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I love germinate rice. It is sweeter and easier to cook and digest.

Get organic or low-chemical brown rice. Place rice in shallow plate. Add warm water, about 50 degree.  Keep it 24 hours in room temperature, in shadow, without cover.   In Bangkok it is quite easy. When bubbles and tiny sprouts come out, it is time to cook. (can be kept in the fridge without water.) Rinse it. Place the rice with new cold water (about 1 inch above than rice surface) and some salts into the rice cooker or pressure cooker.


See tiny tiny buds, just being born. Sparkly lives are there.


Do you think it is cruel? Yes. I regard plants have lives as same as animals. Their lives keep my life. That is destiny.


I eat other’s lives everyday.  I eat up the food on my plate, no rest. I don’t want to waste their sacrifices.


Receive the lives with gratitude. Sparkly lives are delicious!!!












I went meditation session of the monk, came from a forest temple in Australia.

We sat in meditation about an hour, then asked some questions to the monk.

A guy asked’ Does the meditation help pain release?’

The monk answered ‘Yes. It works in both physical andpsychological pain.  Pain is there, but suffer is optional.’

I agree.

When some thing wrong happens in the body, body sends signal to the brain. That is pain. It can’t be avoided.

When we feel pain, whole body is curled as a natural reaction.  But must be temporally. If the body is conracted for long time, that makes pressure to the organs and mind. Our body needs to be released.

If our mind refuses the fact of having pain, we contract certain place in the body without aware. Then the pain can’t go away. We suffer.

If we accept the fact of having pain, we might be able to find the place to be released, wait till the pain go away. Yes. We still feel pain but not suffer.

Psychological pain influences to the body in the same way. Body and mind can’t be separated.

The most difficult point is acception. Sometimes keeping refusing is much easier than facing the cruel facts.

Breathe slowly. Sit down quietly. Watch your very inside core. Then you might see the fact.

About meditation session see

January 2009 I got breast cancer diagnosis. Then I went to yoga retreat in Jungle.

For unpluging myself from the world.

I scared everything. One of them was, I might not be able to extend my arm again…as yoga practitioner.

I did meditation every morning and night, wishing my mind was calm and clear.

After the operation I could lift up my arm till holizontal. Everday I did yoga practise, which was a sequence for brest cancer patients, my teacher gave me.


About a year after from the operation, I found I could rise my arm up compleately.  I cryed with joy.


Now when I teach, I call

‘Extend the arm towards the sky! Look up!’

with smiling blissfully.











In Thailand most fruits are in the shop all the year. But not this one, Plum mango.

It called ‘Ma young chit’. One month only around Feburary. It is similar with ‘Ma prang’ but much bigger, nearly egg size. It’s taste is sweet and sour.

When Season is started, I can’t stop buying this until the end of season I can’t find it anymore, eventhough it is expensive. I keep peeling the skin and pick from the big seed. Forget the manner. Around seed is best place.

I enjoy the season, thank for being able to have again. Friends laugh my craziness. But being straightforward to myself is most important. Never mind.

Plum mangos and eggs

I went meditation practise at Ariyasom Villa yesterday evening.


Luang Por Yeaun, Thai monk, came from Surin taught meditation in his special way, body awareness.


He gave us a glass of  cold water with ice cubes, let us drink up at a draft, close eyes and feel the inner place ,where the icy water reach.


It is simple.

I felt the water run down from the throat like tiny cascade  in front of my spine, befind the lungs, reached around navel and stayed there like a basin.

I brought my mind to came back to the throat again, and slowly trucked the icy feeling again, stopped the same place, around Manipurka Chakra.


When I feel stressed, sit down, breathe slowly, drink a cup of icy water and watch the sensation. My mind goes inwards, calm and clear like the icy water.


About meditation session

Every morning I get out from bed, do a little breathing practice and make a cup of green tea. I offer the first flash to Saraswati and Ganesha. Then I drink the rest of tea.


My morning tea is Japanese green tea, brought from Japan. This is my favorate shop. The shop is in old traditional town house in Kyoto.

In quiet kitchen I  make boiling water and prepare tea leaf in the pot. Pour hot water into the cups for making cups hot. Then remove the hot water from the cups to the pot. One breath, pour the tea into the cups till last drop. Slightly open the pot cover. So I can make tea 3 times.

Having tea in calm mind, I check today’s plan and write yesterday’s activity in my note. Then I get start today’s life.

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