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‘I gave them water everyday. Enjoyed seeing drops on leaves. Looked refreshing.’

‘Did you water into pots? Over the soil?’ ‘? Should I?’

Oh! Poor pot-plants.

Water over their roots every morning.

Smell of soil. Smell of leaves. Smell of flower. Listen their quiet songs.

With receiving Sun light they grow towards all directions.


Love the beauty of leaves and flowers.

Admire the effort of roots, invisible parts.


Make hidden steady efforts everyday.

Though look not much, not perfect,

we grow beautifully. Love own life.


Yesterday I got an Avis and a Ylang Ylang.

I love to change spacing in my balcony. Moved the pots. Watched from room. Changed order and watched again. It always takes time to settle down.

‘Perfect!’ I said before Sunset, with smiling.


Plants are alive, growing up. Flowering plants keep changing. Sun light direction is moving.

Yesterday’s perfection is not today’s. There is no ultimate Perfection.

Everyday finds a brand new beauty, today’s perfection, a moment of eternal.


We are alive. Find a today’s beauty, a perfection with smiling.


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