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‘I don’t feel having breakfast.’ She said.


Sumo-wrestler eat twice a day but huge meal for gaining weight.

When nutrition supply comes lesser time, body goes low metabolism, wants to keep more reservation.

When supply are more than consume,off course  it becomes reservation too.

Eat constantly, just enough amount for activity. Maybe 3times a day.

Each 8hours?


1st to 3rd meal are shorter than 8hours. 3rd to 1st is longer.

Even sleep needs low energy, wake-up body has too low blood sugar level.

Need instant energy for starter. A lots of activity is waiting.


What is instant energy? Something sweet?

White sugar kicks blood sugar level jump up and fall down quickly.

Then need to eat again accompanying extra calories.

Better to have like brown sugar, maple syrup, honey or fruits with healthy nutrition.

Blood sugar level slope are gentle.


Love sweet breakfast. Pancake, muffin, fruits and so on.

Why not? Take opportunity.

Enjoy sweet starter. Happy sweet energy for the day.


‘Is this yoga mat?’ ‘Yes. I’ll do workshop tomorrow nearby.’

That was first conversation with her.


After having a look the workshop studio, I sat in a nice veggie-restaurant. A young girl worked there.

I didn’t expect she actually came to workshop, but she was.

From then we became good friends, even our age are very different.

Occasionally I go that restaurant for nice veggie and her healthy smile.

Got an inspiration.


Black bean pasta

Cook black bean.

Crush bean by food processor. Slice garlic, onion.

Place non-stick pan over medium flame. Add garlic onion and olive oil. Stair until good smell.

Add bean and dried chili. Stair well.

When ingredients are cooked, add balsamic vinegar.

Add Italian tomato, salt and pepper. Mix well. Boil down until become sauce.

Boil pasta. Serve on a plate. Pour bean sauce and olive oil. Place fried cotton bean-card or Paneer.


Have healthy taste, healthy smile.


Midori-san sometimes says

‘I feel confidence to achieve it. It’s without reason though.’

She might not be able to say. But it is.


She is a professional futsal player, works hard. She keeps working until it happens.

On the way her mind and body might need to do many things,

but her guts knows before her mind.


She is in brand new challenge.

She says she has confidence without reason now.

Yes. I don’t worry for her, knowing she will achieve it


with reason.


When I was in Rishikesh, I ate Indian food once a day.

If I ate more, got digestive problem.


Beans are rich in polyphenol, good source of protein.

Though some people doesn’t have enzyme for bean digestion

unless being fermented, card, paste or skinless.


Black Bean soup

Soak black bean in 2.5 times amount of water.  Keep in fridge overnight.

Put bean and water in pressure cooker without cover. Heat over hight frame.

Take out bubble on the surface. Turn off the heat. Close the cover.

Heat over low frame. Boil up for 20 min.

(Or simmer bean with 6 amount of times water for 3-4 hours over low frame.)

Turn off the heat. Cool down.


Separate bean and water, which has good nutrition.

Slice onion and garlic.

Heat non-stick pan over medium frame. Add olive oil, onion and garlic. Stair until good smell.

Add bean and water. Stair well.

By stick-mixer grind well into soup. Add salt and pepper.

Pour into a bowl. Add cotton bean-card or Paneer.


Have a bowl of Black.

Black contains every colors, every feeling. Having been digested, become nutrition.


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