I am a survivor of breast cancer myself.

I had the operation and chemotherapy at Bumrungrad Hospital in 2009. Now I’m fully recovered and a member of ‘Bangkok Breast Cancer Support Group’.


I had been a yoga instructor for a few years before I received the diagnosis.

After the operation and once I started the chemotherapy, I started practicing a special yoga sequence.  The sequence is designed to cope with consequences of breast cancer and treatment. It brings calmness in mind, re-extend the muscles and smoothing the scar tissue.

The practice is done in a very gentle way.  It shows daily-changes and developments, and helps to maintain a positive balance, mentally and physically.


The practice  helped me tremendously. I am happy to start working again as a yoga instructor, feel happy and positive about the future.

I started writing this blog for sharing my experience and advice. Please have a look ‘Categories’ “Breast Cancer’ (left side) or in ‘Post index’ ‘Recovery’ (upper side).

I also would love to share my practice and compassion with each and every single one of you.