look surroundings, outside view as a reset the mind. Breath deeply.


7. Until here if any shake or involuntary movement, warmth, breathing change happens, it is releasing from chronic tension. Just observe as it is.

Don’t ‘help’ the autonomous transition for promote more than natural body reply. If the movement doesn’t stop, it means we ‘help’, chase and interfere the transition. Be aware our hastiness. Let it go.


8. If the transition happens and the new ‘comfort’ appears, observe it. Next transition might happens.

However don’t try to reduce all the pain in one time. That idea creates unnecessary tension.


9.When we finish, turn the mind outwards, look outside space, surroundings and people with feeling ‘comfort’ and ‘no-painness’ together.



As beginning try in the duration about 15-30 min, not more than 45 min. Try again after rest for a while.

Better to do with eye opened for keeping the connection with outside world.

If the pain increases, stop immediately. Turn the mind outwards. Look outside. Walk. Breath slowly and deeply.


Will you give a chance to your body?

Namaste Mr. Kotaro Ogiya

I’m happy to have chance to teach in Bangkok again!

See you guys in real world!




Action, Reaction and Beyond              作用、反作用 そしてそれを超えて

via Parvritta Trikonasana                   パリブリッタ・トリコナサナ 


Parvritta TrikonasanaRevolved Triangle pose is twisting and forward extending in standing, is challenging pose to find equability.

Why we loose balance? How we should work? What is happening? Where we go towards? It might be same in other poses.




We learn optimum body alignment and movement though various poses.

Class is taught mainly in Japanese language.





Date and time: Tuesday 22nd April 2014 11am-1pm

Place: Yoga Element studio Bangkok

Thank you very much for your coming to my class. With your body. With your soul.

I rediscovered how much I love teaching. Your presence and encouragements bring happiness to me.

Wish we grow together in this new space, cozy cocoon.

We will emerge someday.


down dog paint




この新しい場所 きれいな繭で、共に成長し、いつか生まれ変われることを願っています。





I’m really happy to declare ‘New class starts at Singapore!’

From next week, 1st of April, time for spring!


rope actionSo lucky.

Past events went in order and made a thread for bringing my class happened.

Keep wish in heart.

Keep walking.

It will come when the time arrives.



Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am to 1130am

at Cocoon Studio Singapore.

More detail in my post at upper line.


Spacious studio. Many props. See you guys!



‘Do you know Latissimus drisi, big muscle at your back?’

Peter Scott asked in his workshop.


Latissimus drisi are rectangle muscles covering lower and middle back.

Bottom attached to top of pelvis. Top outer corners are attached to armpit-side of upper arm bone.

It’s like backside fabric of Halter-neck shirts and also like


Latissimus are  sails. Spine is mast.


white sail

With Pulling the ropes

lower and upper bars are fixed horizontally, face exactly forward.

Sail is smooth and supple, evenly stretched, but not tensed.


Catches the breeze gracefully.

Receive energy from the breeze.


With woking arms and legs,

pelvis and shoulders are horizontally, face exactly forward.

Back is smooth and supple, evenly starched, but not tensed.


Catch the breath gracefully.

Receive energy from the breath.


Namaste Peter-ji.


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