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Tiny lady monk – Bhikkuni Suvijjana ‘s voice was soft and pleasant, smile was bright.


There is a kitchen in the mind. Eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin get stimulus from outside. Inside they are transformed into emotions and memory.

Put a potato in oven. Bake it. Season it. Place in a plate and eat it. 

Potato itself is a round shape vege. Facts.

Whole potato or peel the skin?  Side of view.

There are many way of cooking, from high flame barbecue to slow simmering. Reception.

Sprinkle salt and papper, maybe rosemary or chilli powder? Emotions.

By seasoning taste is very differant. Do we like seasoning kindness or irritation? Up to me.

Watch the plate. Beautifully done or in a mess? It is myself.

Eat in hot or after cool down? Observation…if I’m not too hungry.


Delicious or bitter?


at Ariyasom Villa, Tharmma talk detail : Little bang

Karna Pindasana is done near the end of practice, named ‘Ear pressure Pose’.


Stand on shoulders. Knees beside ears. Upperside feet on the floor. Palms between ears and knees, covering the ears.

Without outside sounds, I listen my breathing.  My view is occupied by my trunk. Nothing others. I always find how small myself is, and wonder why I worry so many things for this small body.

Undo my body, lay down as ‘Savasana-Dead body pose’ for letting go everythings.

When I go to restaurant with my yoga friends, I have a duty to order foods. ‘Wing bean salad’ is everyone’s favorate. Called ‘Yam thua pu’.


It is Thai salad, generally contains wing bean, minced meat, sea food, chili, chili paste, coconuts milk. Spicy and creamy. Some place make vegetarian version.

In the dish there must be tiny green pieces, shaped like amoeba (without move). It has cruncy amd fresh flavor. That is chopped wing bean.

The bean has wings, has good protain, calcium, carotenoid, vitamin B1, C and dietary fiber.

Can be eaten in raw but a bit bitter. I like cook a bit in salt water. Sweetness comes.

Can’t be kept long. Very easy to turn into black.


I love wing bean salad, so create my own recipe, together with my favorates.

Ingredients; Egg, cashew nuts, wing bean, jelly mushroom,  A( coconuts milk, Nam prik phao, mayonnaise), nam prik gun siap (flavored dried shrimp), avocado, Lime, Nam plaa (fish sauce)

  1. Cook a hard-boiled egg. Put in a glass. Cut roughly.
  2. By Using food processor, crash cashew nuts.
  3. Mix A well.
  4. Boil water with salt. Branch wing bean and jelly mushroom. Cut into tiny piece and place on a plate Place dried shrimp avocado and egg too.
  5. Put 2 on frying pan. Heat it over medium flame. Shake occasionally until smell good. Remove it. Sprinkle on plate 4.
  6. On thehot pan 6, pour A. When it boiled up, remove from heat and pour on plate 4.
  7. Squeeze lime. Sprinkle fish sauce.


When you order in restaurant, don’t forget to say ‘Not so spicy please.’

Tadasana is the name of yoga pose, most simple and basic of all poses. When I started yoga, feel easy and pointless, but now truly deep pose.


Stand straight.

Inside feet touching each other. Legs straight. Draw knee caps up. Push Thighs back.

Tailbone points heels. Elongate side chest. Roll shoulder back. Open chest.

Arms along body. Fingers point down.

Elongate side neck. Chin horizontal. Look forward.


These are basic discription for Tadasana. Standing straight with stability is actually so difficult. There are more and more details.


Why so complicated?

Because we tend to have tilt head, un-natural curve at spine, tilt and slid hip, bent and rotated knees, flat feet. They come from looking nice, habit, laziness, tightness, body shape and just no awareness.


Standing postiure has influences on body and mind.

In Tadasana, I think about standing Buddha. Feet are grounded to the earth. Whole body is straight, elongated and relaxed in same time. Face is calm.

Perfect balance.

Yoga is from dualism to unity. From forward and back, right and left, up and down, to be in the center of time and place.


When stand straight and find strength at back side, feel openess and kindness in front side. Freedom in mind.

Some people say ‘how beautifully done is up to not only hospital treatment, but also own efforts, massage and movement practice.’ So I did breast massage after first operation.


My implant is smooth round gel. I chose soft implant for my arm movement freedom. My doctor made space behind chest muscle, like a bag, and insert the implant there.

The bag was a bit bigger than the implant at first. Until it settled down, it could move for a while. That was important time. I needed to massage my breast for keeping it at correct place.

This is the way I did. Everyone is not same. It might suit to others or might not.


When I take bath and be relaxed, do massage. Check the implant place at first, whether it need to be moved. Massage the breast from center to all direstion.


Inhale. Place finger mounts on the breast  near the center.

Exhale. Drag the skin towards one direction (yellow).

Keep the skin draged, push the implant opposite direction (blue).

So the implant moves a bit to one direction (blue).

Do all directions one by one. Finish in the direction, which implant need to move towards.


The gentle pushing and pulling  help flatten the scar. They also say draw small circles on and along the scar by finger tip with olive oil or Vitamin E powder ( make tiny hole on the capsule, put on the fingertip) is helpful.


Love own boob by own efforts. We survived together.


About practice for smoothing scar   Pamela Ferguson

Boobs muffins were my one-year anniversary presents to my doctors.


In Thai slang, ‘raisin’ means ‘flat boobs’. Mine is not flat… not big, I should say. It was reconstructed immediately with implant and looks nice by my efforts … In my opinion.

Some people say ‘how beautifully done is up to not only hospital treatment, but also own efforts, massage and movement practice.’ I do massage for keeping it correct place, practice for smoothing the operation scar. Because of my efforts, I love mine.


Ingredients for 8; Egg 2, unsalted butter 70g, brown sugar 90g, Raisin, powder sugar, A (weak flour 170g, baking powder 1.2tsp, rum)

  1. Keep eggs in room temperature at least 1 hour.
  2. Warm oven 180 degrees.
  3. Add cold butter in food processer. Grind until smooth.
  4. Add brown sugar. Grind until mixed well.
  5. Add 1/3 of egg. Grind until mixed well. Add 1/3 and grind again. Add rest of them and grind well.
  6. Add A. grind well. If the mixture is solid, add more rum.
  7. Add raisin and mix with spatula.
  8. Divide the mixture in 8 cups. Bake them about 15 min.
  9. When they baked, take them out and cool down.
  10. Mix powder sugar with a little amount of water. Fold baking paper like cup corn. Put the icing in it. Cut the edge. Place the icing at the top of muffin. Place a raisin on icing.

Cute and sweet, aren’t they?

I love avocado. It gives fatty and creamy taste.

When I visited Vietnam, I fell in love with avocado sandwich. I changed recipe from bacon to nuts. It become my favorite lunch.

Avocado is rich in nutrition, such as viamin E, mineral, potassium,dietary fiber and fat-oletic acid. This fat is good one same as olive oil. Half  piece is enough for one day. Other half can be kept in fridge mixed with lime water. It has influences to particular medicine. If you are in treatment, it’s better to ask doctor.


Avocado Toast

Toast bread.

Put almond and olive oil in a pan. Heat it over medium heat. Stir occasionally until turning into golden color. Add salt and pepper.

Cut the avocado.

On the toast, place half of almond, avocado.

Draw lines with mayonnaise. Sprinkle the rest of almond.

left side: Banana toast. Place butter banana honey on the toast.


Avocado soup

Squeeze lime and mix with avocado.

Put avocado, yogurt, salt, peper, milk in food processer. Grind until smooth.

Serve in a cup.

Place fried garlic or herb. or Chili olive oil.

I like simply have half-cut avocado with soy sauce too.


Don’t miss the best timing! Enjoy.

Touch your adam’s apple. Bring your finger tip at the coner the jaw and neck meet. There is horozontal bone, hyoid bone, which is attached many muscles from both skull side and collarbone side.

Keep fingers on hyoid. Swallow saliva. You feel the bone moves up and down. The muscles attaching it are for swallowing the food or drink, controling air-food crossing traffic at the throat.

Please do it by yourself. Only reading is no use.

When we are nervous, we clench the jaws and teeth. The neck becomes hard. The  hyoid is up.

Now exhale deeply. Bring the hyroid down. The neck becomes soft. You might feel relaxed.


This is body function. Body and mind go together. Relaxing need to keep the hyoid down.


Then how?

Can you swallow saliva with drawing the the edges of lips to the side?

Can you swallow saliva with make a slight space between upper and lower teeth?

Can you swallow saliva with keep the tongue touching on the lower palate?

That is difficult. (Have you done???)

This means with these movements, hyroid is down. Pressure has gone. Especially with exhale. 


This movement is called ‘Smile’.


When you are nervous, bring fingers on your thoat. Now you know how to release. Give smile to your own and others. Peaceful mind and happiness will come.

I will do charity restorative yoga class for Japan.

Saturday 26th March 1:00pm-2:00pm, Friday 8th April 2:30pm-3:30pm at Dhyana yoga studio, Emporium tower 8f. Other yoga teachers will do charity class on Friday 1st, 22nd, 29th April 2:30pm-3:30pm. I’ll be there.

Tuesday 22nd and 29th March 11:00am-noon and Wednesday 23rd and 30th March 6:30pm-7:30pm at Ariyasom Villa, Sukhumvit soi 1.

I ask you donation for helping people in Japan. How much ever.

The donation will go to Japan Red Cross though T-J charity campaign, where I join.

Do our best.

Report  on 1st April

I passed the donations in this red box to T-J charity. It was 7901.75 bahts.







3rd May 2011 report

The T-J charity group could rase donation and send total 378,465.70bahts.

Thank you for your help.Wish this can help someone.


In the evening I have a cup of roasted tea. Release the things happend in that day.


Houji-cha is raosted Japanese green tea, contains  few caffein. I can drink after sunset.

Put tea leaves in small pot. Pour boiling water. wait 5 breath. Pour in the cups until the last drop. Be able to make second flush, which no need to wait.


Pu-Erh tea.

It is fermented Chinese green tea, containing  few caffeine, preventing assimilation of fat.

Pour boiling water on tiny pot. Place tea leaves. Pour boiling water in. Place the cover. Pour again over the pot. Pour first flush in the cup for let cup warm. Pour boiling water in the pot. Place the cover. Pour over the pot again. Throw the first flush from the cup. Pour the first tea in the cup. Tea can be made 5-6 times. The more make, the longer waiting time is.


In my palms, there is a cup of hot tea.  After every sips, take slow exhales with undoing the knots in my mind.

Today is finishing. Tomorrow is another day. No worries for now.

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