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It’s good for you. My sis said.

Years later I founds this pricy New Zealand honey at Mustafa Centre.

Now it is one of my regular ingredients for breakfast and tea.

manuka honey

The bigger it’s certified number is, the more expensive it is, even the taste is not much difference.

The number is supposed to indicate the anti-bacterial properties which treat eye ear sinus infection, inflammation, high cholesterol, might be prevent cancer.

It works both in hot and cool. I love to have with yogurt or in mint tea.

Yumm… Golden sweetie. Oh! It’ all right. It is medicine, isn’t it?


‘You should try them. Different aren’t they?’

As I asked the question ‘how can I know the good Goji-berry?’, my Singaporean friend brought me a dried food whole seller.

We stood in front of 3 prices of Goji-berries.

Yes. I agree. The pricy ‘King Goji-berry is sweet and best, no bitter taste followed like cheaper ones.

In the morning, I often cook rice-porridge, adding Goji-berry for slight sweetness and good energy.

Preserved food keeps it’s natural goodness in more condensed way, sometimes more than it’s fresh time.

Not only food, but also people, aren’t we?






Teck Sang

Teck Sang Pte Ltd

on HongKong street (North side). Singapore

Dried fruits, nuts, beans, grains and Chinese dried foods.



There is a small space.

a garden


I play there as playground.

Run. Jump. Turn around.


I take care there.

Clean. Cultivate. Watering.


I broke high wall.

Plant hedge.

Keep there healthy inside, outside.

Invite my friends sometimes.

Sit alone calmly most of the time.


Even hedge enclose the space,

land and sky are part of the Earth.

Wind pass though. Birds fly though.


No need to waste time to built anything concrete.

Once I go, the hedge will be vanished, the space will back to anonymous part of the Earth.

No worry. Be peaceful. Gratitude to be a garden right now.


Cocoon Studio

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am to 1130am and 3pm to 430pm. 4 classes a week.



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After two backbend class, indulge myself with butterfly pea and pistachio.
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#homemadepizza #おうちでピザ Miss my friends in Bangkok. Still keep going ahead.
#supermoon #fromflightwindow #スーパームーン #飛行機の窓から After dinner reviewed the workshop with fun. 
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#yoga #yogasingapore #iyengaryoga #cocoonstudiosg #bangkokyoga #ヨガ #シンガポールヨガ #ヨガシンガポール #シンガポールライフ #アイアンガーヨガ #コクーンスタジオ #バンコク Lunch break of workshop. Too sleepy to write notes. But I must.
#yoga #yogasingapore #iyengaryoga #cocoonstudiosg #bangkokyoga #ヨガ #シンガポールヨガ #ヨガシンガポール #シンガポールライフ #アイアンガーヨガ #コクーンスタジオ
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