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Breathe into forehead. Breathe into nasal cavity.

Inside of nostrill, there are huge hollow space, called nasal cavity. It reachs behind forehead, cheeks and upper jaw.

Gently send inhale to whole hollow.


End of hollow reaches to Sphenoid bone.

It has butterfly shape, locats under the brain,

related with ears – sence of balance, diaphragm – breathing.


With feeling gentle breeze, the butterfly takes off,

floats at the center of skull,

floats like compass, senses the rain of gravity that is falling from the sky to the Earth.


Listen the sounds of wing.

Listen balance of body, mind and heart.


Photo by Andrea


Each Japanese regions has own kind of miso. Kyoto, where was the capital from over 1200 years to emperor’s moving out to Tokyo, has Saikyo-west captal-miso.

Kyoto-people have it as New year miso soup. There is another way of cook. That’s my favorate.

Baked fish in west capital style

Sprinkle salt over fish fillet. Wait for a while.

Put Saikyo-miso(white and sweet) in small bowl. Add Mirin and mix well. Add mirin until creamy but still have shape. 

Place wrap film. Spread half of mixture. Place fillet. spread mixture over. Mixture cover the fillet.  Wrap tightly. Keep in fridge at least overnight. Maybe 2-3 days.

Take fillet out and cleanse it. Wipe it by kitchen paper. Dry it for a while.

Bake the fillet.


The miso is not seen on the dish, but brings fregrance of old city.

Sweet and elegant.


Being in air-conditioned room all day, feel confortable but body is too cold.

Prepare miso-soup for dinner. Warm up my body from inside.

Recall white beach, blue sea in the South, with watching high rise buildings.

Miso soup sea side style

Sprinkle salt over fish fillet in shallow tray. Keep for a while.

Pour boiling water over. Drain the water immediately.

Cut leek into one bite size. Prepare veges.

Make clear soup. When it boiled up, add fillet and leek. Add seasonings.

When fillet is nearly cooked, add other veges. Add miso paste.

Serve into small bowls. Place Nori-seaweed.


Enjoy sea breeze, wondering which beach I will go next?


Hottest season has arrived!

Mangos are sweet. Sun is shining. Oh! It’s tropical!


I love lunch in cool shade. Having been sitting for a while, feel nice breeze.

How about cool noodle for lunch? Cool down body. Calm down mind.

Cool Udon

Cook clear soup. Mix with tick sweet sauce. Cool down. Keep in fridge.

Boil water in large pot. Add frozen udon (Japanse wheat noodle).

When it looks shiny, drain it. Cool down in cold water couple of times.

Place in a bowl with water and ice.  Serve the soup in small bowls.

Wasabi, sesame seeds, Nori-seaweed are beside. Add as you like. 

Maybe some veges togather. Enjoy cool taste.


When I feel lazy to cook,  go to famous noodle restaurant, Marugame-seimen. It’s newly opened at Rain hill on Sukhumvit soi 47. It’s reasonable price…if I don’t take a lot!

‘Do you think why you got breast cancer?’

This is the question I am often asked in survivor meeting.


Many patients have no family-history, can’t stop thinking about ‘the reason’.

Because this was bad, that was worse… blame everything around.

Does it helps?


The reason, people say, are million. There are no cancer-reason-free condition on the earth.

Moreover cancer cells, the cells grow too fast, are in every person, all the time.

The immune system gets rid of it. Therefore the cells don’t settle down.


Maybe change life into being a bit kind to own immune system. That’s good enough.

No blame. Be generous. Be happy.


11th March was one year anniversary of East Japan-earh quake. Many special programs were on TV. I couldn’t stop watching one of them.

The tsunami-victim had same name of me. Her mum had same name of my mum. Mum was looking for her missing daughter.

She calls my name. She calls my name. She calls my name.

I am missed. I’m here outside of display, can’t answer, can’t hug her.

Am I dead?


I entreat. Let me go. Recieve your life. You are alive in this moment.

Stand up. Walk into blue sky for me and for yourself.



Dissolve mind into the heart.

Iyengar yoga teacher Stephanie Quirk said in the prctice.


Sit upright.  Palms togather. Sides of thumbs touching the heart center. Finger tips points up.

Inhale. Lift chest up.

Exhale. Lower chin towards notch between coller bones.

Mind in the skull is dissolved into the heart though the spine .

Conscious myself and Unconscious myself become one at the heart.

Subtle vibration rise up from fingertips towards forehead and above.


Palm togather is one of the yoga poses.

Do I practice yoga as a prayer? Or for just challange?

I need to ask myself. Always.


Body is my temple. Asanas are my prayers.


Life is changing. That is its nature.

I’m happy to have 3 yoga studios to guide people explore their own body and mind.


@ Ariyasom Villa

Tuesdays 10:30am – noon Yoga for health

Wednesday 6:30pm – 7:30pm Restorative yoga

@ My frinend’s studio

Mondays 11:00am – 12:30pm

Fridays 9:00am – 10:30am Women’s health yoga

@ Iyengar Yoga Studio Bangkok

Thursdays 8:00am – 9:30am


No need to afraid to change. Just enjoy every single moment of life.

Keep renewing. Keep breathing. Smile from the heart.


Cocoon Studio

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30am to noon and 3pm to 4:30pm. 4 classes a week.

No am & pm class on Thursday 19 September.




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I’m back from hoooot Japan. Class is resumed from 10:30am today. See you there! 暑い日本から帰って来て、今日の10時半からクラスを再開します。 お待ちしてまーす。
Zibinji’s workshop in Singapore. Passion for sharing Miss him already. シンガポールでのズビン先生のワークショップ。伝えることへの情熱。またお会いできる日を楽しみにしてます - #yoga #yogasingapore #iyengaryoga #cocoonstudiosg #singapore #ヨガ #シンガポールヨガ #ヨガシンガポール #シンガポールライフ #アイアンガーヨガ #コクーンスタジオ #シンガポール #シンガポール習い事 #zubinzarthoshtimanesh
Today Nat’s last class in July. From August morning class starts from 10:30. Afternoon class has no change. She has Summer holiday from 1 to 15 August. Pauline and others will substitute her morning class. No afternoon class. Her morning and afternoon classes are resumed from 20 August. We are looking forward to re-charged her! 今日は、7月最後のクラスです。 8月から午前のクラスは10時半開始になります。午後のクラスの変更はありません。 8月1日から15日まで夏休みをいただきます。その間、午前のクラスはポーリン先生他が代講いたします。午後のクラスは休講にさせていただきます。 8月20日から通常スケジュールに戻ります。お待ちしています。
Attended Zibinji’s workshop in KL. Passion for sharing ズビン先生のワークショップに参加させていただきました。 伝えることへの情熱 - #iyengaryoga #yogaworkshop #bksiyengaryogashala #zubinzarthoshtimanesh #ヨガ #シンガポールヨガ #ヨガシンガポール #アイアンガーヨガ #コクーンスタジオ #シンガポール #シンガポール習い事
Wall is teacher, helps my progress. Clean up with gratitude. That becomes prayer. 壁は上達を助けてくれる先生。 感謝を持って掃除する。作務は祈りとなる。 - Cleaning up method is in my blog on profile. 壁の掃除方法は、プロフィールにあるブログに掲載しました。 #yoga #yogasingapore #iyengaryoga #cocoonstudiosg #singapore #ヨガ #シンガポールヨガ #ヨガシンガポール #シンガポールライフ #アイアンガーヨガ #コクーンスタジオ #シンガポール #シンガポール習い事
International Day of Yoga 2019 event of Iyengar Yoga Community of Singapore. Thank you for your support!



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