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Traditionaly on the New Year eve Japanese have Soba-gray buckwheat noodle. For wishing to live long, eat something long.

But Mum prepares udon-white rice noodle  instead. It’s long too. So do I.


In a small pot, place Konbu-kelp 6cm square and cold water 400cc. Heat over lower middle flame. When the soup boiled up, one breath and take kelp out. Don’t boil it long. Change the flame into medium heat. (See Protain issue 3)

Add Sake 1Tbs, Mirin-sweet sake 1Tbs, soy sauce 2Tbs, salt 1 pinch. Wait until boiling up. This is hot noodle soup. If it’s too light taste, add tick sweet sauce.

Add veges(whatever you like), freezed Udon. Serve in a bowl. Sprinkle Shichimi powder-7flavored chilli powder. Eat in very hot.


Long live with warmth in our heart!


Fruits vendors on the Bangkok street is selling sesonal candies – fresh tiny mandarins from China.

Standing beside vendor, I choose mandarins by myself one by one. Choose tiny juicy one with fresh green leaves. Tiny ones are about 3-4cm diameter, tend to have no seed at all.

Mandarin is rich in Vitamin C for stimulating immune system, β-cryptoxanthin for anti-cancer effect, pectin (at cluster bag) for decreasing cholesterol, hesperidin (at cluster bag) for nomalize blood pressure.


Take one in the palm. Knead lightly for separating skin and pulp. Peel the skin.

Get fresh natural candy.  Eat in one bite.

My body is smiling.


When I was a shool girl, I brought Mum’s lunch box everyday.

Square yellow omelet was my favorate, brought brightness and sweetness in my days.

Put 3 eggs in a small bowl. Add a bit Mirin-sweet sake and tick sweet sauce.

With chopsticks, break egg yolks , cut egg white, mix very lightly. Still see 2 colors.

Heat rectagle pan, specially designed for omelet, over midium flame.

Add oil. Spread oil by kitchin paper.

Pour 1/4 of egg mixture. Spread like crape.

Immediately roll from right to left.

Spread oil right side. Bring roll to right. Spread oil the left side.

Pour 1/4 egg mixture. Spread again. Under the roll too.

Roll again. Do same 3 more times.

Turn omelet. Adjust shape. Serve on a plate. Pour tick sweet sauce a bit.


Cooking omelet in busy morning is not easy.

Be quick. Be mindful. Have a bright day. 


Tick sweet sauce

Pour 2Tbs Mirin in a small pot. Heat until boiling up.

Add 4 tsp sugar. Let melt down. Add 100cc soy sauce. Take out form.

Pour in small clean bottle with small piece of Konbu kelp in.

Wait until cool down. Keep in fridge. Wait couple of days.

This sauce can be used as ‘teriyaki’-sauce, Unagi-eel sauce and noodle soup mixed with clear soup.

‘He said I was self-centered. I was not so bad.’ my friend said angrily.

I was wondering whether self-centerd was bad or?


If myself is not center of myself, what else it should be?

Love one’s feeling?

Cultural judgement? Religion?

Must suffer from it.



Place myself in my center.


Even having made mistake,

can accept it. It comes from myself.

No complain. Learn from it.


Listen inner voice carefully.

Look though my sins.

Watch real myself.

I used to wear pointy shoes, had hallux valgus.

I thought toes were just accompaniments of soles, didn’t move individualy, didn’t feel except pain.

Toes were completely silent.


Human are evoluted from 4 legs animal. Hands and feet still have similar structures. Fingers move freely. Toes why not?

Toes wake up slowly. Start moving, talking, get length and strength.

Listen carefully their voice. Tiny toes have big influence on whole body.

Feet are fundation. Soles bear the most of weight.  Toes are indicators.

Front and back sides of body start from tip of toes.

Ground into the earth.  Grow towards the sky.


How to wake up

Walk in bare foot as much as possible. No socks. No slippers.

Move toes individually. Grasp small ball, towel. Spread and extend toes.

Keep space between toes such as 5-toe socks, spacers.

Massage toe joints. Interlace toes and opposite fingers.


Feel the weight under the soles, heel, balls of toes, toes.

Big and little toes touch floor evenly.

Relax mind.




By many people’s sincerely help, I did charity yoga sessions in Osaka last month.

I had no connection among Japanese yoga studios at all. However many poeple came and practiced together.

It brought us pure happiness.


Two days ago I passed the half of donation to Marimo5, volunteer groop for Thai farmers, who got 2m flood. It will be a part of buying mushroom producing material.

The rest half donation will be passed to Rainbow room, volunteer group for ladies and children, who sufferng from flood.

On the way to make this happened, I met many people, got impressive supports from many friends, friends of friends. I got new friends.

I really thank to all of you. Shanti.


Last night

I watched lunar eclipse with a Thai girl.

She told me


With swallowing the Moon,

Rahu shallows our bad karma.

Make a wish when the light has gone.


With being re-borned,

Moon gives good karma.

Make a wish when white moon light comes back.



Let Rahu shallow my fear.

Ask Moon peaceful mind.

I’m reborned.


‘Why your face tilts in same direction everytime?’

In Sirasana – head standing Justin asked me. He corrected my head into upright. I saw the world tilted.

Study my own face.

Nose side eyes are same hight.

But right eye tilt up more.

With nose upright, eye balls are not same hight.

Then look outside. World is tilted.


Stop believing what I see.

Believe what I feel.

Allow the horizon is not horizontal.

Gravity move through my center of the body smoothly.

Right neck pain is gone. Right side-chest shortness is vanished.


Stand on the head.

Close eyes. Feel gravity.

Stand steady. That’s right.

‘…After that, when elder princess spokes, stones and lizards came out from her mouth. People didn’t want to go near her. From the little princess’s mouth, flowers cames out with her lovely voice. She got lots of friends and lived happily.’

When I read in my childhood, I thought it was crazy.

Now I see.

Elder princess thought she should have delicious food. Therefore nothing could satisfy her. She felt taste was horrible. The horrible taste made her a horrible princess.

She was made of stones and lizards.

Little princess thought she might have delicious food. Enjoyed finding good part as a luck. She felt the taste was lovely. The lovely taste made her a lovely princess.

She knew even bitterness brought more sweetness in next bite. 

She was made of flowers.


How do you taste your life? Delicious?


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