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Inhale, exhale. stop. Click, click.

In hale, exhale, stop.  Click, click click, click.

Listening physician’s clicks

for measuring the distance in the annual ultra sound examination,

I got nervous.


‘Ok. Finish. Please come back later for consulting’ she smiled and said.

I was released from hospital,

but my mind was not.


Walking street under the blue sky, having coffee at a tropical terrace,

mind was caught in the click sounds, wondering what she was measuring.



Inhale exhale.

Stop worrying. Stop thinking what is impossible to know right now.

Whatever comes later, I am sitting here uprightly. Deep exhale.


Suddenly world gets color back. Released.


On the way home from hospital, enjoy walking in colorful world.



Busy busy busy in the morning. Not enough time.

Still sit down, have breakfast, breath morning air. Space for smile.

For earning relax time, I bake fruits bars in one of the afternoons.


Fruits bar

8cm x 4cm 9 pieces or 18cm square

Peel and cut 3 apples into thin slice. Place in a pot with 50cc apple juice. Cover the lid.

Heat over medium low flame. Cook 10 min without open lid. Shake occasionally.

By stick blender grind into puree. If the puree doesn’t enough to 300cc, add some apple juice and mix well.

Pour the puree into a big bowl.

Add 150g dried fruits (cut into small size, if it needs), 80g mixed nuts (ground), 50g rolled grains, 50g whole wheat flour, 1.5tsp baking powder, 20g desiccated coconuts, 30g pumpkin seeds, 1.5Tsp coconuts oil.

Mix from the bottom until nearly mixed. Don’t knead.

Place into the mold. Flatten the surface by finger tips gentry. Don’t push.

Bake it in 180 degree 25min.

If it’s in square mold, make cuts into bar shape. Place a bit jam on.

Let it cool down. Take out from the mold. Keep in fridge.


Before eat, better to keep in room temperature for getting back softness.

Or crush bar, mix with yogurt. Eat as granola as well.


Have healthy energy. Good start of the day. Cheers!


Walking along beach my sis said

‘I walk everyday. Sea never the same.’


Even time is similar everyday, sky, wind, tide level are different. And our feeling.


Practice yoga everyday.

Poses might be similar, but never the same.

Every moment new things are observed. Maybe at skin, muscles, bones, nerves, breath or mind.

Sometimes feel confusing, annoying, pain, something wrong.

Sometimes feel right, energetic and peaceful.


Watch the sea. Let waves come and go.

at this moment of beautiful Sunset.


I’m full. But there is some food left. I disagree wasting food.

Ummm. How should I do?


Cooked Hiziki Sea weed

Soak Hiziki-sea weed for 30 min. Scoop and drain it.

Cut carrot and Abura-age into tin slice.

Heat a pan over medium frame. Add sesame oil, carrot, seaweed, Abura-age. Stair well.

When oil covers the ingredients, pour some soup, soy sauce and Mirin-sweet sake.

Stir until boiling down. Serve in a bowl. Enjoy.


I finish a meal. Then it’s transferred into snack.

(It’s not only cooked seaweed. Various left over can be transferred.)


Buckwheat pizza

Slice onion.

In a small bowl place 50g buckwheat and a pinch of salt.

Pour 150cc water a bit by bit. Mix completely.

Heat a pan over medium flame. Add some sesame oil. Pour 75% of the mixture.

Place onion, cooked seaweed, a slice of cheese. Pour the rest of mixture.

When bottom side is cooked, turn over. repeat. Serve on a plate.

Mix sesame paste and Pon-zu vinegar.Pour over pizza.


Give a new life in pleasant way. Don’t waste other’s lives!


I asked vegetarian friend why? She said because she feel sorry for their pain.

But when I peel the lettuce leaves, I feel their screaming.


Japanese receive food for life energy saying ‘Itadakimasu’ as gratitude.


How to sprout beans

First day

Place 2 layers beans in sterilized jar.

Pour 3rd amount of water. Leave it over night but less than 24 hours.


Drain water nearly completely.

Cover the jar by kitchen paper or cloth.

Keep it in dark place like box or closet. no light please.

From second day

Rinse the beans 3 times a day. 3 times each.

Continue until grow enough.


Blanched bean sprout

Boil water. Add salt.

Blanch bean sprout very short time. Drain water. Place in a bowl.

Pour tick sweet sauce or  pon-zu or salad noodle dressing in hot. Let it cool down.


Fresh lives are delicious. Let our life sprouting, that is our gratitude for their lives.




















Cocoon Studio

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am to 1130am and 3pm to 430pm. 4 classes a week.

Thursday 19th July class am class is off, pm class is on.

Challenge class in August is Thursday 16th.





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