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Sun is rising. Quietly practice Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation.

Soles, palms are on the mat with feeling my weight.

See another myself practicing Surya Namaskar under the mat, like mirror image.

Her weight support me. My weight support her. I touch her. I trust her.

Weight- Gravity transforms into lightness. We are dancing.

Urdhva Danurasana

Weight is gravity, the sum of Earth pulling me and throwing away.

Life on the Earth has nature, grow opposite of gravity.

Allow gravity descends into the Earth. Receive the Earth ascends life on her.

Touch her. Trust her. Come back to life’s nature.

Perfectly balanced. Zero effort.  Lightness comes.



Thank you my friend Akeyoga, Yoga&Me for zero-effort Urdhva Danurasana

I was in Utthita Trikonasana in Jawahar Bangera’s workshop

‘Why your hand is shaking?’ he hold my left hand and asked.

‘Oh. Again I need to explain.’ I murmured in my mind.


‘So, it’s because of left side breast cancer treatment. You open left arm.’

He hold my elbow and palm, said ‘Push here.’

The more I tried, the more arm shook, went out of control.

My corner of eyes caught others watching ‘what’s going on there?’

Just before my emotion went into limit, he left me saying

‘Will show you’


Workshop went on.

Adho Mukha Svanasana, Gomukasana,,,

Suddenly I realized it worked on my arm.

I need space, need softness,

not control and contract for hiding shame.


Namaste Jawahar-ji.

Will work for it.

Looking forward to see you again.

We celebrate the first ‘International Yoga Day’ in our studio.

Practice together the same sequence which Iyengar yoga practitioners all over the world do at that day.

Share time, space and energy together!


International Yoga Day 2015


It’s complimentary event. Please let us know your attendance in advance.

Email: Call / SMS : Deewi 9721 4603

‘Here some bubbles. You wash dished very quick, which is good, but not clean enough. Do everything mindfully’ Mum scolded me.


When right hand held dish under running water, eyes looked which was the next.

When left hand grabbed next one, right hand left the dish without see it.

How could them be cleaned well? No way.


Yes. Mum. You are right. Rinsing again one by one takes longer time.

sola cube

Planing future sounds clever. If without see this moment, is it clever?


Always see next and next and next, never see now.

Never see the moment something wrong starts happening.

Then say ‘I don’t know why.’ Of course. Never know.


Never see this moment everything is good enough.


Aware the vastness of the space, we exist. Front, back, above, below.

Live in a moment mindfully. Each moment has its eternity.

Successive eternal with transformation. Live as we are.



Photo ; Sola cube ‘Dandelion’ a moment a seed starts flying.

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