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‘You need to ground inner heel, otherwise one day you tear hip-joint ligament.’

Usha-ji said. Then I realize why I felt pain inside of right hip.

She suggested to place a prop under outside heel.


The next day I felt need to go to market for the first time. Luckily my friend took me there.

On the way back we were about to cross the road on a bridge. Watching busy traffic, I stepped into a drain hole directly. I saw river under my right foot.

Fortunately my foot wasn’t broke, but got injured at outer right heel. Bleeding.


I thought I was so unlucky, felt strong pain when I use the prop.



No needed to use the prop.

Body avoided put the weight on outside heel because of the injury, but on inside nanturally.

Didn’t feel pain at my hip.


Instinct whispered ‘When this injure is healed, feet will be in correct alignment.’

My friend said ‘It’s called Rishikesh effect. Every things has reason.’


The day injury was healed completely, Usha-ji praised me for foot alignment progress.

Lucky lucky me.


I applied Indian Visa, made reservation, asked my friends a lot of advice. Push Rupee, US dollar, food, sleeping bag, medicines and torch into my luggage.

Prepared as much as I can. Still keep asking myself. ‘Is there anything I forget?’

Departure day ‘Does the taxi come in time?’ ‘Is this correct gate?’ ‘Wouldn’t the flight delay?’ ‘Are my document and visa no problem?’ and so on and on…


Worry blooms one by one like garland.

Clear one worry, next one starts blooming.

Sometimes circling.


Stop watching flowers.

Observe the garland how they bloom.

Find all are caused by un-known reasons.


Un-known reason can’t be prepared.

Take the garland out from shoulders

leave it on God’s hands.


Prepare in best way.

Trust myself.

Face whatever I need to face.


In Rishikesh I practiced 6 hours a day except Sunday.

Now I’m in city. I don’t practice such a lot, but feel tired.


Weekday in Rishikesh

Wake up. Practice. Eat. Sleep.

Two cycle a day. That’s all.

Eat same place near the ashram or in guest house.

Maybe sometimes go to market for buy some veges and fruits.

Otherwise go nowhere.


No need to think.

Quiet my mind. Just listen my body.

Simple and blissful.


In the city

Many errands. Many interest. Many plans.

Busy schedules for every thing fit in.

At the end of day happy to done but tired.


Brain drives body, without listening.


Pull a cow in busy schedule. Might make result quicker, but not last long.

Let the cow walk in its way. Might result comes slower, but naturally.



Think cow’s walk. listen own body.

I’m going to do workshop in Bangkok 11th November as a part of

‘Let’s Prevent Diabetes!’


We tend to make light of Diabetes until getting serious.

I learned it from my Dad’s hearth issues.


Please interested in at least the knowledge of it.

November 14th is “World Diabetes Day”.
In order to spread the awareness, we would like to hold the event in advance on November 11th.

Diabetes is preventable disease through our dairy lifestyle. However sometimes it is difficult to get the enough information and many of us do not know where and how to start taking action.
This event will offer 3 steps for the participants;

1)Let’s learn delicious recipes to prevent diabetes
2)Let’s exercise to prevent diabetes
3)Let’s buy good vegetables and fruits to prevent diabetes
We would like to make this event as a regular event to focus on different disease and create the program to present the tips to deal with disease through “Knowledge” “Exercise” and “FOOD (farmers’ market)”.[Event Schedule]
12:00 Farmers’ market starts
12:30 Opening Speech by Better Being Hospital
12:45 Lunch Time *catering by SALADEESpecial healthy lunch box will be on sale!13:15 Seminar “how to prevent Diabetes through FOOD” by vegetable and fruit sommelier(Language:English and Japanese)
13:45 Yoga Workshop “Let’s prevent Diabetes” by Nat
14:45 FREE TIME “Let’s enjoy Farmers’ market”.
16:00 Finish
[What’s World Diabetes Day?]
World Diabetes Day (WDD) is celebrated every year on November 14. The World Diabetes Day campaign is led by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and its member associations. It engages millions of people worldwide in diabetes advocacy and awareness. World Diabetes Day was created in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization in response to growing concerns about the escalating health threat that diabetes now poses. World Diabetes Day became an official United Nations Day in 2007 with the passage of United Nation Resolution 61/225. The campaign draws attention to issues of paramount importance to the diabetes world and keeps diabetes firmly in the public spotlight.
Thank you for your joining. You all really worked.

I remember

I kept worrying what was happening at the very first day going to kindergarden.

That is my character. I prepare carefully for every situations possibly happen.


However life is not what I expected often.

Facing un-prepared situation, I lost calmness, mindfulness.

I needed strength in mind, confidence.


I went India, where was really un-known for me

as a challenge towards emergence.


A month in Rishikesh

6 hours practice a day.

I stand on my whole soles with spine upright, feeling strength in body and mind.


It was precious experience.

Thank you my teacher, my friends and the people who I met.

Shanti Shanti Shanti


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