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Then I thought ‘Why I need to cook soup separately, even we drink boiling-noodle-water in restaurant?’

In Japanese Soba- buckwheat noodle restaurant after finish noodle plate, we drink the water as tradition. It is tasty. Good nutrition from Soba is mainly there, not in noodle.

Go lazy and healthy! Why not?

lazy buckwheat noodle

Lazy Buckwheat noodle

In a pot place 5cm square Konbu-dried kelp and 250cc water. Leave 20 min.

Take out extended kelp. Cut into thin lines. Back into the pot.

Heat the pot over medium flame.  After boiling up, add Sake 1Tbs, Mirin-sweet sake 1Tbs, soy sauce 2Tbs, salt 1 pinch. Wait until boiling up.

Add dried Soba noodle. Stair lightly for not sticking each other. Boil according to the package instruction.

Add veggies or whatever you like. In the photo I added Bean-card and sweet peas.

Taste the soup. If it’s too light taste, add tick sweet sauce.

Serve in a bowl. I placed Tororo Konbu-shaved kelp on top. Sprinkle Shichimi-Japanese seasoned chili.



In Soba restaurant fresh Soba noodle is made from mostly buckwheat. The dried Soba in the supermarket has more range.

For drinking soup I need to choose 80-100% buckwheat. Others have wheat more than buckwheat and the soup is very salty. 80% Soba is called Hachi-wari Soba ‘八割蕎麦’. 100% Soba is called Jyu-wari Soba ‘十割蕎麦’. Or check the ingredients. Buckwheat must be the first one. If wheat comes first, it means wheat is more than buckwheat.


Oh! Run out of Pasta. But it’s storming now,,,

Wait. I must have Japanese dried buckwheat noodles, which aunty gave me.


It turned out good result.

buckwheat pasta

Buckwheat pasta

Boil dried buckwheat noodles according to the instruction on the package.

Put sliced garlic and some olive oil in a pan. Heat it. Fry until turning into golden color. Remove garlic.

In the pan, fly other veggies, nuts, dried tomato, chili and boiled noodles.

Sprinkle boiling-noodle-water, olive oil, salt and pepper. Remove from heat.

Serve on plate. Sprinkle fried garlic.


Wow! Nice healthy Al-dente!



It’s getting hotter in Japan, coming the season for cooling sweets.

Here Singapore got yellow dragon fruits, taste really really sweet like Japanese sweets.


Is this really fruits???

yellow dragon fruits


I love Japanese pickles but didn’t like pickles because of its sharp sourness.

I changed my opinion. Now I love pickles. My home-made pickles is fresh like salad!


‘Cut cleaned cabbage, pound it, mix with salt and spice, squeeze into a bottle.

It’s simple.’ ‘Is that all?’ ‘I’ll show you and tell the techniques.’


I went a workshop how to make pickles without vinegar but with fermentation, which was like experiments. I can’t write the detail and technique in here.

You might learn from him at my favorite restaurant in Bangkok.


Life is experiments. Try and error. Try again. Experience it.

If it’s succeed, enjoy until the bottom of the bottle. Why not?


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