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I love fresh buckwheat noodle but a bit expensive to go often.

In Japanese Soba restaurant there is another way to eat

Sobagaki-buckwheat ball.

Traditional way to make is a bit of work. There is easy home made style. 

Put a small amount of buckwheat flower in coffee cup in mountain-shape.

Pour boiling water around, without braking the mountain shape. The water level is nearly mountain-high.

Mix it well. At first it is difficult to mix. Keep knead until becoming soft moistured one dough.

Divide into small balls. Push it flatten.

Boil water. Cook it.

Serve in small bowl. Add Tick sweet sauce. Place Wasabi on top.

Don’t forget to drink up the water which boilled in. The excellent nutrition is there.

The goody is somewhere don’t be seen.




What ever happens, Sakura blooms gracefully, hugging us with unconditional love.

This is the photo, taken in nuclear high polluted area in Japan.

Human can’t stand without special wear but Sakura does.


Are we a part of mother Earth?

Are we cancer cells of our mother?


桜 2012










Traditionally the New Year eve dinner is Soba – buckwheat noodle in Japan… not Udon. East side of Japan loves Soba. West side loves Udon.

Buckwheat is rich in nutrition especially vitamin B and Rutin, which strengthen capillary vessel, make better flowing of blood and is phytochemical.

Order buckwheat noodle.  Put all the relish in the dip except Wasabi. Put the half amount of Wasabi in the dip. Mix well.

Dip the noodle and eat it.

Enjoy cool fresh taste in this hottest weather of the year.

After eating up the noodle, order Soba-yu. That is the water which the Soba was boiled in. The nutrition in buckwheat especially Rutin is not in noodle but in this water.

Pour Soba-yu in the dip. Add Wasabi and Japanese chili powder.

Enjoy warm gentle soup for your body.


I go to ‘Isshin’ for Soba.

Here they make fresh noodle by themselves.


It is behind Emporium.

Walk on Sukhumvit soi 24 on right side from Prompong. Pass Emporium. Turn right into small soi. Leftside. They have parking.

‘My doctor recommended me to take chemotheraphy. Please help me.’

I called my friend with terrified voice from the hospital bed. She is Chinese treatment doctor.

She said

‘The chemotherapy cleanse the body. Our Chinese treatment gives resistance as living power. These work opposite direction. You need to wait until finish all Western treatment. Then we can give life energy for real recoverly.’

I am lucky to have her.

Having finished all the treatment at Bumrungrad hospital, I went to the clinic, took Chinese medicine, acupuncture. I did acupressure by myself.

Half year passed, my doctor said ‘you are fine enough, no need to come.’

I was so happy with full of energy to walk forward.


The clinic I went is in Alternative Medical College in Chandrakasem Rajabhat University. tel 02-513-7839-5157 taxi from Ratchadaphisek. Open everyday except Sunday. Better to go in the morning. No reservation.

Other clinics around Sukhunvit road are

AcuMedic in Medixcomplex 3f at Ekamai

Hanjiu at Sukhumvit 49/15

Adul Vej Clinic at Sukhumvit soi 38 tel 02-391-2256

I’m sitting in a large sofa, waiting someone coming for listening their stories

as a breast cancer survivor.


Recall the days I was sick.


Many people came for giving me encouragemants.


Some sat on diagonal seat with their mind absent. They were worried.

Some sat in front, asked my feeling and decisions, tried to cheer up.  They wanted to be a good person.

Some sat next to me in hand-reaching distance. They waited, ready for listening.

Some sat beside with hug without words. They offered their hearts.


I thank them.

They all were kind, though


Now is my turn.

I sit next. I sit beside. Wait to listen. Wait to hug.


A ten years old girl wrote this composition.

Rice ball and miso soup

‘Simple small rice ball and miso soup’ is my unforgettable meal for me, even though it has no veges no meat at all.

Because of East Japan earthquake, I couldn’t stay home, had been staying in refuse center. This was the meal we ate there.

Before earthquake, I used to ate snacks, many dishes as a meal and dessert. I thought it was normal.

The experience of being in unpredictable disaster, living in refuge center let me realize I was really favored with good food. There I ate only rice balls and miso soups many days but was not hungry for other food. I was happy enough for being able to feel hungry and eat.

I was very happy at the day I found a plum pickle in my rice ball.

At the day I moved to Tokyo, I ate a meal with vege. That was the first time after earthquake. My little brother saw his favorate vege and asked Mum ‘May I eat this?’

He looked very happy.

So far I couldn’t go home yet. Still I get many dishes on the table, my favorates, even sesonal fruits. I will not forget the days in the refuge center. In small space without table, I looked down, ate small simple rice ball and miso soup. I will not forget the people who cooked meal for us, helpless people.

I couldn’t smile in refuge center. Now I ate meal with smiles. I experienced many difficulties and many sadness. Now I’m really happy to be able to eat meals, take a bath, sleep in my bed.

I will not waste food. I will eat meals with joy.


Gratitude to this girl, the people around her and you.

Gratitude to the lives which sacrifice their lives to feed me.



I’m planning Aqua yoga session on Saturday 7th April 2011.


10:30am to noon, followed by lunch


Pool in Ariyasom Villa


Up to you. Fee will be donated to Bangkok Breast Cancer Support Group

If you are not hotel guests, I ask you to have lunch at the hotel restaurant or pool side as facility fee to the hotel.


Detail : Please have a look ‘Aqua yoga’  and  last year’s photos.

Session will be held more than 3 person. Maximum 6 person (not include hotel guests)

If you are intersted in, please post comment below. Need reservation. I’ll read and reply but  your comment will not on the blog.

Wish I’ll see you.

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