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‘Imagine we have Kangaroo-tails.’

They mannerly kept good-student-faces. But I saw their eyes saying

‘What she is talking about?’ Archaeopteryx

Let big long tail grows from Sacrum.

The bones are supported with powerful muscles.

Always goes opposite direction to spine, even beyond the floor in standing.

Heavy tail makes stability. Spine grows up in counter.


Extend wings and tail. Fly!


I found a wooden Kiwi bird in a furniture shop.

She looks so cute, like struggling to bend forward.

‘Oh! Your hamstrings are too short! Will you come, practice with me?’


Watching her and wonder ‘I might same as her’

even my forward bends go more.

She works hard, her metal legs strongly away and down,

try to go forward with her golden bill –  strong will power.

But no wing. She has no wing, nor do I.


Even I don’t have wings, I have shoulder blades.


Extend energetic wings which grow from shoulder blades.

Feel breathing under the wings. Upper spine flies up.

Spine extends, goes forwards softly, freely.


Do you see something, Kiwi bird?


I’m back from cold snowy Japan to cool blue-sky Singapore.

Body is defrosted, gets softness and suppleness ever!

Every experience can make good change.


Cocoon Studio class 2015 starts this Thursday, 15th January.

Let’s open 2015 with big breathing and actions in relaxing way!

I’m exciting! See you guys!


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