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I’m excited, will teach a workshop

‘All about Trikonasana’


ワークショップ@ヨガエレメンツスタジオ 12月2日(月)と3日(火)11時から1時

Workshop at Yoga Elements studio Bangkok on Mon 2nd and Tue 3rd December 11am-1pm


We practiced Trikonasana-Triangle pose many many many times.

We might do it without much notice. Do you think we complete pose, when we hold big toe?

トリコナサナ 三角形のポーズは、もう何度も何度も何度も練習したでしょう?





月曜日は外からアプローチ 正しい動き生理学的人体構造を学び、火曜日は内からアプローチ 身体感覚とポーズを深めます。主に日本語によるクラスです。ヨガに使われる生理学用語を日本語と英語で解説します。

In workshop you might see each essence of Trikonasana and its integration though various poses, which is applied to all other poses.

We approach from outside, learn right alignment and anatomical structure on Monday, from inside deepen body awareness and pose on Tuesday. The language is mainly in Japanese with explanation about anatomy words.

講師:ナツ アイアンガー・ヨガ正式指導員。バンコクアイアンガーヨガスタジオ、ジョーティヨガスタジオ、アリヤソムビラで講師を務めていました。

Price: 520THB for Yoga Elements Studio members / 750THB for Non-members

Sit on balcony, thinking about Mum and Dad, recalling their story uncles told me.

I see Mum from my point of view, see her inside a bit, never see her another view.

I saw Dad from my point of view, saw his inside a bit, never saw his another view.


Look buildings in front.

I see from this point of view only, inside though some opened windows.

There must be another views from there, which I never see.


For looking outside my own place is left in the dark.

I don’t see inside.

I don’t see what I am.


Hold a lantern. Walk in quietly. It’s time to have a look.


As Dad got older, his body started dried up. Water under skin, inside joints, was slowly decreased.

As he stayed longer in hospital bed, Fire – body energy, will power was slowly decreased.

yellow flower

With the last exhale, Air was gone.

Body was on the bed. But his existence was gone, was merged unto Space.

Having cremation, only bones were left. Going back into Mother Earth.


Five elements are in freedom.


Shanti, Shanti, Shantih.


Photo by Maria

Stand on black sand

A bit wet but stable

Watch horizon, enjoy sea breeze.


The next wave come,

take away sand under the feet.


One step forward, feel sand under the feet.

Brand new sand. Stable again.


Enjoy this moment, wet sand and sea breeze

until next wave cleanse my feet.

Step forward again.


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