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I’m moving out from Bangkok to Singapore tomorrow.

Life keeps rolling around. I need to step out from my beloved town, where I live nearly a decade.

Some tragic things happened. Countless wonderful things happened.

Every single memory is in my heart forever.

Will see what is this town for me. Will see how my distiny is tied in this town.


Thank you very much my friends. Miss you so much already.


We are sharing one sky. Our hearts are together.

Bua bock is called ‘Tiger herb’ or ‘Pennywort’, meaning lotus on the land.

The leaves look like small lotus ones, helping the body cool down.

It contains madecassic acid, asiatic acid, asiaticoside and madecassoside, which stimulate regeneration of cells, brings beautiful skin, help to heal the injury and scars.


I often saw its fresh juice, which is popular for Thais. Tigar herb mixed with pineapple is nice.


One day Ariyasom Villa owner invited me to have  ‘Yam Bua Bock – Tiger herb salad’ in her place. I didn’t see that dish in any other places.

‘What it is?’ I thought in my mind. She was giggling with expectation.

Wow! Lovely. I was hooked.

Taste spicy and a bit bitter. Fresh and healthy like a cool blast of wind under a tree.

May I have one more?


‘Easy peasy’ in Thai is ‘khruai khruai’ meaning banana banana.

Easiest task is like get a banana from tree, peel and eat.


My friend told me, how to peel Dragon fruits.

Really?  Oh yes! It is much easier.

‘I wanna change my life. But it is so risky, so unsure. How do you think?’

My friend asked me.


When the time comes, the change arrives as it self.

Can’t avoid. Every obstacles went away. Things goes suprising smoothly.

Realize it’s time to go.


The hard point is waiting until the time coming.

With keeping wish and paying lots of efforts, struggles.


Like fruits.

Giving water every day. Take care it every day.

Ether to much water, too less water kill the tree.

When the time comes, flowers start blooming.

When the time comes, fruits starts coming out.

Watch the correct timing to peel it. Learn how to peel it.

Easy and delicious.


In Isan restaurant

whatever we order, there is some fresh veges on the table.

Mint, Thai basil, dill and long bean.

I love their super spicy food, but need to cool down my toungue.

Take a long bean. Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Ready to next spicy bite.

Is this veges?    or snack???


My friend bake bread, selling in charity for helping Tsunami-victims.

Another friend went to get it with her 7-months pregnant belly.

The third friend gave her home-made Red dragon fruits jam.

What a superb breakfast. Taste of happiness.

But a bit difficult to see because of tearing.

I’m missing you all.


Recieve every bites with gratitude.

Then it will not be gone forever. 


I’m moving out from my beloved town 1st of August.

Busy for taking my teacher’s sessions, teaching yoga classes, meeting my friends.

Hug and hug and hug.

See everyone’s faces. Smile and tears.

From bed side window, looked over the night sky.

Beatiful half moon.

Wondered how many nights I had left.


My friend send me a message from my home town.

‘Even though we live faraway, we see same misty half moon.’



Wherever we are, see same beauty together.


‘Don’t treat mind like a slave.’ Ajahn Brahm said.

In yoga self-practice, I hear my teacher’s voice in my mind.

Stand upright! Leg straight! Your knees are not staright enough! More!

The more I try to force my body part by part, the more aggressive my mind is.


Stop focing. Stop criticizing. Stop treating myself as a slave.

Slave of the idea ‘what it should be’.


Aware whole body.

Allow my body move towards where it wants.

Body stands more upright. Legs gets straighter.


Body is freeed.

Mind is freed.

Grows towards where it wants.


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