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‘Some day integrity will come.’

Rolfer said.  I thought my uneven-feeling would not be gone.

Oh my twisted body! How can be untwisted?

tensegrity model

Carefully assemble ‘Tensegrity model kit‘.

Put 6 rubber band on 6 sticks. Each sticks is attached into 3 bands.

All the band-length between the stick-attached-points should be exactly even.

Uneven shape, one side longer, one side shorter, is twisted, sometimes blow up.

Even shape comes back into original, even it’s pressed into being crushed.

Only 3 ends on floor. Most of parts are floating in the air. Amazing.


Bones are sticks. Muscles and ligaments are rubber bands.

Train the materials.

Carefully let all the points be even.


Exist as a whole.

Flexibility in body. Strength in movement. Freedom in space.

Integrity is here.

‘Sit upright on a block. Feel sitting bones touching the block.

Can’t feel? Move butt flesh away. Find them? Yes they are.

Touch your Sacrum. It is the triangle bone at the center of your butt. Here.

Find it? Then make it upright.’

Even it takes longer, I love explaining with anatomy words in my yoga class.


skeleton model

In yoga practice

Feel unknown sensation.


Where it comes from?

What movement brings?

Why it is?


Do I feel it right or wrong?


Study the sensation

which only I feel mine.


Anatomy sends objective light on my study.

Study inside, all layers. Understand myself – a living creature.

We are amazing, more than we feel.



had one day trip to Ubin island

took boat, had a walk to see unseen sight,

beautiful Mangrove forest.



have one day trip over same period of time

step on mat to see unseen sight,

inside of myself.


Every time in yoga self-practice


new insight,

new feeling,

new understanding.


That is the beauty of the trip.


I stared teaching yoga class in Singapore 1st April 2014.

One year anniversary today.

sakura full blooming 2015

A year ago my class was started in Japanese language.

Now is in multi-language, Japanese, English and Thai, up to who comes.

I myself struggled  a lot to learn yoga in English,

know mother-tongue is more understandable. So I try, if I can talk.

Yet I was worried whether students thought class went too much.


I watched Mr. Lee Kuan Yew National Funeral and realized.

That is Singapore. Multi-race. Multi-language. Live together.

I’m so happy to see multi-race students practice together, chat with smile.


That is yoga, isn’t it?


Namaste, Thank you ありがとうございます ขอบคุณค่ะ

I always say at the end of class, today to the people who support me.

I am so happy. Happy to be.


Photo by Giuseppe. Thank you very much too.

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