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Yes. I stand straight. Roll shoulders back. Open chest. Extend body up.

The Rolfer asks me ‘Do you feel good?’


I want to be correct, want progress.

But standing straight is so tiresome work. Feel tight and rigid.


You are focing yourself.

Pushing chest forward. Pulling belly backward for your correctness.

Pulling neck upward. Pushing heels downward for your will.

You forget horizontal.


Feel the connection to the Earth.

Breath into side chests, side body.

Arrow side body expand to right and left for generosity.


Now breath into whole body.


Body grow towards all direction by it’s nature.


I often walk against people’s flow in narrow passage.

Used to bump every time.

For avoiding bump, I shrank myself. But didn’t work at all.


Walk right direction, right place. Believe it.

Don’t mind what others think. No need to fight.

I give a space to myself.

The space extend myeslf outwards.


Is it miracle?

No bump anymore.

On a street in Bangkok

You stands on 4 legs. Have triangle ears on top. Have pointy nose.

You might same with me, my friend.

I expected the person beside me must be same. Just couldn’t imagine the other way.

But not. There are many ways of life. Get unexprcted response.


With regarding as same, disappointment is there. Can’t change others.

Without expectation, happy to find common point, which is rarely found.


Arrow the difference among us. Listen. Be able to learn each others.

Find the common point as heavenly gift. Still keep precious myself.


Then we can sleep next each other.


In a month being as a refugee, as a daughter, I still always thought about my Angel city and friends. Wish everyone is safe and dry.

Now I’m back. Happy to be home.


From December

teaching schedule comes back to normal.


Restorative session in Ariyasom villa

Tuesday 11am to noon

Wednesday 6:30pm to 7:30pm.


Hope to see you soon!

Busy modern world is in front of the eyes.

Desires are illuminated like bright light.

Close eyes. Watch behind eyelids.

World changes into negative film.

Light becomes shadow. Shadow becomes light.

Desires fade out.


With eyes closed look down the base of brain, travel though the spine downwards.

Truth come out in stead. Might don’t want to see.

Accept the truth, which is in the shadow with eyes opening.



I was wondering how to breath deeply.

I breathed full lung capacity with movement of diaphragm and intercostals but felt something wrong. I couldn’t feel space, breathed like pushing air in and out, had damper at the root of tongue.


I went my favorite tea house, where I can go only couple times a year.

It’s cold day. I had a pot of hot green tea.

Hold warm cup inside of my palms.

Took a sip.

Beautiful fragrance floated up from mouth to nose,  furthermore to Paranasal sinus, to third eye.

With slow inhale,

fregrance extended whole face to forehead.

With contentment

I exhaled slowly, still enjoying the beauty.


I realized how to breath deeply.

How to recieve gift from Life.


Photo at Tea house ‘Gen-an’.

I’m going to do charity yoga sessions in Osaka. Charity for Thailand.


From July the massive water is slowly traveling though the land. Drinking trees, rice fields, things and lives.

Let the people help each other. Let people argue each other.

The people who don’t have big voice are suffering. They suffer, therefore they smile.


When tsunami hit Japan, Thais gave us warm words, donations at every corner of town, even Thai has their own problems at that moment.

This time we want help them. I join a group ‘Yamato nadeshiko (Japanese ladies) in Thailand’ 

Saturday 12th November at Yoga Studio Foresta

10am – 11:10am Backward extensions and inversions for finding balance in body and mind.

noon – 1:10pm Opening hip and releasing for reducing menstrual pain.

Fee 1500yen is for donation to Marimo5 for Thai farmer and Rainbow room for supporting children. There will be additional donation box.

Reservation send email to with ‘charity yoga’, your name, number of people, mobile number.


I thank my friends for helping me to do this. Thank the people for joining with body, with spirit. Thank Thais for giving a chance to do. Thank you for reading.

May God bliss all of us.


‘How do you feel?’ ‘I feel I’m walking straighter.’

‘Yes. You are. You did not walk naturally.’ ‘Really?’

In a Rolfing session, he told me.


Wore my shoes, started walking in the street with awareness under the soles.

Realized. I used to walk on only medial side of heels and big toe mounts, made the knees collapse inwards. I was nurvous and uncertain.

Changed the way. Placed the center of heel, side hill, little toe to big toe mounts.

Tried to walk in correct way until next session.

‘How do you feel?’ ‘I feel feet move straight forward by it self.’

‘Do you feel you are walking right way?’ ‘Yes. I do feel.’ 

At the end of session, I felt difference not only from original way of walk but also from my correction. It’s just natural upright movement.


He told me,

Stop control body into correct way. Mind can’t control all parts of body.

Walk with awareness of the space inside body. Then you walk in right way of its self.


I feel right, am relaxed and straightforward.


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