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My friend brought Chinese green tea for me. So we planed girls tea party!


Off course. Sweets are essential.

All of us thought same, brought loads of sweets. I offered Green tea ice cream.

Green tea ice cream

for 8 tiny cups

Place 4 tsp green tea powder, 4 Tbs powder sugar in a bowl. Mix well.

Prepare 200cc milk. Add into powder by small amount a time. Stair well each time. Keep in freezer.

In new bowl whisk 160cc whipping cream.

Pour milk mixture in. Mix well.

Pour into ice cream maker. Become like gelato.

Divide into small cups. Keep in fridge.


Chatting chatting chatting…

We needed green tea for throat, sweets for energy. Life is bitter and sweet!



My friend gave me a tiny bottle. Pure camellia oil was in it.

Camellia blooms the end of winter. It is sometimes covered with snow,  waiting spring gracefully.

Knowing I got chemical allergy after chemotherapy, she introduced this as skin moisturizer. It is refined from camellia trees in Japan, stimurates increasing collagen inside of skin.


It is also good for the skin in radiation treatment. During the trearment, skin need to be moistured for comfort and beauty.  Be careful not to erase the marker on the skin.

Only a tiny drip of oil covers all over face and neck. I no need to buy chemical lotion and cream any more.

Treating cheeks with gentle rubbing brings calm mind and love to ourselves. That is something easy to be forgot.  


You can get  at Sareerarom spa at Thong lor (Sukhumvit soi 55) soi 10 right side.

‘Some more rice?’ ‘Yes Mum. Half is enough please.’

In my childhood Mum was the person who serve rice. I could ask some more bowls as much as I wanted, but was not allowed to leave it. I must ask exact amount of rice.

‘You should eat up. Tiny God lives in each grains of rice. It is farmer’s hard efforts. Eat up for thanks to them.’


I learned how to observe myself and how much I need. Then no need to waste lives and energy.

Desire is bigger than needs. Having too much brings suffering. How much is enough?


Finish meal with ‘Gochisou-sama-deshita’

means ‘thank you very much to God and all the lives who gave efforts for this meal.’


My friend Naomi-san gave me a pack of veges. I was hooked instantly. So nice!


It’s named ‘Happy veggie – 9 tastes, 5 colors, 4 elements’ saying

‘This has more than 30 kinds of veges. Clean and safe. Can be kept 3 days.

Rich in nutrition and delicious. Best for dinner’


The pack has lots of veges, lime and dressing.

I soak in cold water for a while for refreshing the veges. Drain tha water. Serve all of them in a bowl.

Eat not only simply as salad, but also add cooked egg noodle and seafood. Then it become a proper meal for hot lazy day.


How easy to be healthy!


It is sold at the 6 floor food court in Ploenchit center everyday, sometines at other places. Easy to sold out. 39bahts per pack.

Ploenchit center is located on Sukhumvit road between soi 2 and 4.

From BTS Ploenchit station walk towards Nana about 200m. It’s on right side.


In the food court there is a vegetarian food shop.

Many kinds of food with brown rice. Taste is nice. But quick to sold out.


Hurry up! Hurry up! It is worth to get!

Oooops! Please left one for me!


In Thailand there are many kinds of mangos being sold.


I usually buy ‘Nam dok mai – nactar’ mango.

Both skin and plup are yellow. The taste is very sweet.

Nam dok mai is the kind which is eaten with sweet sticky rice and coconuts cream, called ‘Khao niao mamuan – Mango sticky rice’.

I sometimes buy it at famous mango shop ‘Mee Vari’ at the corner of Sukhumvit soi 55 – Thong lor

on the way back from yoga practice at Iyengar studio.

Oh! It’s high calorie but ok after hard work, you know!


Mango is rich in Vitamin A, which stimulate immune system, has anti-cancer effect. It also has Vitamin C, means it help hearthy skin and anti-aging.


I love Nam dok mai as breakfast with Muesli and yogurt. If it is too big and I can’t eat up, I freeze and eat it like ice lolly.


There is another kind of my favorate mango, called ‘Kiao moragot – Emerard green’ mango.

The skin is fresh deep green. Taste is sweet and a bit sour. Pulp is fresh orange color. Near the skin is crunchy. Inside is chewy. Sweet fragrance.

 It’s never last long for me. If I buy at the middle of street, at the end of street I eat up!


Tropical jewels for body.  Enjoy sweet life.

Cocoon Studio

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30am to noon and 3pm to 4:30pm. 4 classes a week.

No am & pm class on Thursday 19 September.




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I’m back from hoooot Japan. Class is resumed from 10:30am today. See you there! 暑い日本から帰って来て、今日の10時半からクラスを再開します。 お待ちしてまーす。
Zibinji’s workshop in Singapore. Passion for sharing Miss him already. シンガポールでのズビン先生のワークショップ。伝えることへの情熱。またお会いできる日を楽しみにしてます - #yoga #yogasingapore #iyengaryoga #cocoonstudiosg #singapore #ヨガ #シンガポールヨガ #ヨガシンガポール #シンガポールライフ #アイアンガーヨガ #コクーンスタジオ #シンガポール #シンガポール習い事 #zubinzarthoshtimanesh
Today Nat’s last class in July. From August morning class starts from 10:30. Afternoon class has no change. She has Summer holiday from 1 to 15 August. Pauline and others will substitute her morning class. No afternoon class. Her morning and afternoon classes are resumed from 20 August. We are looking forward to re-charged her! 今日は、7月最後のクラスです。 8月から午前のクラスは10時半開始になります。午後のクラスの変更はありません。 8月1日から15日まで夏休みをいただきます。その間、午前のクラスはポーリン先生他が代講いたします。午後のクラスは休講にさせていただきます。 8月20日から通常スケジュールに戻ります。お待ちしています。
Attended Zibinji’s workshop in KL. Passion for sharing ズビン先生のワークショップに参加させていただきました。 伝えることへの情熱 - #iyengaryoga #yogaworkshop #bksiyengaryogashala #zubinzarthoshtimanesh #ヨガ #シンガポールヨガ #ヨガシンガポール #アイアンガーヨガ #コクーンスタジオ #シンガポール #シンガポール習い事
Wall is teacher, helps my progress. Clean up with gratitude. That becomes prayer. 壁は上達を助けてくれる先生。 感謝を持って掃除する。作務は祈りとなる。 - Cleaning up method is in my blog on profile. 壁の掃除方法は、プロフィールにあるブログに掲載しました。 #yoga #yogasingapore #iyengaryoga #cocoonstudiosg #singapore #ヨガ #シンガポールヨガ #ヨガシンガポール #シンガポールライフ #アイアンガーヨガ #コクーンスタジオ #シンガポール #シンガポール習い事
International Day of Yoga 2019 event of Iyengar Yoga Community of Singapore. Thank you for your support!



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