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The seventh is Dhyana – meditation


Sink down deeper.

No movement of water. No movement of mind. Even breathing gets quiet.

Still aware of vastness of water. Aware vastness of mind.

maple leaf

So quiet inside and outside.

The skin is vanished. Boundary lost meaning.

Existence is merged into water. I am not but the whole.




Photo by Maria. Namaste.

The sixth limbs of yoga is Dharana – concentration.


Slowly sink down into water.

Below surface of water there is a layer where is not influenced from upper world.

Still quiet waves are there.

blue waves

Aware vastness of water. Concentrate waves.

Aware vastness of mind. Concentrate breath. Inhale, exhale and a space between.

Body and mind waving, still come back to the quiet space.


Be still.


photo by Maria

Pratyahara is one of eight limbs to enlightenment, means ‘withdrawal of senses’.

Should I close eyes, ears tightly, shut down outside world? I was asked.

No. It’s not refusing world.


See the world behind of eyes. Hear sound by inner ears.

Withdraw to inner face behind of face

Like looking up from under water.

walk over water

When wind blows, water waves. When a girl walks over, becomes stormy.

When someone says badly, get angry. When someone says sweetly, fall in love.

in waves all the time.


Watch movement of water from under water where is out of wave.

Watch movement of emotions from inner face where is out of emotions.

Watch vastness of water, expense of awareness which lays under surface.


Stay quiet.



Special thanks to Les for your teaching, to Maria for your beautiful photo.

Joints are pivotal points where gravity flows though.


See space inside. Space is between living bones, filled with breathing liquid.

Listen the breath by inner ears.

Observe imaginal lines between joints.


How do you feel? Rolfer asked me.


Look up night sky.

Stars are twinkling, floating on their own orbits

Still see imaginal lines as a zodiac. Beautiful balance.


Each Joints move as they want.

Each bones and muscles move as they want.

Still joints are kept in line like zodiac.

I answered.

He smiled.


‘What are you drinking? If it’s not black, it is not coffee.’

Then I stopped adding milk long time ago,

thought black coffee looked cool and tough.


One day my friend made a cup of latte with full of milk foam.

I recalled I loved and still love this tenderness.

Why not? Never mind how others think.

Fluffy touch. Sweet to others. Kind to myself.

Warmness and toughness are inside.


Warm milk (1/3 of cup) by microwave. (If you want sugar, you might mix in milk.)

Whip it by Milk Frother.

Add coffee. Enjoy.


‘This tea might help you. These came from Korea.’

My Korean friend gave me some packages. It was Ginseng roots tea.



When I finished chemotherapy, my Chinese doctor gave me Chinese medicine containing ginseng.

Ginseng brings energy to body, stimulate liver function, has anti-cancer effect.

I needed energy for recovery.



Be mindful of own nature.

After drinking tea, if get hyper-active, it’s not for you.

Lucky you. You have enough energy, no need more.


Be kind to own nature.

Don’t drink after Sunset. It brings sleeplessness.

Body need rest in night. Don’t let mind force body.


When I need energy, I sip hot tea slowly.

Enjoy waiting body charged.

Feel light in body and mind, stand up and go!



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