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Next month Iyengar senior teacher Jawahar is coming to our studio!

6 days workshops. Wow! Yes. I’ll be there all of them. Are you?


In June 2015

Nat’s class in Cocoon Studio Singapore is special.

Class is for learning 4 subjects,

how to relief Back pain and Headache, prevent Menstrual pain and Shoulder pain.

Those are happened in our daily life. We can change ourselves to better direction.




誰にも起こることですよね。自分で、良い方向に向かえたらいいと思いませんか。 Viparita Karani mirror

schedule スケジュール

2th Tue Standing (general class)

2日火曜 立位のポーズについて(通常クラス)

4th Thu Relief Back pain

4日木曜 腰痛の緩和について

9th Tue Prevent Shoulder pain

9日火曜 肩こりの軽減について

11th Thu Relief Headache (only this day am class starts from11am)

11日木曜 頭痛の緩和について(この日のみ午前クラスは11時から)

16th Tue Prevent Menstrual pain

16日火曜 生理痛の軽減について

18th  Thu Pevent Shoulder pain

18日木曜 肩こりの軽減について

23rd Tue Relief Back pain

23日火曜 腰痛の緩和について

25th Thu Prevent Menstrual pain

25日木曜 生理痛の軽減について

30th Tue Relief Headache

30日火曜 頭痛の緩和について

Morning class (10:00-11:30) and afternoon class (15:00-16:30) in same day focus on same subject.


‘Oh! No! That was tragedy. I’m so sorry to hear that.’ Michelle said to my friend.

glass vase*

Stumble over tough situation,

pretend to That-is-not-happened-to me,

though the guilt over others.

Nothing helps. Start falling down.


Try to hold on the slippery wall,

Even can hold for a while,

weak fingers loose the grip.

Sliding down. Screaming.


Until look down the bottom,

never know how deep the bottom is.

Face the bottom, the reality,

even It requires huge courage, strength.

Hit it! Jump up! Well done!


‘I don’t feel happy to had that, but it’s ok now.’

My friend replied with smile, big bright smile  as always.

You are great, Susan.

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