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What is your request as a Japanese treat, my friend?

One of the most frequent answers is Japanese-pizza ‘Okonomi-yaki’.

Ok. I lived in a town where it is their soul food.


Japnese-pizza ‘Okonomi-yaki’


A (dried shiitake mashroom, Katsuobushi-shaved dried bonito), Dried Konbu kelp

B (cabbage, Japanese leek, abra age-fried thin bean card, Chikuwa -roasted minced fish cake, bean card )

C (salt, cake flour, baking powder, egg)

Sea food

D (Okonomiyaki-sauce, mayonnaise, aonori-green seaweed, Katuibushi-shaved dried bonito)


Grind A in food prossessor till it become powder. Cut kelp like needles.

Chop all of B. Place in a big bowl. Add some cake flour. Mix well.

In a small bowl place A, kelp and C. Add some water and mix well.  Thickness is like crape mixture.

Pour the mixture  into big bowl. Mix well.

Heat a frying pan over middle frame. When it gets hot, add some oil, sea food and the mixture. Cover it.

The bottom surface turns brown, turn over. Cover and wait until both sides become golden color.

Serve on a plate and sprinkle D.




Not only sea food, you can add whatever you like.

Add goodies over our soul. Delicoius life!


I often walk against people’s flow. The passage is narrow. Even My width is lesser than half of passage, sometimes bump each other. Ouch!


I tryed walk slower, faster, with smile, with angry face. That didn’t work.

People are in a hurry, want to go ahead of the person in front of them

but don’t see foward.


Being afraid of bump and their blaming face, I shrank my body.

But should I shrink because of walking towards minor direction?


Never mind bumps. Stop shrinking.

Walk positively and firmly, not against but on my way.

Not afraid of pain and fail.

Believe own strength and wish.

Go forward, even no one come with me.

Smile from the heart.


A girl said

He defied me. I was so angry. I was an anger. We are integral of emotions. How he could refuse me?


A monk told a story about a turtle.

A turtle is on a rock beside a pond. The pond looks small and isolated.


The turtle goes down at the surface of the pond.

The wind blows, ripples are touching it. It starts raining, waves sway it.

Mind is a pond. Emotions are waves.

We see hear smell taste touch, get information from outside. Mind responses automatically.

That is nothing wrong. That is as it is.

The waves never be stopped as long as we face outside.  Surface of pond never becomes quiet.


For avoiding rain drops, the turtle dives into the water.

At just below the surface bubbles and leaves are swaying by the waves.

Many thoughts in mind.


Dive deeper.

Water bacomes quiet. Wave can’t inflience here.

Can see the nature of the pond.


At the bottom of the pond, fresh clean quiet flow is there.

It comes from connection to the spring. The pond is not isolated.

Several years ago I couldn’t find good cheese in Bangkok….in resonable price.

One day I opened fridge and wondered whether I could make from this supply.

Yogurt cream

Make many holes at the bottom of bean card case.

Place kitchen paper on it. Pour yogurt.

Keep in fridge over night. Liquid comes out. 

Yogurt becomes tick cream and not sour any more.

Take out the cream from case.


Yogurt cream salad

Cut fresh veges. Place them on a plate.

Add yogurt cream and some herbs on it.

Sprinkle salt, pepper, chili olive oil with its garlic, some balsamico vinegar.



Yogurt cream cup

Mix yogurt cream and powder sugar or maple syrop.

Crash sponge cake. Place at the bottom of cup. Add Jam and yogurt cream over.

Sweet way or salty way as you like!

Place red germinated rice on a plate. Golden color bean card is besides.

Green spinach curry is laid over. Sprinkle raisins.

Is there any thing more I need?

In Thailand various kinds of rice are produced. Red rice is called anciant rice, has Catechin and Tannin which have antioxidantive and anticancer effects. Germinated rice is richer than brown rice in nutrition, especially containing Vitamin B1 and minarals, can be cooked in same way as white rice.

But more delicious!


Spinach curry with stir-fried bean card


tomato 1piece, spinach 2pacs

A (salt, pepper, grounded cheese, yogurt)

B (onion 1piece, garlic 2pieces, same amount of ginger)

C (butter 1Tsp, ground cumin 1/2Tbs)

D (coriander seed powder 1Tbs, curry powder 1/4tsp, chili paste 2tsp, chili powder if you like)

Cotton bean card, olive oil, raisin


Grind tomato in food processer. Remove from it.

Blanch spinach, rince in cold water. Grind spinach and A until becoming smooth paste.

Chop B.

Heat a small pan over medium heat. Add C, then B. Stir until having good smell.

Add tomoto and D. Stir well.

Pour into spinach paste. Mix well.

Heat nonstick pan over medium-low heat. Add olive oil. Place bean card. Fry until both side turn into golden color.

Serve in a plate.

Ringu Tulk Rinpoche said there are 3 important matters.

Time – being at the moment, Person – the people with us, Activity – what we are doing.


In yoga practice

I used to contract muscles violently for focing into the alignment.

Ego contracts the muscle and mind.

Rigid and lost direction.

Rigid and lost direction.

Be honest to myself.

Intelligence extends muscle and mind.

Stable and effortless.


I am here now, doing movement. Movement of limbs, trunk and breath, controled by intelligence – thread.

Reel is in my mind. Threads are gathered in.

I watch myself, the threads needed to be pulled, in right direction, with right strength.


Like music instrument.

Play beautiful music, beautiful vibration.


Photo by Kalen Lee

My friend said when she practiced for improving the pose, felt like fighting with herself, asked me how my self-practice like.


Mr.B.K.S.Iyengar said

‘The yoga practitioner’s can use the body like kite.

The intelligence within us is thread.

All these various limbs of the body like kites are connected through the thread of intelligence to the central lobe of the brain, just like the thread of the kite to the original reel.’


Many many threads are attached to the body.

Every self- practice I focus a thread and examine it though various poses.

See whether it brings any difference or not. It’s not only outside shape of pose but also interior feeling.


In Pranayama-breath practice, hold a thread of breathing.


Release the thread, move into maditation state.


A straight golden thread is there.


Photo by Kalen Lee

On day during kneading bread dough, I got a call. After long chatting, some dough on the edge of the bowl was dried up. Having mixed it in, I still could feel small lump inside of soft dough.


I found same touch in my one-side breast. It was identified as a cancer lump later.


In no-rush day I love having long bath time.  Add lovely smell bath bubble into waist-high warm water.  Do my teeth one by one.  Wash and treatment my hair. Massage my face and neck.

And do breast self-inspection.


With long exhale sink into warm water.  Feel completely clean and healthy.

Close eyes and enjoy peacefulness.


Right side image is shower-tag, written ‘how to examine breast’ in English and Thai.

For seeing detail, please click the image.

For getting this or more detail, contact to Bangkok Breast Cancer Supprt Group.

We have breast mold. You can touch and know how the lump is felt like. If there are certain number of people, we will visit you.

We are happy to help you.

Today too, I will buy a heavy big Atemoya at a fruits shop on the way back from yoga studio. Will bring it to my place and need to wait.

When it’s ready, I peel the skin one by one, pick the seeds. Under the skin there are sweet creamy pulp and brown fine crisp. Crumble in raw!


Atemoya is a hybrid of Sugar apple  and Custurd apple-cherimoya.

In Bangkok Sugar apple and Atemoya are sold. They look similar. In the shop both are called ‘Noi naa น้อยหน่า’.

Sugar apple is smaller. It’s skin is clusterd. Atemoya is bigger. it’s skin is like lizard’s skin.

Sugar apple tastes super sweet, is really like sugar or ice cream. It’s pulp is also clusters, having seeds inside.

Atemoya tastes sweet and a bit sour with fragrance. The pulp is massive.

When these are sold, they are not fully ripened yet.   Need to wait in room temperture until skin get black spots and very soft. Then keep in fridge. Eat in 2-3 days.

Atemoya has low calorie compairing with its sweetness, is rich in Niacin and Iron.


Its is seasonal fruits for only one month. Don’t miss it!

Thank you very much for your joining and supporting Aqua yoga session this year. That was great fun!

This year the weather is unpredictable. I could make a few sessions. However I passed 5,600 bahts donation to Bangkok Breast Cancer support Group which I join. Thank you again.*

The restorative yoga session in Ariyasom Villa on Tursday and Wednesday is on as usual.


Special thanks for the cheerful guys in these photos and Mei photographer.

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