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Every morning I pick up a small bottle.

Shake it. Baked salt, nuts and  seeds jump onto the breakfast.

On brown rice, porridge, sandwiches or salads.

Every bites has small surprise with various flavor, has good protein and nutritions.

Start a healthy day with their tiny cheering.

Avocado sandwich

Salty sprinkles

Place salt, sesame, nuts and seeds in non-stick pan. Cover with strainer. Heat over small flame.

When cracking sound starts, shake it. Add a bit soy sauce. Shake. Pour into small bottle.

salty sprinkles

In photo

pine nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds

in seed-baking pan.

I have many brothers and sisters in Bangkok.

por yoga info


One of my sis, Por

started teaching yoga

at the same place I used to teach.

Beautiful meditation room 

in Ariyasom Villa.


I was happy to see her happy face

saying had good time with students.

We practiced together long time.

I know her sincereness,

how happy her students are.



Thursdays prepare body and mind in Por’s restorative class

Little Bangkok Sangha‘s weekly meditation follows there.

Sit silently and blissfully. One mindful night in a week.


How about starting something new? From this week maybe?


She did the role of Mum very well. But her life is waiting and waiting.

Waiting love ones. Waiting something happens. Waiting time passing.

‘What could I do? I was raised in this manner as a good girl.’ she replied.

Mum in Baddhakonasana

‘Mum. Please turn off the TV. You need to practice quietly.’

It must be hard for her to see her inside, see her fear, hatred anger and pride.

Still I kept telling her. Otherwise she would not step forward.


I walk into quiet room. She already sits in in Buddhakonasana – Butterfly pose,

and said ‘This year I will do something new.’

Great. Mum. I’m happy to hear your wish.


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