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‘Hello Mum. I’m in front of gate about to have breakfast you made for me.’

This is my usual last call before leaving Japan

with Starbucks’ ‘Houji-cha latte’ as the last sip of Japanese drink.



Starbucks starts selling Houji-cha latte

at outside of Japan.

Nice to have home-reminder in any time.

At home? Yes.


How to make is same with chai.

Put more than 1Tbs of Houji-cha

and small amount of water in small pan.

Heat over medium flame.

Let it boiling up for a while

till water change into brown.

Add a cup of milk or soya-milk

and brown sugar.

When it turns into brown,

strain and pour into a cup.


Have a sip of warm heart wherever we are.

‘It is not artificial. It is natural color from flower. Don’t worry.’

I always said to the people who hesitated to take refreshment

before Dhamma talk in Ariyasom Villa.

It was blue liquid, looked like blue ink.


I pick Butterfly pea flowers

which bloomed one day before.


Over fresh or dried flowers,

pour boiling water.

When the water cool down,

squeeze flowers,

water turn into blue.


Squeeze small lime.

Blue turn into purple.

Magical moment.


Drink purple water.

It’s only lime taste

but is spring water of youth.


Butterfly pea water has anthocyanin which is anti-oxidant. Because it has no taste, it can be used as food color.

I have a mint pot. She grows very quick.

I ask her ‘may I have some?’ She smiles always.

Cut about 5cm above the soil. Receive two twigs with gratitude.


Drain twigs in clear water.

Place some rock sugar or honey into a small pot. Coil the twigs and stuff in.

Pour boiling water. Close the cover immediately.


Pour light green liquid into a cup.

Smily Freshy Greeny.

Happy day restarted. Thanks!


‘This is farewell present for you. We will open and drink together after a decade.’

My friend gave me a package of Pu-Erh tea, when I left Singapore. We promised.

Today is the day after a decade.


Yogis believe the words we said become true.

Japanese believe once words are pronounced, they get sprit.

I moved back to Singapore.


One day we get together, open and drink this tea.

Boil water. Warm tiny cups. Wait with smiling each other.

Good taste takes time to come out. Maybe a decade.


I was too tired,  got a cold, kept coughing. Took a cup of warm drink. Relieved.


My first bottle was present from my Korean friend. I hooked it.


There is two types, ‘Ginger and honey’ and ‘Yuzu (aromatic citrus) and honey’.

Ginger makes body warm. Yuzu is rich in vitamin C.

Both are good for recover from cold and refresh!


I sip it with hot water.

I gulp it with soda.

I drink it with hot milk.

I add it in marinade.

I eat it as marmalede.

Finished this bottle already? Ok. Open next!


My friend let me hold a bag and cheerfully said ‘You like this!’

That was Chrusanthemum tea from Kuala Lumpur.


Finished all the work of the day

Pour boiling water in Gaipei-Chinese tea cup.

Pour water out.

Place small buds and a few chips of rock sugar.

Pour hot water over.

Bring it to my favorate sofa.

White flowers flows up and start blooming.

Hold the cup on a palm. Slide the cover a bit.

Flowery smell rise up from the narrow gap.

Sip a bit a time.


Cool down my body and mind.

Yes. She is right.

In Haruki Murakami’s novel, a boy wrapped a fresh cucumber by seaweed and snaped it. That sound and fresh smell made his Dad in his hospital bed woke up nicely.

Cucumber is one of my fridge regulars.  It has vitamin A, B , mineral such as potassium, dietary fiber and phytochemical, contains lot of water, makes body cool down. Summer vege.

Cucumber is also my regulars in salad, cool noodles, stir-fries, eaten in various way. I eat half of  piece and by the other half  make light pickles for breakfast.


Light pickles

Cut a cucumber into one bite size. Sprinkle a tsp salt . Wait about one hour in room temprature.

Put half tsp Kelp tea (right side) into glass container. Add boiled water 30cc . Add vegetable and dried chili. if the water doesn’t cover the vege, add more water.

Afterl cool down, keep in fridge for several hours or over night. When the cucumber gets salty and soft, squeeze it and place on a tiny plate.

Other veges, like radish, white radish, carrot, Chinese cabbage are lovely too.

Simple and fresh pickles. Sound strange?


Kelp tea – Kobu cha

It is made from the same kelp for making clear soup, contaning salt, sugar, kelp powder and amino acid. It is drunk for health in Japan, also used in cooking like powder soup stock.

It is sold at Paragon and Fuji-super market at Sukhumvit soi 33/1.

In the evening I have a cup of roasted tea. Release the things happend in that day.


Houji-cha is raosted Japanese green tea, contains  few caffein. I can drink after sunset.

Put tea leaves in small pot. Pour boiling water. wait 5 breath. Pour in the cups until the last drop. Be able to make second flush, which no need to wait.


Pu-Erh tea.

It is fermented Chinese green tea, containing  few caffeine, preventing assimilation of fat.

Pour boiling water on tiny pot. Place tea leaves. Pour boiling water in. Place the cover. Pour again over the pot. Pour first flush in the cup for let cup warm. Pour boiling water in the pot. Place the cover. Pour over the pot again. Throw the first flush from the cup. Pour the first tea in the cup. Tea can be made 5-6 times. The more make, the longer waiting time is.


In my palms, there is a cup of hot tea.  After every sips, take slow exhales with undoing the knots in my mind.

Today is finishing. Tomorrow is another day. No worries for now.

Ayurveda says we are what we ate.

If I take caffeine after sun set, I can’t sleep. I don’t drink alcohol, but flower teas for good sleep.

Chinese rose tea

In a small pot, add some rose and a bit of rock sugar. Pour boiling water. You can make several flushs.

Sweet and sour.

Contain Vitamin C. Tone liver and spleen. Good for blood circulation, for wemen, people have high blood pressure.

I saw at Paragon ground floor in the supermarket behind veges.


Camomile tea

In a pot, add camomile flower and some honey. Pour boiling water.

Release the nerve. Has phytochemical.

I buy from King project or Golden place( See ‘Bye-bye Wig. Hello again comb!’). 1 package contains 5og, 60bahts. Very nice and fresh.

Drink flowers before bed. Sweet dreams are flowering.

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