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‘I thought you were very calm person. Today you are so nervous.’ she said.

No. Original me was not. That is the reason I started learning meditation and yoga.

There is another way to calm down.


Turn mobile off. Sit on my chair. A bowl of soup is in front of me.


Cut veggie into small piece. In photo cauliflower.

Place veggie on the bottom of a pot. Add water in the amount just enough to cover the veggie. Heat the pot over low-medium frame.

Having boiled up, add salt ( and veggie soup stock, if you like). Turn the heat lower. Cook until soft.

By stick-blender or food processor, mash veggies into soup.

Add small amount of sesame paste, Saikyo-miso and some milk. Mix well gently.

In hot or cold, serve on a bowl. Pour a bit of cream. Sprinkle muesli and black pepper.


Taste a spoonful of soup. Taste the air inside of throat.

Taste of peace.


‘It is not artificial. It is natural color from flower. Don’t worry.’

I always said to the people who hesitated to take refreshment

before Dhamma talk in Ariyasom Villa.

It was blue liquid, looked like blue ink.


I pick Butterfly pea flowers

which bloomed one day before.


Over fresh or dried flowers,

pour boiling water.

When the water cool down,

squeeze flowers,

water turn into blue.


Squeeze small lime.

Blue turn into purple.

Magical moment.


Drink purple water.

It’s only lime taste

but is spring water of youth.


Butterfly pea water has anthocyanin which is anti-oxidant. Because it has no taste, it can be used as food color.

Japanese has a word ‘staying in a cocoon’,

which mean neither refusing outside world nor being in laziness.


I’m staying in a cocoon,

don’t go out so much, studying books, being in self- yoga practice and meditation.

Face myself.


Without new stimulations from outside world, changes are happening from inside.

Observe it calmly patiently.


When the time comes, will go out

with extending new wings

How looks like?


I have a mint pot. She grows very quick.

I ask her ‘may I have some?’ She smiles always.

Cut about 5cm above the soil. Receive two twigs with gratitude.


Drain twigs in clear water.

Place some rock sugar or honey into a small pot. Coil the twigs and stuff in.

Pour boiling water. Close the cover immediately.


Pour light green liquid into a cup.

Smily Freshy Greeny.

Happy day restarted. Thanks!


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