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Swim. Reached the opposite wall. Breath roughly and harshly. Feel tired.

Lean on pool wall and think. This is not something I want to do.

Where is my mistake?


Slow down. Stop breathing according to limbs’ movement.

Move the limbs according to breathing. Slow breath out.

Breathing is light. Swim smoothly, effortlessly.


Leave desire aside. Live according to every each breath. Effortless.















I’m back from cold snowy Japan to cool blue-sky Singapore.

Body is defrosted, gets softness and suppleness ever!

Every experience can make good change.


Cocoon Studio class 2015 starts this Thursday, 15th January.

Let’s open 2015 with big breathing and actions in relaxing way!

I’m exciting! See you guys!


‘Thank you very much for let me know this workshop. I’m very happy to be here.’

It’s not only her who’s eyes are shining brightly after session.

I’m happy to have asked them come, learn together as one of his students.


Tough and laugh. Active and meditative. Be aware what we are doing.

Studio room was filled with bright vibrations from everyone.

I wanna be a teacher like him. Be happy. Be strong. Be peaceful.

olop workshop2*

Olop Arpipi workshop ‘Meditation in Action’

Thank you very very much Olop-sensei. I’m looking forward to seeing you again.













I feel it’s long long time ago when I met Les for a first time.

He is my first Iyengar teacher, always smiling on his face with challenging and joyful practice.

Years years later, I also became Iyengar teacher, smiling as he does.

les workshop

Yoga For Life By Les Smith at Cocoon Studio Singapore

Date : 5 December 2014 (Friday)
Time : 630 pm to 930 pm
Fee : $70 (cash payment)

Les is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher with extensive experience as a teacher and practitioner of yoga.

He will be leading a single 3 hour workshop focusing on the necessary elements for establishing the connection between mind body and breath to bring balance and stillness into your practice.

The essential skills for the practice of yoga will be discussed and practical examples of how to apply them will be given. He will encourage you to look inside and out at your practice and in this way helping you break through the restrictive conditioning helping strengthen the connection of mind/body/breath.

There will be time for questions from those who have an established practice as well as those looking to evolve their practice and are seeking guidance.

Les’s teaching of yoga is insightful, practice-based and built around his extensive teaching experience of almost 20 years.

Book your space today.
Contact : +65 9721 4603
Email :

‘I’m always on your side.’ My friend said with smiling.

Sounds sweetest.

But is it possible?


Everyone has different body, different stand point, different view.

Never be the same.


If you have always same as mine, does it mean you don’t have yours?


If I must have always same as yours, does it mean I shouldn’t have mine?

That’s scary ideas.



I might not always on my side, my view, my convenience, my desire.

The more I attach them, the more I suffer.


Even body changes everyday.

Accept the difference between ex-me and me-now, me and you.

Follow the flow of life as it is.


Am I on your side? Maybe yes. Maybe not. So I smile always.


Miss sound of waves, sea breeze with Pranayama and meditation.

Before closed eyes, stars were all over black sky.

When open eyes, Sun was rising over blue ocean. Full of energy.


That was Olop’s retreat I experienced in Bali,

which was serious study, peaceful mind and adventurous fun all together.


He is coming to Singapore, giving workshop coming December. Wow!

Of course I will be there. I’m waiting waiting waiting to see him!

Olops Arpipi workshop

Meditation In Action with Olop Arpipi
19 to 21 December 2014

Olop Arpipi, a certified and best known Iyengar Yoga teacher will be here at Cocoon Studio for a 3 days workshop.

Schedule as follows :
19 December (Friday)
9 am to 12pm Leg Stretches, Pelvis & Abdominal
3 pm to 6pm Forward & Back Bend, Inversion & Pranayama

20 December (Saturday)
9 am to 12pm Standing Poses & Twisting
3 pm to 6pm Restorative, Inversion & Pranayama

21 December (Sunday)
8 am *Prayer at Sri Krishnan Temple @ 152 Waterloo Street
3 to 6 pm Inversion & Sitting Poses, Pranayama
*complimentary session & meal will be served after prayers

Price : SGD400 (Full Workshop)

Registration :
Tel : +65 9721 4603
Email :

Cocoon Studio Pte Ltd
315 Outram Road, #02-07 Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore 169074


The seats were not much left. Be in hurry. See you there!

From November

Nat’s class @Cocoon Studio Singapore schedule will be changed.

Tuesdays and Thursdays morning class is 10 – 1130am. No change.

Afternoon class is changed into 3-430pm.

See you!

Virabhadrasana 3

‘I wanna be a beautiful girl. Will I?’

She answers my question ‘why you come to yoga class?’

Oh well,,, I don’t know.


Yes. You will stand straighter, feel lighter. Blood circulation will be better. Skin will be brighter. Look fitter and younger. Feel stronger and confidence in yourself,,,

if you patiently, sincerely practice.


Unlike operation or medicine, yoga can’t change you immediately.

Unlike massage, yoga is not someone do for you.

Need to do ourself continuously.


Scent of rose

Study the current condition. Learn the way to be better. It takes time.

But that’s struggle brings wisdom which will not go away any more.

Sometimes old bad habit comes back. Aware it. Turn towards better direction.

That is yoga I love.


Become relax and free. Beautiful feeling.

No worry how the other think.

Am I a beautiful girl? No idea.


Wow! I made it!


I tried this pose and tried and tried, couldn’t make it.

Foot kept sliding down. Asked my friend where are the points to work.

Felt muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. Where was the tightness?


Hited the right place. It opened. Foot stayed behind.

eka pada sirasana edit


I’m happy not because I got new pose to perform

but because I made one more step for understanding.


Difficult pose without pain requires

more alignment, flexibility strength and stability.

It takes time. On the way to make it, feel and learn.

The described knowledge becomes understanding.

That is light. Light towards freedom.


Today one more small light.

Tomorrow another.

Half of life tide comes in. Another half tide goes away.


I’m on the shore, walking forward step by step.

Tide touches my feet, is going away slowly.

Tide takes my energy away gradually.



make effort, reenergize myself, keep walking forward.

More effort is required than before, which is natural.

Sometimes just standing same place requires effort. I praise myself.

One step forward. So happy.


Walk step by step. I see wider sky, smaller things on the shore, deeper my inside.


Walk until tide brings me away, the time for release gracefully.


Cocoon Studio Singapore

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am to 1130am and 3pm to 430pm. 4 classes a week. Due to Nat’s out of town, no class from 22nd to 31st August. Resume class from September.



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Yoga in airport
Parsvottanasana at luggage claim
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Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana  on the seat
That's why I like last raw
座席でパリヴリタ ジャヌシササナ
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Krounchasana in the seat
I need hip release, stimulate blood circulation.
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Akarna Dhanurasana in the seat
I need hip release, stimulate blood circulation.
座席でアカルナ ダヌラサナ
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Hindolasana in the seat
I need hip release, stimulate blood circulation.
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Parivrtta Eka Pada Agunistambhasana in the seat
I need hip release, stimulate blood circulation.
座席でパリヴリタ エカパダ アグニスタムバサナ
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