Nat means Summer.

Janu Sirasana on the water

She is ‘Origami Yogini’, lived in Bangkok, now in Singapore, both are everlasting summer cities. She loves Iyengar yoga and meditation. Also loves drawing, cooking, enjoys her life mindfully.

She has been practicing and studying yoga, is an Iyengar Yoga teacher. She taught yoga regularly at JyoTi yoga studio, Iyengar yoga studio Bangkok and her own studio at Ariyasom Villa ‘Restorative yoga’ sometimes ‘Aqua yoga’. Now she teaches at Cocoon Studio Singapore.

She is a breast cancer suvivor 2009, wants to help other people like her-before.

She is happy and healthy now, has gratitude to her teachers, friends, the people around her. No one knows tomorrow, She lives in the moment.