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Some more hours later New year 2015 is coming.

garden by the bay christmas


I started teaching yoga class with many friends’ supports in Singapore.

Only word I can say is ‘Arigato’ – ‘Thank you’ in Japanese.

‘Arigato’ means ‘It rarely happens. It’s a precious grace.’

I received the grace in my palms, nurse it grows with my heart.

Arigato my friends and you who is reading this post.



Wish grace visit all of us.

Wish we aware the bell, welcome the visitor.

Wish I support a grace visits my friend.


Happy New Year is coming!


‘Thank you very much for let me know this workshop. I’m very happy to be here.’

It’s not only her who’s eyes are shining brightly after session.

I’m happy to have asked them come, learn together as one of his students.


Tough and laugh. Active and meditative. Be aware what we are doing.

Studio room was filled with bright vibrations from everyone.

I wanna be a teacher like him. Be happy. Be strong. Be peaceful.

olop workshop2*

Olop Arpipi workshop ‘Meditation in Action’

Thank you very very much Olop-sensei. I’m looking forward to seeing you again.













Snap snap snap

Break off cauliflower into small clusters.

Just washed. No cooked. But mixed with seasonings.


Crunch crunch crunch.

No worry about calories. Be good as its Vitamin C and immune strength.

Easy peasy. Freshy healthy. Enjoy!


In photo white and romanesco cauliflower with sesame powder and sauce (bottom)


‘Potted orchid blooms longer than cut orchid. After finish flowers dump it,

buy new one. No work. Cost doesn’t change much. But flowers are all the time.’

Yes. It might be true in Bangkok. But I don’t like this idea.


People keep buying flowers for decorate their garden looks nice.

Enthusiastic over intake the beauty. Flowers, outfits, cosmetics, food, saying.

Keep intaking. It looks beautiful.



Kaffir Lime

I invite new plants in my balcony.

Observe its nature, carefully choose place.

It adjust itself to the place and neighbor plants. They slowly make harmony.

Nurse them everyday. Find their growth everyday.

They thank me as fragrance, flowers, new born leaves according to their nature.

Yes. They are beautiful. The shine of life.



The photo is Kaffir lime. Lovely fragrance. New born leave are so soft.

Watch out small bugs on leaf. Don’t let them eat. I must be the biggest eater.

Cocoon Studio

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30am to noon and 3pm to 4:30pm. 4 classes a week.

No am & pm class on Thursday 19 September.




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I’m back from hoooot Japan. Class is resumed from 10:30am today. See you there! 暑い日本から帰って来て、今日の10時半からクラスを再開します。 お待ちしてまーす。
Zibinji’s workshop in Singapore. Passion for sharing Miss him already. シンガポールでのズビン先生のワークショップ。伝えることへの情熱。またお会いできる日を楽しみにしてます - #yoga #yogasingapore #iyengaryoga #cocoonstudiosg #singapore #ヨガ #シンガポールヨガ #ヨガシンガポール #シンガポールライフ #アイアンガーヨガ #コクーンスタジオ #シンガポール #シンガポール習い事 #zubinzarthoshtimanesh
Today Nat’s last class in July. From August morning class starts from 10:30. Afternoon class has no change. She has Summer holiday from 1 to 15 August. Pauline and others will substitute her morning class. No afternoon class. Her morning and afternoon classes are resumed from 20 August. We are looking forward to re-charged her! 今日は、7月最後のクラスです。 8月から午前のクラスは10時半開始になります。午後のクラスの変更はありません。 8月1日から15日まで夏休みをいただきます。その間、午前のクラスはポーリン先生他が代講いたします。午後のクラスは休講にさせていただきます。 8月20日から通常スケジュールに戻ります。お待ちしています。
Attended Zibinji’s workshop in KL. Passion for sharing ズビン先生のワークショップに参加させていただきました。 伝えることへの情熱 - #iyengaryoga #yogaworkshop #bksiyengaryogashala #zubinzarthoshtimanesh #ヨガ #シンガポールヨガ #ヨガシンガポール #アイアンガーヨガ #コクーンスタジオ #シンガポール #シンガポール習い事
Wall is teacher, helps my progress. Clean up with gratitude. That becomes prayer. 壁は上達を助けてくれる先生。 感謝を持って掃除する。作務は祈りとなる。 - Cleaning up method is in my blog on profile. 壁の掃除方法は、プロフィールにあるブログに掲載しました。 #yoga #yogasingapore #iyengaryoga #cocoonstudiosg #singapore #ヨガ #シンガポールヨガ #ヨガシンガポール #シンガポールライフ #アイアンガーヨガ #コクーンスタジオ #シンガポール #シンガポール習い事
International Day of Yoga 2019 event of Iyengar Yoga Community of Singapore. Thank you for your support!



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