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‘It has lots of brown leaves. It’s gonna die.’ he said.

‘No. It just let go old leaves for having new leaves. It’s healthy life cycle.’


Plants can’t take off it’s own parts by itself.

Stop feeding old leaves which don’t work well anymore

for new fresh green leaves.


Can I let go something which doesn’t need anymore?

Letting go requires pain. Even so?


Watch carefully in inner eyes. Face truth. Be brave.

Stop crunching teeth. Breath in. Breath out deeply

For new fresh days.

















‘Where is your favorite place in Singapore?’ doctor asked during medical check up.

‘Well,,,,my balcony.’ He smiles. ‘Oh! Yes. I can see.’

There are many shiny beautiful place in Singapore. I agree.

But I love sitting at my balcony, watching sky nearly every evening.

evening sky

Without words

See Sunset at West. See color of the sky changing to the East.

Feel invisible Sea at South. Feel hight of the sky far above, hight of ground far bellow.

Melt the limit of my body surface. Feeling extends limitless.

So Hum. I’m that, what I feel.










So Hum 感じる全てのものとして存在する。


Why they say ‘good vibration’? What it means? Sounds wired.

My friend complains.

Well,,, you might think I’m one of those wired people. This is the way I feel,,,


in school we learn

All the things in this world is made of molecule, which is vibrating,

even the things we can’t see like air.


Like swimming makes ripples in the water, movement make ripples in the air.

Like warm palms warm cold hands, warmness-more vibration pass into lesser.


Voice-vibration reaches ears. We hear it as message.

Light-vibration reflecting off molecule reaches eyes. We see it as shape.

Surface of fingers reached the others surface. We feel it as shape.


Do ears hear all the vibration, wavelength sound?

Do eyes see all the vibration like ultraviolet rays?

Do fingers feel smaller molecule than finger-structure-morecule?


Our body might not the same size we think, might has outer layer or beyond.


Feel vibration which is unheard-able, invisible, untouchable.

Feel others vibration, healthy, unhealthy, happy, sad, worry, angry.

Feel my vibration with closed eyes. How it is?


May it be peaceful.


‘Here some bubbles. You wash dished very quick, which is good, but not clean enough. Do everything mindfully’ Mum scolded me.


When right hand held dish under running water, eyes looked which was the next.

When left hand grabbed next one, right hand left the dish without see it.

How could them be cleaned well? No way.


Yes. Mum. You are right. Rinsing again one by one takes longer time.

sola cube

Planing future sounds clever. If without see this moment, is it clever?


Always see next and next and next, never see now.

Never see the moment something wrong starts happening.

Then say ‘I don’t know why.’ Of course. Never know.


Never see this moment everything is good enough.


Aware the vastness of the space, we exist. Front, back, above, below.

Live in a moment mindfully. Each moment has its eternity.

Successive eternal with transformation. Live as we are.



Photo ; Sola cube ‘Dandelion’ a moment a seed starts flying.

A puffy white cloud is floating in the sky.

‘I’m individual, travel by lovely wind, feel so free in vast sky, Wow!’

Moments later, melt into the sky. Only blue sky is there.


Is it gone?

No. Just it’s invisible as ‘a’ cloud. Tiny water drops changed the condition.

Came back into the sky.

a cloud

Look up the sky

Do I think ‘I’ am an individual? Or do I feel as a part of world?

Feel vast space, inner and outer world as one.

Nothing worry. Every thing comes and goes. Life flows as it is.

Just shine given-life at this moment. Be graceful puffy white cloud.


There is a small space.

a garden


I play there as playground.

Run. Jump. Turn around.


I take care there.

Clean. Cultivate. Watering.


I broke high wall.

Plant hedge.

Keep there healthy inside, outside.

Invite my friends sometimes.

Sit alone calmly most of the time.


Even hedge enclose the space,

land and sky are part of the Earth.

Wind pass though. Birds fly though.


No need to waste time to built anything concrete.

Once I go, the hedge will be vanished, the space will back to anonymous part of the Earth.

No worry. Be peaceful. Gratitude to be a garden right now.

Sit in my balcony. Take off the glasses. Look the Sunset.


I’m shortsighted, don’t see detail. But who see the detail of sky completely?

Everyone’s sight is limited.

Leave the glasses. Then my sight has no frame, no limitation.


Feel the sky as it is. No word is needed.

Feel the vibration with eyes, ears skin, with inner body.

Feel the vast space, above, front, side, behind, bellow and the tiny space I occupy.


All existence is vibration.

Sun set vibration penetrate though this pace in this moment.

Space is one. Existence is eternal.

I have many brothers and sisters in Bangkok.

por yoga info


One of my sis, Por

started teaching yoga

at the same place I used to teach.

Beautiful meditation room 

in Ariyasom Villa.


I was happy to see her happy face

saying had good time with students.

We practiced together long time.

I know her sincereness,

how happy her students are.



Thursdays prepare body and mind in Por’s restorative class

Little Bangkok Sangha‘s weekly meditation follows there.

Sit silently and blissfully. One mindful night in a week.


How about starting something new? From this week maybe?


She did the role of Mum very well. But her life is waiting and waiting.

Waiting love ones. Waiting something happens. Waiting time passing.

‘What could I do? I was raised in this manner as a good girl.’ she replied.

Mum in Baddhakonasana

‘Mum. Please turn off the TV. You need to practice quietly.’

It must be hard for her to see her inside, see her fear, hatred anger and pride.

Still I kept telling her. Otherwise she would not step forward.


I walk into quiet room. She already sits in in Buddhakonasana – Butterfly pose,

and said ‘This year I will do something new.’

Great. Mum. I’m happy to hear your wish.


Sit on balcony, thinking about Mum and Dad, recalling their story uncles told me.

I see Mum from my point of view, see her inside a bit, never see her another view.

I saw Dad from my point of view, saw his inside a bit, never saw his another view.


Look buildings in front.

I see from this point of view only, inside though some opened windows.

There must be another views from there, which I never see.


For looking outside my own place is left in the dark.

I don’t see inside.

I don’t see what I am.


Hold a lantern. Walk in quietly. It’s time to have a look.


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