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In the TV display there are a young Thai couple with little girl, look happy.

Having got first baby, she got car accident and problem not in her body but in her brain. She thinks her husband is her father, little girl is her little sister. She takes care them very well.

Her husband loves her mentaly and physically.

She says she loves him, was afraid he was arrested. He said he would not, because he had ‘driving and RIDING licence’.  They smile each other.

I laugh and cry. Life is sometimes tragic, but we can be happy some how.


I admire Thais for their strangth in mind, smiling in hard time.

May God bless them.






Stream keeps flowing. Water keeps running.

Floating bubbles appear and disappear, never stay.

Lives, surroundings in this world are likewise.


From ‘Hou-jou-ki’ by Kamo-no-choumei (1155-1216)

On the midnight flight I, as a refugee, couldn’t stop reading an article in a news paper.


‘All liquid will have to find the way to the ocean.

Let the water come. Let the fish come. Let the frogs come.

And let’s turn fear into reality and live with it.

Like the water, we’ll find the way.’


Thai has saying, there’s fish in the water and rice in the field.

Water is life. It can’t be kept in the palms.

Let water go.


Text from commentary in Bangkok post by Kong Rithdee

Tap is opened. Water keep flowing. Later it flood out.


Emotion is flowing all the time. Sometimes hot. Sometimes cold.

Positive emotions are welcomed, evaporated by itself.

Negative emotions are ignored, hided, kept until limit.


When the time comes, it floods, might break oneself and the people around.


Water wants to flow.

Emotion wants to be accepted.


Close the tap. Close the eyes. Sit in silence.


Bless positive emotions. Forgive negative emotions.

Accept emotions one by one. Ladle water one by one.

Let water go. Let mind quiet.


No flood anymore.


I am flying to Mum’s place again.


Not sure how long but sure I will be back.

Back to my beloved angel city.


All yoga class is postponed for a while.


I pray for all the people who are suffering.

See you again.

Good luck!


Without saying Dad’s real condition to others, Mum took care of him for long time. When she gave up, she couldn’t sleep, lost weight and her positive spirit. 

Dad moved into hospital. Still Mum feels sorry for him, has so much worries and is swinging between depression and hyper-active.


I’m like her copy. Twins with time distance. Everytime I see future myself in her.


One day I saw she was ready, I asked her to give me 30 min as her yoga practice.

All restorative poses, poses for breathing and calm down. In silence.


At the end of practice

she laid down with peaceful face, which I hadn’t seen for a long time. That was bliss for me as a healer.

I needed to keep back tears, control my voice.


The next day she asked me to do it again.


Strange atomosphere in Bangkok.

People walk quicker with tightness between eye blows, talking in mobiles.

The shelves in supermaket are empty.


Flood might come or might not. No one knows whether it’ll rain again, walls are high and strong enough or not.

Runing to get more water bottles, rice bags, batteries, so on and so on.

Extend hands. Gather the materials as much as being able to reach.

Are we going to have normal life, even in flood? If so, need to buy generator and gas.


Mind is drowned into un-konwn future and worries.


How much we prepare the things, no one knows how much is enough.

Prepare mind. Be mindful in each moment. Be flexible.


Look over the window. Today it’s cool blue sky moning.


He said ‘Stand upright.’

No need to force the body extend upwards.

No need to fight against gravity.

No need to be correct.


Leave the weight of head, shoulders, pelvis down to the Earth.

Leave the mind down to the Earth.

Leave every parts in natural, soft and smooth.


When mind touch the Earth, gravity reverse the direction,  becomes upwards wind.

The wind flows up though the center of body, like void column in the stem.

Wind encourage parts by parts, cell by cell to glow up towards sky.


Allow the nature being as it is.

Allow the Body glowing towards sky.

Allow the Sprit glowing towards freedom.

I’m standing upright effortlessly.


I got Rolfing sessions. The rolfer Mr. Shinobi is very sincere practisioner. I learned and am learning from him and my body. Life is changable.

From flight window I saw white huge clouds.

It looked so massive, even had shadows. Like white mountains.

Was it mountain? Yes. Looked like from far. But can’t  be climbed.

In Thai ‘taking the mountain out from the chest’ means relief from worry.

When we get problems, feel heavy mountain is inside of the chest.

It’s so heavy. Chest hungs down. Shoulders sink down. Eyes look down. Can’t watch other directions.


Examine the mountain. It might be just cloud.

Blow the breath. It might fade away.

Over the clouds unlimited blue sky is there.


Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.

Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these thin…gs just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.

You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

Steve Jobs


God bless him. Shanti.


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