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For practicing and teaching yoga, I wear short outfits for showing my knees, thighs, shoulder blades.

I go couple of studios in a day, running around town, am lazy to change wear, just put over long trousers.

One day I got an organic cotton trousers.

It’s not cheap. When I got it, it was rather rough.

But it’s cool. The more times I wear, the softer it becomes.

Now the touch is tender, which remind me kindness, bring calm mind.

I sit meditate in tender world.



They have cotton fields in Noth-Thailand, produces organic cotton with natural dyeing, running Fair traide.

Bangkok showroom at Sukhumvit soi 49. Walk in for 5min. Right side.

‘What are you reading?’

This was his first question. I was reading history book in Thai.

He was a sky-train staff, standing at platform all the day.

Later during no train coming, he gave me a question how-to say-in Japanese, everytime I was waiting train.

‘Hello’ ‘Thank you’ ‘Step back please’ ‘Please wait’ …

He always had a small note book in his palm, which he wrote down what he learned on.

Next time I met him, he could say the word he learned last time.

He was proud of himself, looked happy to be there.

I admired him.


One day I found he was not standing there anymore.

I cross fingers and believe he enjoys his new life.


Do you know ‘Deep fried spring roll stuffed mango and prown’?

That is one of my favorate Dim Sum. Mango taste creamy, sweet and sour.

But I’m lazy to make spring roll and deep fry.

Ummm. Got a cue for breakfast.

Mango French Toast

Mix egg milk and maple syrup well.

Slice bread. Make deep cut inside.

Soak slices of bread both side. Keep in fridge over night.

Slice mango. Insert in the cut.

Warm a pan with some butter. Fry bread gently.

Serve on a plate. Add some mango.


Enjoy sweet fresh yellow and sweet-sour cooked yellow together.

Tropical sunny day is starting.


In the movie the Shugendo-practitioner said


In the mountain I look green leaves. The color separate me from leaf.

But when the color is lost, nothing different.

There is nothing in the mountain.


His eyes see everything, and nothing in the same time.

Color is reflection. It is recieved at eyes, changed into signal, becomes image in the brain.


Though intelligence look the space without light.

Everything becomes transparent, losts shape. Only atoms floating everywhere.

Watch the denseness and thinness in the space.


See everything. See nothing.

Everything does not exist and does exist in the same time.


I saw one of the movies of International Buddhist Film Festival 2012.

‘Shugendo Now’.

It is about Shugendo, a way of religional practice in Japan.

They go deep into the nature as spiritual-body practice.

They run and climb mountain, look down cliff with chanting

Confession. Confession. Cleanse six roots.

Yoshida-Shinto chants ‘ Great cleansing six roots’


Eyes see the filth. Consciousness no need to see it.

Ears hear the filth. Consciousness no need to hear it.

Nose smell the filth. Consciousness no need to smell it. 

Mouth says the filth. Consciousness no need to say it.

Skin touches the filth. Consciousness no need to touch it.

Mind think the filth. Consciousness no need to think it.

World becomes shadow.

Consciousness becomes clean, gets no filth anymore.


With living in real world, can I choose what I keep inside of me?

Confession. Confession. Cleanse six roots.

Watch consciousness. Find stillness.


Again and again I tried to bake whole wheat muffin without white wheat.

But I couldn’t make a tasty one.

One day I asked my friend, a chef, how can I do.

He adviced a recipe with half whole wheat and half white wheat.

Keep 2 eggs in room temprature at least 1 hour.

Warm up the oven at 180 C.

Put 50g cold unsalted butter in food processor. Grind untill very smooth. This makes muffin soft.

Add 120g brown sugar and grind untill smooth. Maybe half change into maple syrup or honey.

Add one egg. Grind untill smooth. Add another and grind it.

Add 85g whole wheat flower, 85g white wheat flower and 1.2tsp baking powder. Grind untill smooth.

If it is not soft and moistured like mayonnaise, add yogurt or milk and grind again.

Pour into 8 cap cake molds. Bake 15-20 min.


‘Find the middle way’

Not too strict. Not too lazy.

Outside cruncy, inside soft. Heathy and tasty.

Life is not perfect but beautiful because of our discipline.

Modern Japanese lost ancient things.

Red and white rice are called ‘ancient rice’, are produced not so much, rather expensive.

Thai farmers produce them. Red rice has catechin tannin. Black rice has anthocyanin. These are richer in nutrition, have anti-cancer effect.

I often buy from Marimo5 who support Thai farmers.

When it’s cooked, it get shiny color.


I enjoy it with avocado on top.

Crunchy and creamy. Ancient color and fresh green.

Avocado-rice bowl

Blanch shrimps. Cut Avocado. Put in small bowl with Tick sweat sauce and sesame oil. Mix gently.

Place half amount of rice at the bottom of a bowl.

Sprinkle the sauce and teared Nori-seaweed.

Place rest of rice. Sprinkle seaweed again.

Place avocado and shrimps.

Sprinkle Nanami-Japanese chili powder on top.


‘Thank you very much. I feel better.’

‘Happy to hear that. Please take care. See you again.’

Closed door. Patient went home. I walked back for making yoga room tidy.

My eyes caught Gruji’s photo. He looked smiling saying ‘ You did good.’

I said ‘Thank you, Gruji’.

Off course, photo could’t change, not like Harry Potter.

In the photo he doesn’t smiling, shows unreadable face.

His smile is projected my own institution, blessing from my core.


I ask my Gruji. I ask my core.

Do I do well?


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