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Having recovered from flu, I conducted 2 classes.

When finished, I lost voice. Vocal cords were inflamed.

Kept silence for 2 weeks with having strong medicines.

I felt weak, not much power, couldn’t practice in my normal-tough way.


The weakness let me think of my age, middle fifties.


Should I keep practicing this way? How long I can continue?

Fear drives me. Feeling of impatience. But I fear what?

I attended Stephanie Quirk workshop in Bangkok.

It’s about ‘9 Obstacles’ of Patanjari Yoga Sutra, which doesn’t include ‘Aging’.


Asked her about it, realized the 9th obstacle ‘backsliding’ is my fear.

I fear loss of current ability once again. It’s cold fear.


‘Practice with not quantity but quality’

All though her workshop, I reminded this words.

What it means? How to improve quality?


Her workshop had not many poses but demanded awareness and precision.

Felt unknown sensation, found new inner-frontier, learned how to explore.

Namaste Stephanie-ji


ステファニー クォーク ワークショップ








バンコクでステファニー クォーク先生のワークショップに参加。















‘It’s yours!’ my friend gave me with big smile.

Thank you. This is the Vietnamese kitchen tool I’ve been looking for.

That is for tearing Water Morning Glory stem into tin lines.

greenish peperoncino

Greenish green Peperoncino

Wash Walter morning glory. Take off leaves with stem and top.

Insert the needle into the bottom of stem. Carefully pull the stem.

Make a lots of thin green lines.

Blanch the lines for a while. Drain and leave for cooling down.

Slice garlic. Cut dried tomato. Tear Eringi-mushrooms. Cut paprika into tin pieces.

Place olive oil and garlic in non-stick pan. Place over medium flame.

Stair till getting good small.

Add other ingredients salt, pepper and sliced chili. Add more oil.

When everything is cooked, serve on a plate.

vietnamease kitchen tool

Sprinkle Parmigiano cheese as you like.

Oh! It’s all right. The calories are very low!

Special thanks to Aosawa-san. The recipe is based on her book.

I love Japanese pickles but didn’t like pickles because of its sharp sourness.

I changed my opinion. Now I love pickles. My home-made pickles is fresh like salad!


‘Cut cleaned cabbage, pound it, mix with salt and spice, squeeze into a bottle.

It’s simple.’ ‘Is that all?’ ‘I’ll show you and tell the techniques.’


I went a workshop how to make pickles without vinegar but with fermentation, which was like experiments. I can’t write the detail and technique in here.

You might learn from him at my favorite restaurant in Bangkok.


Life is experiments. Try and error. Try again. Experience it.

If it’s succeed, enjoy until the bottom of the bottle. Why not?


When we have a meal with people,

we intake not only food but also space, time and feeling – energy.

So we get closer with having nice meal and chat.

Ayurveda teacher gave a lecture.

khao yam-my favorite Thai food

Thank you my friends

for having my favorite meals together, having lovely chat together.

That is greater thing than we think.

When I sat in Bangkok airport, I already missed my Bangkok friends

but tummy was filled with yummy foods. Heart was filled with their love.


Thank you the people who came to my workshops.

I’m so happy with you for sharing our moments-our life.


Wish you are happy now. See you again.






I’m happy to have chance to teach in Bangkok again!

See you guys in real world!




Action, Reaction and Beyond              作用、反作用 そしてそれを超えて

via Parvritta Trikonasana                   パリブリッタ・トリコナサナ 


Parvritta TrikonasanaRevolved Triangle pose is twisting and forward extending in standing, is challenging pose to find equability.

Why we loose balance? How we should work? What is happening? Where we go towards? It might be same in other poses.




We learn optimum body alignment and movement though various poses.

Class is taught mainly in Japanese language.





Date and time: Tuesday 22nd April 2014 11am-1pm

Place: Yoga Element studio Bangkok

I have many brothers and sisters in Bangkok.

por yoga info


One of my sis, Por

started teaching yoga

at the same place I used to teach.

Beautiful meditation room 

in Ariyasom Villa.


I was happy to see her happy face

saying had good time with students.

We practiced together long time.

I know her sincereness,

how happy her students are.



Thursdays prepare body and mind in Por’s restorative class

Little Bangkok Sangha‘s weekly meditation follows there.

Sit silently and blissfully. One mindful night in a week.


How about starting something new? From this week maybe?


Despite living in Singapore – greenish park city,

every time I come back to Bangkok, watch grayish streets from taxi window,

I feel I’m in my home town.


Staying in my home town

I’m enveloped with my friends smiles and kindness.

Gratitude to my friends


And also

Gratitude to the people who came to my workshops

in this unpredictable situation.

Love to see your shiny eyes

Shine from understanding.



Light a candle and pray.

Wish everyone is safe and peace

tomorrow in my home town.


‘It’s too sweet. They might add syrup.’ I complained.

‘So you might squeeze by yourself.’ My friend suggested adding

‘That is not lot of work.’ Really?


Cut watermelon into triangle with skin kept on.

Place colander on a bowl. Hold the skin, scrape watermelon flesh over the colander.

Seeds are left. Pour red water into a glass. Might add a little bit salt.


It has gentle sweetness. Sweeter than flesh.

My doubt was melted down.

Magical fresh red water run though throat. Refresh hot day.


I suffer for unevenness, lost my center.

A moment of silence. Rolfer answered to me

One day you will find your integration.



I could’t believe him.


With implant in left chest,

body got stiff left side and hyper-mobile right side.

Teacher said I stood not straight.

Though my nerve said it was straight.

I confused, didn’t know where center was.



Sit in meditation

Muscles are still in balance.

Bones are still in unti-gravity.

Breath are in calmness.

Find a slight light of the center, my integration.


I’m planning Aqua yoga session on Saturday 7th April 2011.


10:30am to noon, followed by lunch


Pool in Ariyasom Villa


Up to you. Fee will be donated to Bangkok Breast Cancer Support Group

If you are not hotel guests, I ask you to have lunch at the hotel restaurant or pool side as facility fee to the hotel.


Detail : Please have a look ‘Aqua yoga’  and  last year’s photos.

Session will be held more than 3 person. Maximum 6 person (not include hotel guests)

If you are intersted in, please post comment below. Need reservation. I’ll read and reply but  your comment will not on the blog.

Wish I’ll see you.

Cocoon Studio

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am to 1130am and 3pm to 430pm. 4 classes a week.

Thursday 19th July class am class is off, pm class is on.

Challenge class in August is Thursday 16th.





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