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With every breathing life becomes new.

This is the words my friend keeps in her heart.


Walked along beach.

Looked back the Sunset. Foot prints were there for a while.

Next wave cleaned up it. Sand became smooth mirror again.

Looks like nothing happened.


Deep breathe.

Cleanse lungs. Cleanse heart. Cleanse thoughts.

Renew life with every breathing.


I was asked.

Don’t know. Maybe will do something.


I used to plan what I would do in today, a week, a month, a decade.

Considered tactics for achieve it.

Now I say maybe.


Planning brings positive power, progress and intelligent.

If plan becomes desire, it brings negative power, fight and break.

I quitted seeking next desire.


When fruits gets ripe, fall down into the palms.

Open eyes. Sharpen perception.

Mindfully listen world’s order what I should do next.


That something I will do next.


I lost in dark corridor, struggled pushing doors open.

Needed to leave my belongings which I felt I must or should have.

Let them go. Devoted  entirely. Then heavy door was opened.


Exhausted. Rest on the floor.

Gratitude and contentment for my effort and friends’ helps.


Slowly look up and feel fresh wind

from doors ahead

which are half opened


Stand up.

Walk in peace.

I was born in year of the Tiger.


During chemotherapy and recovery, I stopped almost of all activities, stayed in bed.

Body was weak. Still mind was alive.



I was wounded female tiger,

hide in a dark cave.

No angry. No hatred.

With sharp and clear mind.

waited patiently.


When the time came,

stepped into bright world.

Started walking, then running.


Jump over green fields.


Full of energy.

Having dark resting period,

world is vast, full of joy.



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