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When we have a meal with people,

we intake not only food but also space, time and feeling – energy.

So we get closer with having nice meal and chat.

Ayurveda teacher gave a lecture.

khao yam-my favorite Thai food

Thank you my friends

for having my favorite meals together, having lovely chat together.

That is greater thing than we think.

When I sat in Bangkok airport, I already missed my Bangkok friends

but tummy was filled with yummy foods. Heart was filled with their love.


Thank you the people who came to my workshops.

I’m so happy with you for sharing our moments-our life.


Wish you are happy now. See you again.






water meWill fly to Bangkok this afternoon.

Can’t wait seeing my friends.

Thursday 17th and Tuesday 22nd classes

@ Cocoon Studio Singapore is postponed.

See you at class from 10am on 24th April.








When I’m away, I set ‘Water Me’ which supply water to plants by capillary phenomenon.

It works!


I’m happy to have chance to teach in Bangkok again!

See you guys in real world!




Action, Reaction and Beyond              作用、反作用 そしてそれを超えて

via Parvritta Trikonasana                   パリブリッタ・トリコナサナ 


Parvritta TrikonasanaRevolved Triangle pose is twisting and forward extending in standing, is challenging pose to find equability.

Why we loose balance? How we should work? What is happening? Where we go towards? It might be same in other poses.




We learn optimum body alignment and movement though various poses.

Class is taught mainly in Japanese language.





Date and time: Tuesday 22nd April 2014 11am-1pm

Place: Yoga Element studio Bangkok

I have many brothers and sisters in Bangkok.

por yoga info


One of my sis, Por

started teaching yoga

at the same place I used to teach.

Beautiful meditation room 

in Ariyasom Villa.


I was happy to see her happy face

saying had good time with students.

We practiced together long time.

I know her sincereness,

how happy her students are.



Thursdays prepare body and mind in Por’s restorative class

Little Bangkok Sangha‘s weekly meditation follows there.

Sit silently and blissfully. One mindful night in a week.


How about starting something new? From this week maybe?


Despite living in Singapore – greenish park city,

every time I come back to Bangkok, watch grayish streets from taxi window,

I feel I’m in my home town.


Staying in my home town

I’m enveloped with my friends smiles and kindness.

Gratitude to my friends


And also

Gratitude to the people who came to my workshops

in this unpredictable situation.

Love to see your shiny eyes

Shine from understanding.



Light a candle and pray.

Wish everyone is safe and peace

tomorrow in my home town.


I’m excited, will teach a workshop

‘All about Trikonasana’


ワークショップ@ヨガエレメンツスタジオ 12月2日(月)と3日(火)11時から1時

Workshop at Yoga Elements studio Bangkok on Mon 2nd and Tue 3rd December 11am-1pm


We practiced Trikonasana-Triangle pose many many many times.

We might do it without much notice. Do you think we complete pose, when we hold big toe?

トリコナサナ 三角形のポーズは、もう何度も何度も何度も練習したでしょう?





月曜日は外からアプローチ 正しい動き生理学的人体構造を学び、火曜日は内からアプローチ 身体感覚とポーズを深めます。主に日本語によるクラスです。ヨガに使われる生理学用語を日本語と英語で解説します。

In workshop you might see each essence of Trikonasana and its integration though various poses, which is applied to all other poses.

We approach from outside, learn right alignment and anatomical structure on Monday, from inside deepen body awareness and pose on Tuesday. The language is mainly in Japanese with explanation about anatomy words.

講師:ナツ アイアンガー・ヨガ正式指導員。バンコクアイアンガーヨガスタジオ、ジョーティヨガスタジオ、アリヤソムビラで講師を務めていました。

Price: 520THB for Yoga Elements Studio members / 750THB for Non-members

‘It’s too sweet. They might add syrup.’ I complained.

‘So you might squeeze by yourself.’ My friend suggested adding

‘That is not lot of work.’ Really?


Cut watermelon into triangle with skin kept on.

Place colander on a bowl. Hold the skin, scrape watermelon flesh over the colander.

Seeds are left. Pour red water into a glass. Might add a little bit salt.


It has gentle sweetness. Sweeter than flesh.

My doubt was melted down.

Magical fresh red water run though throat. Refresh hot day.


‘It is not artificial. It is natural color from flower. Don’t worry.’

I always said to the people who hesitated to take refreshment

before Dhamma talk in Ariyasom Villa.

It was blue liquid, looked like blue ink.


I pick Butterfly pea flowers

which bloomed one day before.


Over fresh or dried flowers,

pour boiling water.

When the water cool down,

squeeze flowers,

water turn into blue.


Squeeze small lime.

Blue turn into purple.

Magical moment.


Drink purple water.

It’s only lime taste

but is spring water of youth.


Butterfly pea water has anthocyanin which is anti-oxidant. Because it has no taste, it can be used as food color.

I’m going to do workshop in Bangkok 11th November as a part of

‘Let’s Prevent Diabetes!’


We tend to make light of Diabetes until getting serious.

I learned it from my Dad’s hearth issues.


Please interested in at least the knowledge of it.

November 14th is “World Diabetes Day”.
In order to spread the awareness, we would like to hold the event in advance on November 11th.

Diabetes is preventable disease through our dairy lifestyle. However sometimes it is difficult to get the enough information and many of us do not know where and how to start taking action.
This event will offer 3 steps for the participants;

1)Let’s learn delicious recipes to prevent diabetes
2)Let’s exercise to prevent diabetes
3)Let’s buy good vegetables and fruits to prevent diabetes
We would like to make this event as a regular event to focus on different disease and create the program to present the tips to deal with disease through “Knowledge” “Exercise” and “FOOD (farmers’ market)”.[Event Schedule]
12:00 Farmers’ market starts
12:30 Opening Speech by Better Being Hospital
12:45 Lunch Time *catering by SALADEESpecial healthy lunch box will be on sale!13:15 Seminar “how to prevent Diabetes through FOOD” by vegetable and fruit sommelier(Language:English and Japanese)
13:45 Yoga Workshop “Let’s prevent Diabetes” by Nat
14:45 FREE TIME “Let’s enjoy Farmers’ market”.
16:00 Finish
[What’s World Diabetes Day?]
World Diabetes Day (WDD) is celebrated every year on November 14. The World Diabetes Day campaign is led by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and its member associations. It engages millions of people worldwide in diabetes advocacy and awareness. World Diabetes Day was created in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization in response to growing concerns about the escalating health threat that diabetes now poses. World Diabetes Day became an official United Nations Day in 2007 with the passage of United Nation Resolution 61/225. The campaign draws attention to issues of paramount importance to the diabetes world and keeps diabetes firmly in the public spotlight.
Thank you for your joining. You all really worked.

As shipping cargo hasn’t arrived yet, new place is so empty.

I put few clothes which I brought from Bangkok in a luggage,

fly back to Bangkok again.


Walk Sukhunvit street.

Meet my friends, who give me warm welcome back.

Feel home.

But I can’t go back my old place.


Home is the place I can breathe deeply and calmly.

Side chest is soft, rib cage moving freely.



My home is where I am.


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