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‘This is farewell present for you. We will open and drink together after a decade.’

My friend gave me a package of Pu-Erh tea, when I left Singapore. We promised.

Today is the day after a decade.


Yogis believe the words we said become true.

Japanese believe once words are pronounced, they get sprit.

I moved back to Singapore.


One day we get together, open and drink this tea.

Boil water. Warm tiny cups. Wait with smiling each other.

Good taste takes time to come out. Maybe a decade.



I was too tired,  got a cold, kept coughing. Took a cup of warm drink. Relieved.


My first bottle was present from my Korean friend. I hooked it.


There is two types, ‘Ginger and honey’ and ‘Yuzu (aromatic citrus) and honey’.

Ginger makes body warm. Yuzu is rich in vitamin C.

Both are good for recover from cold and refresh!


I sip it with hot water.

I gulp it with soda.

I drink it with hot milk.

I add it in marinade.

I eat it as marmalede.

Finished this bottle already? Ok. Open next!


Being born in Japan, I was spelled from childhood.


Japan economy must progress every year as much as possible, otherwise we tiny islanders can’t survive.

Life must be devoted to the economic progress. That is for society, Japanese way of life.

Happiness? You consume whatever you like. That is for our economy too. Work and buy happiness!


Having got out from Japan years and years, the spell was gone.


Be able to realize I was never blissful in that way of life.

Be able to see what is neglected, what is lost, what is destroyed

which were hidden behind of desires.


Never be spelled again.

Keep opening inner eyes.

Happiness is here in my heart.


Special thanks to Mr. Tomoyasu Hirano, whose words inspired me.

‘Red and white’ is Japanese celebration color. Present red and white sweets is for sharing happiness.

In the heart of celebration sweets, bean paste is always.

Off cause red bean and white bean!

Red and White Mizu-manzyu

Bean paste ball

1. Soak red or white (lima) bean 300g in cold water over night in fridge.

2. Drain it. Put the bean in vacuum pot (I use Thermos Shuttle Chef) with 600cc water.

3. Place the pot over hight flame. Once it boils up, add 200cc cold water.

Re-boils up for 2-3 min.Drain and wash beans.

4. Put the bean back into the pot with 600cc water. Repeat 3 once more.

5. Put the bean back into the pot with 600cc water. Boil up again.

Place the inner pot into outer shell. Leave half day.

6. Boil up again and put in inner shell.

Do this 3 day 3 night until the beans become very soft.

The second day add 300g sugar and a pinch of salt.

For lima bean, when the bean’s outer cover coming out, take it out.

cooked red bean

7. Drain bean well. Put in food processor and grind it.

Make a small balls. It can be froze.

Put inside of jelly or cup cake. Or eat with ice cream.

Green tea flavor is recommended.


The soup from the red bean (the water at step 7, not 2 & 3) has nice flavor too.


Red bean ice candy

Mix the red bean soup, some cooked red bean and whipping cream.

Place into silicon candy mold (I bought at one coin shop). Place bars. Freeze it.


Happy me! Happy every one! Cheers!


Eating together with someone is not just intake same food but same energy.

in how-yogi-must-eat lecture she said.


Sit around one table. Eat together. Talk and listen each other. Watch their eyes.

Smile, laugh, angry and sallow together.


With food, we swallow the place and moment.

Swallow emotion, thought and whole energy there.

Then become slightly nearer, understandable each other.



am I eating together or just sitting next?


‘I know you are coming’ he said with smiling.


Everyday I rushed into a cafe. After 3 hours morning practice I was desperately hungry.

My breakfast place was called Mukuti’s hearth food cafe.

I loved their fresh food, chatting with him, Papa and my friends.

yogi breakfast

My favorite was ‘Yogi Breakfast’.

It was not muesli with fruits,

it was variety of fresh fruits covered with yogurt, muesli and a lots of sesame all over.


Vitamin from fruits and honey. Dietary fiber from muesli. Calcium from yogurt.

Tiny sesame brings crunchy tick taste, has anti-oxidant ‘Goma-lignan’ which only sesame has.

I ate up until the last grain of sesame on the plate.


Perfect breakfast. Start a fresh day!


Cocoon Studio

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30am to noon and 3pm to 4:30pm. 4 classes a week.

No am & pm class on Thursday 19 September.




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I’m back from hoooot Japan. Class is resumed from 10:30am today. See you there! 暑い日本から帰って来て、今日の10時半からクラスを再開します。 お待ちしてまーす。
Zibinji’s workshop in Singapore. Passion for sharing Miss him already. シンガポールでのズビン先生のワークショップ。伝えることへの情熱。またお会いできる日を楽しみにしてます - #yoga #yogasingapore #iyengaryoga #cocoonstudiosg #singapore #ヨガ #シンガポールヨガ #ヨガシンガポール #シンガポールライフ #アイアンガーヨガ #コクーンスタジオ #シンガポール #シンガポール習い事 #zubinzarthoshtimanesh
Today Nat’s last class in July. From August morning class starts from 10:30. Afternoon class has no change. She has Summer holiday from 1 to 15 August. Pauline and others will substitute her morning class. No afternoon class. Her morning and afternoon classes are resumed from 20 August. We are looking forward to re-charged her! 今日は、7月最後のクラスです。 8月から午前のクラスは10時半開始になります。午後のクラスの変更はありません。 8月1日から15日まで夏休みをいただきます。その間、午前のクラスはポーリン先生他が代講いたします。午後のクラスは休講にさせていただきます。 8月20日から通常スケジュールに戻ります。お待ちしています。
Attended Zibinji’s workshop in KL. Passion for sharing ズビン先生のワークショップに参加させていただきました。 伝えることへの情熱 - #iyengaryoga #yogaworkshop #bksiyengaryogashala #zubinzarthoshtimanesh #ヨガ #シンガポールヨガ #ヨガシンガポール #アイアンガーヨガ #コクーンスタジオ #シンガポール #シンガポール習い事
Wall is teacher, helps my progress. Clean up with gratitude. That becomes prayer. 壁は上達を助けてくれる先生。 感謝を持って掃除する。作務は祈りとなる。 - Cleaning up method is in my blog on profile. 壁の掃除方法は、プロフィールにあるブログに掲載しました。 #yoga #yogasingapore #iyengaryoga #cocoonstudiosg #singapore #ヨガ #シンガポールヨガ #ヨガシンガポール #シンガポールライフ #アイアンガーヨガ #コクーンスタジオ #シンガポール #シンガポール習い事
International Day of Yoga 2019 event of Iyengar Yoga Community of Singapore. Thank you for your support!



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