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In tribute to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the great father of this beautiful tropical country.

May his soul rest in peace.

Shanti. Shanti. Shantih.


‘No need to compare with others. See your own.’ I shouted.

‘I just wanted to see others to know whether I did same.’ She murmured.

‘We no need to be same. Do our best.’


Wow! Colorful carrots! Red, Orange, Yellow and Purple.

I saw in the market, couldn’t resist to buy all colors.

Let’s cook in same way. See the difference.


I cooked them into glace carrot, soup, salad, pickles. Together and individual.

Red is softer, good in thick size. Orange is stronger carrot taste.

Yellow is lighter and obedience. Purple is harder but sweeter in thin slice.

They are similar but different. Not good or bad. Just different.

They all are lovely sweet.


We all are colorful, aren’t we?


Purple is better to be cooked individually, otherwise all becomes in purple.


Life is experiment. Try and see what’s happening.

Try again and see again. Analyze the result. Change the method. Try again.

Keep going on.


I read an article ‘Baked yogurt’. Sounds interesting.

After experiments, it turned out solid curd, taste like low fat cheese.

Sometimes a bit soft, sometimes solid.

Sometimes a bit sour, sometimes not at all.

Keep going on! Enjoy the process.


Baked Yogurt

Set coffee filter on its strainer. Pour yogurt into it. Keep it in fridge over night.


Yogurt gets thicker. The liquid comes out.

The liquid is whey protein, which has highly nutrition.

Drink it. Fresh taste. Or use as face lotion.

Squeeze the filter. Pour thick yogurt into shallow tray.

Heat oven 170 celsius. Bake 30 min.

Don’t shake, otherwise it will not become solid.

Remove from oven. Leave it until cool down. it becomes solid.


IMG_6675Eat fresh like cheese

or fry like Panir.

Not satisfied? Then try again.


Special thanks to Ms. Conamonn.

‘I feel pins and needles. It’s age. Can’t avoid.’

She said.

Maybe yes. Maybe no. Before definite, I need to study.


Study pain

where it happens, what movement brings, what is its shape, what is the reason.

Sometimes I can find the answer, work on it.


Sometimes not



Stop analyzing. Stop struggling. Stop keep adjusting. Just breath.

Aware the breathing. Breath explores deeper and deeper into body. Be there.



body makes slight movement.

A pin slip out, A needle melt away, which was not recognized, is recognized.


Peaceful silence.


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