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Something drives me to go to India.


I’m not a person traveling a lot.

But unusually now I am.

Now on the way to Rishikesh.

Now on the way to transform.

Need  to reveal myself.



in the same time surprisingly calm.

Let’s see what is happening.


See you on November.

‘Lovely scent isn’t it?’ Mum loves roses in her garden.


I bring it in front of my face.

Breath in deeply. Enjoy  scented air pass though nostril till bottom of lungs.

Breath out slowly. Still enjoy the scent. Root of tongue is opened widely.

When I find held places in my body and mind, I recall Mum’s rose.

Close eyes welcoming rosy air. Scent is absorbed into each cells, corners of mind.


Holdings are released. Roses are in my heart.


Shipping cargo arrives.

104 boxes are brought in the room. These boxes contain my things from Bangkok.


Before their coming, I lived with the things in 2 luggages, which I brought, and 4 air-cargo boxes.

I lived without these 104 boxes for a month.

Do I really need these 104 boxes?*

Japanese says human have 108 desires.

108 temple gongs at the end of year are for cleansing desires one by one.


Yes. I accept I have 108 desire.

4 desires must be enough for life.

What 104 desires are? Do I need them?


As shipping cargo hasn’t arrived yet, new place is so empty.

I put few clothes which I brought from Bangkok in a luggage,

fly back to Bangkok again.


Walk Sukhunvit street.

Meet my friends, who give me warm welcome back.

Feel home.

But I can’t go back my old place.


Home is the place I can breathe deeply and calmly.

Side chest is soft, rib cage moving freely.



My home is where I am.


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